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The Allness of Mind eliminates the possibility of an opposing force, called matter!
Metaphysical Lesson Application Ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for August 14 – 20, 2023

By Kathy Fitzer of Lake St. Louis, MO


Taking a look around, it may seem counterintuitive to state with conviction that all substance is Mind.  Not only does everything look like it is made of matter, it appears that this matter has intelligence to act, react, and stop acting.  And yet, the prophets, Jesus, his followers, and students of Christian Science today have demonstrated that, in fact because God, Mind, is all, what appears to be matter is actually the expression of thought.  And, as we understand that, we find that there is nothing to fear about what we call matter — or its reports.  In fact, as we look at the testimony of the material senses, we have a choice.

We can go along with what the limited senses tell us.  Or we can trust divine Science — based on the teachings of the Bible and demonstrations of healing throughout the ages — to reverse this evidence and reveal the substance of Mind that actually is, and that is ever present.  I’ve loved thinking about the fact that healing isn’t about defeating a power opposed to God, but realizing that there is no opposing — or negative — force in the allness of Good!

I found the translation of the GOLDEN TEXT from the New Living Translation helpful.  It reads, “For who can know the Lord’s thoughts?”  This first part is a reference by Paul to Isaiah 40:13, which reads, “Who is able to advise the Spirit of the Lord?”  Clearly, the answer is “no one”!  But, sometimes we may be tempted to fall into “tell mode” with God, instructing the divine intelligence what it is we need and how things should work out, rather than listening and watching for what God, infinite Mind, is knowing and revealing — which is always good.

The verse from Romans continues,  “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory.”  In other words, there isn’t anything outside of God and there is no cause except God. All things, then, should be done to magnify God’s goodness.  We are not the doers. God does everything!  And, as we know the mind of God (align thought with God’s thoughts), the impositions of the suppositional opposite of Mind (called matter) loses its ability to impress.

The RESPONSIVE READING begins and ends with the Psalmist affirming God’s great might.  He asks for God’s help so that the people will recognize God as the source of all good.  We then have the story of the borrowed ax head floating.  I was struck by the urgency of the worker’s concern being sparked by the fact that the ax head had been borrowed.  It wasn’t like the man could just run out to the hardware store and get his friend another.  At this time, iron was scarce and in great demand for military purposes, so it was very expensive.  Replacement of the ax head would have likely meant incurring debilitating debt.

What struck me is that Elisha understood the power of God to meet every need — nothing too large, nothing too small, and blessing all.  This story is sandwiched between Elisha healing Naaman of leprosy and preventing an international incident by warning the king of Israel of the attacks by the king of Syria. Elisha had done these great things, and yet had humbly accompanied his disciples as they prepared to build a larger meeting place.  As Psalm 147 says, “The Lord lifts up (or supports) the humble.”  Elisha understood that he was God’s servant and was willing to bear witness to God’s power — regardless of circumstances.  As we embrace this kind of humility and recognize “How awesome are [God’s] works” (Psalm 92, CEB), we can expect to have God meet each of our human needs, too — large or small.


The Bible sets the tone for the fact that there are not two powers — Mind and matter.  Deuteronomy makes it clear that God is the only power and the only presence (citation B1, Deuteronomy 4:39).  Job refers to God as a mind that doesn’t change (cit. B3, Job 23:13). And Jeremiah tells us that the earth and the skies were formed by what God knows to be true — His understanding (cit. B4, Jeremiah 51:15).

With such clear statements from the Bible, when Mary Baker Eddy was defining the nature of God, she could say that “God is Mind, and God is infinite; hence all is Mind” (cit. S1, 492: 25-26).  She goes on to say that “Mind is God … all power, all presence, all Science” (cit. S2, 275:17-24).  We get into trouble when we don’t stick to that absolute fact and get sucked into believing what our mortal senses tell us — that God may be all power, but there is still this other stuff that we call matter that we have to deal with on a daily basis.  It seems that sometimes matter is good and sometimes matter is bad, but it’s always there at some level.

Something I find I need to be alert to is falling into the trap of turning to Mind to fix matter.  But that kind of reasoning is always flawed, and will not lead to the freedom that comes from starting and staying with the fact that all there is is God, Mind.  And matter is simply a convoluted view.  That view is changed, and harmony realized, as we lift thought above the reports of non-intelligent matter, and start and stay with the perfection and harmony of Mind’s (God’s) creation!


In this section we have the strong statement, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul” (cit. S7, 269:13-20).  Everything around us appears to be solid matter.  And yet, the Bible makes it clear (and healing demonstrates) that limited, destructible matter can’t possibly be the product of Mind, Spirit (God) which is the source of all that truly is. So, we need to look past the outward appearance to discover the spiritual substance that is ever-present.

Throughout human history,  people have, as we read in Romans, “worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator …” (cit. B6, Romans 1:2-, 21, 25).  In other words, we tend to judge according to what our material senses tell us (good or bad — but always changeable and fraudulent). Instead, we need to look beyond the temporal to see the eternal idea that constitutes true creation, and is ever-present good.  As we change our view from matter to Mind (resolve things into thoughts), uninterruptible harmony reigns.

