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GEMS to counter germs & the hosting & multiplying of CoVid-19
[Kathy:] "When it came to my attention that a virus is believed to multiply once it infects a cell within a susceptible body (or something like that), I looked for the counterfact to that belief. I considered Bible references to multiplying and found the most in Genesis where there are frequent promises of God making one fruitful and multiplying. God’s spiritual ideas multiply — increase, enlarge, become more in number (according to Hebrew). That is a function of Mind (intelligence). Matter is non-intelligent and so is incapable of multiplying.

"Going along with combatting this lie that a virus takes over and multiplies in a body is a line from Miscellaneous Writings where Mary Baker Eddy is talking about the importance of believing that "good is more contagious than evil, since God is omnipresence”. We read, “if only the pulpit would encourage …. faith in Mind over all other influences governing the receptivity of the body …” (Misc. 229: 13-15) I’ve read that many times, but this time not only did I notice the reference to influences, but also receptivity of the body. Even to human belief, a virus can only multiply in a receptive body. Thought filled with faith in Mind and understanding (even a little) of how powerful the concept of omnipresence is to rule out any other presence, not only maintains safety for themselves, but destroys the belief — and so-called power of a “dangerous” contagious virus.

"I also enjoyed considering the scripture, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1: 1-3, B1) God didn’t make a virus, thus it was never made! According to Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the word germ means “origin, first principle, that from which anything springs.” But we KNOW that there is ONE origin — that of God, Spirit, So, that leaves germs to be a false sense of origin. Only in modern dictionaries are germs also considered to be disease-producing microbes. Human theories … not divine! So, can be seen as powerless to influence.

"Mary Baker Eddy writes, “[Disease and sin] … will multiply into worse forms, until it is understood that disease and sin are unreal, unknown to Truth, and never actual person and real facts.” (No 31:6) We can claim that we DO understand that disease is unknown to Truth and thus shut it down.

[The whole, wide world (www) is ] So grateful for all of the prayer going on all the time! Prayer IS effective and destroys what is not true!

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