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Remember our ever-present, “great I AM” God isn’t an “I was” God or an “I will be” God!
A reenactment of Moses’ encounter with God the great “I Am” was inspired by Cobbey Crisler’s insights into Exodus chapters 3 and 4 as transcribed below from “Heal the Sick: A Scriptural Record..”

[Excerpts from “Heal the Sick: A Scriptural Record,” by B. Cobbey Crisler**:]
“Notice that when God appears to Moses at the burning bush and the bush was not consumed notice that, otherwise the bush would be I-was.

The bush was not consumed despite the passage of time, material elements, whatever.

That I Am is continuous and preserved.

Jesus brings out the point that God could not have used the statement “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” He could not have said that using the present tense in Moses time, if what were not true? (Voice: “Eternality”). Eternality of whom? Not just God. His point was not that. His point was the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not dead, or God could not have said, “I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

They are I AM as well. If God is I Am, then his creation must always be I Am. That’s Jesus’ own point. We’ll get to that more as we get into the Gospels.”

Click to see a link to a video reenactment at the bushing-bush by Warren M. Huff as Moses & Warren’s friend and CedarS Board member, Ken Pratt, as the voice of the “great I AM” (citation B2, Exodus 3:14, 15 & SH 587:5) SEE the video at

[FYI: The mural scene behind “Moses” in the YouTube video is an aerial view of CedarS painted by Angela Sage Larson on two walls in CedarS new office in the St. Louis area. Note that in the sky portion, Angela recorded one of Ruth E. Huff’s Bible opening answers that inspired the founding and name of CedarS (near Lebanon) and the naming of Girls Camp cabins after birds (“where the birds make their nests.” Ps. 104:17)]

[Further video footnotes from Warren:] Late-night camera work and narration in mid-March 2020 by Ken Pratt along with “ready, willing and able” editing by George Napper made possible this semi-professional sounding and looking message. May our obediently-socially-distanced production efforts and its messages bring not only a few smiles, but also some uplifting inspiration and the reality of God’s ever-presence in a time of seeming bondage today.

There are angel messages for everyone in this spontaneous video sharing:
God intimately knows and loves each of you as precious in His sight; and God has a divine commission and mission of Love for you to do today for everyone who you can bless (within lawful guidelines)!

Loving smiles and messages reach across miles, compassionately do wonders, and are never illegal! So, let’s each of us be up and doing with love! Listen and obey each angel message to turn our “wilderness” of today which seems to be filled with “Loneliness; doubt; darkness” into world-wide blessings. That’s not only what Moses, but also what Elijah and Jesus did with their lowest wilderness moments!!! Like them and like all spiritual seers and doers throughout history, let each of us pledge to dispel every lonely, worrying, dark illusion by listening to and following God’s ever-inspiring, “burning-bush” angels!

Let us rejoice to gratefully demonstrate the present blessings of the second half of Mary Baker Eddy’s textbook definition of “Wilderness.” (Science and Health, page 597:16) She went through—and saw through—the limiting illusions of a merely material sense of things and put a “full stop” to them. Let us work together (even remotely) to put a complete end to the worldwide illusions of “Loneliness; doubt; darkness.”

Let’s compassionately show that we are not alone, but All-One!! Let’s patiently “love into view” all good with “Spontaneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.” (SH 597)

Learn like Moses did that there is no death—that the Great I Am continues to be the God of all those who have merely “changed their address.”

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