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Thoughts on this week’s Lesson on “Christian Science” by Merrill Boudreaux

As a carryover from last week’s lesson: Praise ye the Lord for all that he hath created, and especially for his unspeakable gift, Christian Science, which the Lord hath made and given to all mankind. It, Christian Science, shall stand forever, a beacon, leading each one to the light, revealing the kingdom – the truth of our being.

Resp. Reading So, “…let us go up to the mountain of the Lord…to the house of the God of Jacob…”
and be taught this week, today, right now, “…his ways…” Micah 4:2

Sec. 1

What is revealed to us on the mountain, in the house of God?
We are his sheep, lambs of his flock
Our life is preserved, not destroyed
Our eyes and ears are open
Searching the Scriptures and the key to the kingdom: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Christian Science – the truth of our being – opens the door of our understanding. You are receptive

Sec. 2
Jesus, our way-shower, read the scriptures for “…those things…written aforetime…for our learning…” Rom. 15:4 (Marker 6)
What is written? The two cardinal points of Christian Science: “…the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good.” S&H 52:21 (Marker 8)
Editor’s Note: If we don’t apply both of the 2 cardinal points of CS in our prayers, we are like the row boater who pulls on only one oar and so goes in circles. To get to our destination of healing, we need to pull simultaneously or at least alternately on both the affirmation of the Truth of God’s allness and also on the denial of the supposed somethingness of matter.

Sec. 3
The scriptures reveal, in the day of thy learning the captive shall be set free. You are free now from any captivating belief, “…loose thyself from the bands of thy neck…” Isa. 52:2 (Marker 10)
Your eyes are open
Your ears hear
In meekness your joy increases
“No material supposition can prevent us from healing the sick and destroying error.” S&H 368:14 (Marker 11)
How? Through the Christ operating in our lives, in our world.

Sec. 4
The Christ, God with us, is seen in little children, in their laughing eyes, in us little children.
Jesus loved little children because of their innocence, their inoffensiveness, O love little children.
Our child-like thought leads us “…into the land of Christian Science, where fetters fall and the rights of man are fully known and acknowledged.” S&H 226:32
The false concepts of our true nature fall away. Be willing to have this happen. “Willingness to become as a little child and leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea. Gladness to leave the false landmarks and joy to see them disappear, – this disposition helps to precipitate the ultimate harmony.” S&H 323:32-4 (Marker 19)

Sec. 5
There are no sheep outside of his fold for there is no outside to consciousness. There is great comfort in this revealed truth. The truth that Jesus taught is also ours, and applicable today: “On earth, peace, good-will to men.” toward all sheep.
The acknowledgement of one shepherd and one fold is Christian Science declaring “…God aright and…making mankind better physically, morally, and spiritually.” S&H 466:28 Marker 24)
Make room for all sheep.

Sec. 6
Love one another!
This is Christian Science at work.

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