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Ruth Huff gave this talk to the Cedars’ Alumni on Cedars’ 40th Anniversary.

Ruth Huff

David, the psalmist, tells us in the Bible that “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts…” Ps. 145:4

I SEE this happening at Cedars!

I saw our first campers and counselors–YOU–praising God through your Love of good, your unselfishness, your joy, your enthusiasm for accomplishing new activities at camp–in crafts, on the trampoline, in riding, in swimming,
etc. I saw your inclusiveness of each other as God’s beloved children, and I noted your serious Happiness in reading the Daily Lesson and seeing just how you could put the lesson Truths into your daily camp activities.

Now, I see the CHILDREN of Cedars former campers and counselors–your children, nieces and nephews–expressing the same awe (reverence) of God’s Word, the same enthusiasm for the activities (yes, square dancing, too) and the same loving friendship and high respect for each other. I see the same basic foundation of true, lasting friendships developing–that of personal honesty and appreciation of the God-like qualities of each other.

David continues in the same psalm (145) to say, “I will SPEAK of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works…and I shall sing of thy righteousness.” I see this being done as a natural part of the Cedars program–at Wednesday night testimony meetings, at Sunday night hymn sings, at weekly square and rock dances, in nature walks, crafts, riding, swimming, skiing, meal times at Dawn Lodge, at the Hawaiian Luaus, at the traditional Indian camp fires, and yes, at cabin clean up and cabin good-night times.

I also see the continuation of strong, spiritually-minded counselors and administration leadership–from Warren and Gay throughout the camp. Thank you God, for your continual provision of developing and bringing “the finest of the wheat” (Ps 14:14) to camp for the blossoming of Your Idea.

My CSB teacher emphasizes that fact that God createS (present tense) everyone and provides all good circumstances. Mrs. Eddy says it this way in Science and Health, p. 295:5, “God creates and governs the universe, including man.” And, on pages 470 and 471, she says, “The relations of God and man, Principle and idea, are indestructible in Science, and Science knows no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine order, or Spiritual Law, in which God and all He creates, are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in eternal history.”

So, it is quite natural to observe God’s continual and delightful reflection in Cedars campers and leaders in Alumni children. We can look forward to beholding the same joyous enthusiasm of praising God’s might works and of declaring His mighty acts–the mission of Cedars Camps–for many generations to come.


(An interesting note about this short talk is that on Friday night, August 31, 2001, the first night of the “40th Anniversary” gathering, after the square dance, God told me to write a short talk. My name was not on the program, but as I sat at my computer at Founder’s House, the title, THE CONTINUITY OF CEDARS CAMPS, came very strongly to me. I typed the talk as I “heard” it. I did check the Bible and Science and Health page references at PAL House Saturday morning on the way to breakfast. That very morning Barry Huff, program director, asked me if I would give a talk about the Bible openings on which Cedars was started. I told him that Love had directed another message. He then asked me to give God’s message, and also to share the Bible-opening talk, “Holy Moments,” at the last breakfast on September 3, 2001.)

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