Referring to Mary Baker Eddy’s statement about resolving things into thoughts, an article in the August, 1963 Christian Science Journal titled “Resolving ‘Things into Thoughts’” by Herbert F. Birtwistle shares some helpful insights and a practical healing example.  Mr. Birtwistle writes:  “It may not always seem easy to resolve “things into thoughts.” But let us note that Mrs. Eddy tells us that metaphysics does the resolving. Human will has no part in it. The student of Christian Science reasons that because God is infinite intelligence and all-inclusive Spirit, He is the creator of perfect spiritual ideas and of naught else. In real being there is no matter or even a belief in matter. The ideas of Soul exist now and have always existed in the divine Mind, and they forever express the nature, quality, and character of divinity. … Christian Science teaches that man, being the complete reflection or compound idea of God, embodies all right ideas. Thus in our true selfhood we are always in the state of reflecting the spiritual idea, which, humanly speaking, we may need to discern. … Many years ago, after visiting an elderly relative, my wife and I were returning home by motorcycle over a stretch of high moorland. It was in the depth of winter and snow began to fall. Soon a blizzard was raging, and it was so bitterly cold that I found increasing difficulty in controlling the machine. My wife called out that she was so cold that she was in danger of falling from the pillion. … Up to that moment we had just persevered, hoping to get through. But now something more was needed. Our thoughts turned to God, and at once the clear realization came that all Life is Love and that Love is warm. Instantly my hands and feet tingled with warmth, and my wife called out, “I have gone warm all over.” We gratefully continued our journey through the storm and an hour or two later arrived home in comfort and safety.”  Here’s a link to the complete article:

So, rather than looking at, and being impressed by, outward appearances, let’s realize that Mind is the only Creator and has created all things according to the language of Mind — as ideas.  Ideas are indestructible and unchangeable.  If you hold an idea in thought, there is nothing anyone can do to go in and change that idea.  The outward expression of that idea (a drawing or model) might be changed, damaged, or destroyed, but the idea remains untouched. And the outward expression is restored as the original idea is recognized and naturally expressed in its perfection and completeness.

We honor the Creator as we translate all things into the thoughts that they represent.  If we remain fixated on the material representation — and try to fix it through material means or fall into the trap of thinking we are fixing matter with Spirit — we are no longer honoring the Creator, but the creation (the outward expression).  That doesn’t work!


What we call matter is always an illusion.  As we recognize it as such, we discover that we don’t need to (and must not) either fear it or worship it!  We tend to resist forms of matter that we see as bad — storms, heat, fatigue, injury, disease, etc.  But, are we as alert in regard to matter that we see as good — physical beauty, strong muscles, health, big houses and cars, pride of ability, etc.  Health, nice things and beauty aren’t bad in and of themselves.  They are, in fact, the outward expression of bountiful Soul. We need to be sure, however, that we are recognizing God as the source of the good and that the good exists forever as an eternal idea. The material representation is never the actual good — and the source of good is never personal.

Isn’t that part of what Moses was learning?  His concern was that he wasn’t up to the task of leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt. And, yet, God assured him, “Certainly I will be with thee” (cit. B8, Exodus 3:11,12).  That assurance was not for Moses alone.  God, the all-knowing and all-acting Mind is always with each of us, too!

Doubting our own abilities — or thinking too highly of them — stems from the belief that the ability is ours in the first place.  It stems from judging according to material appearances. God demonstrated for Moses that trusting material evidence always gets us into trouble.  Matter — good or bad — is illusive.  Mind is a sure thing!

As I was trying to look at Moses’ experience with fresh eyes, it occurred to me that part of the lesson learned from Moses’ rod turning into a snake is that no matter how scary matter looks, we don’t need to run in fear.  Things are never as they seem.  As we stand our ground and face whatever it is that looks scary — with the knowledge that God’s creation is always good — we, too, can confidently take the “snake by the tail” and find that what appears as a challenge can actually end up supporting us as we move forward.

I was also struck by the fact that Moses experienced the staff appearing to be a serpent before being faced with a leprous hand.  The one prepared his thought to more easily deal with a problem from which he could not run away (cit. B9, Exodus 4:1-4, 6-8).  Similarly, we can trust that as we turn to God and trust Him to meet every need — as we record our healings so that we don’t forget them — we will have the strength to face whatever comes our way.  Divine Love meets every need, because the problem (regardless of the specific appearance) is always basically the same … the supposition that Mind is not all and that matter can make conditions for Mind’s creation.  That’s just not the case!!


Jesus demonstrated for all time that God is the healer!  There is nothing out of reach of the authority of divine Mind — nothing too hard (or too ingrained in thought) for God to heal. When Jesus healed the demon-possessed man, the people initially took it as a sign that the promised Messiah had come. But, the Pharisees quickly quashed that glimpse of Truth, attributing Jesus’ power to Beelzebub — the prince of the devils.  Jesus argued that if Satan cast out Satan, Satan’s kingdom would be destroyed, but if the “Spirit of God” does the healing, “then the kingdom of God is come” (cit. B11, Matthew 12:22-28).

Isn’t today’s Satan kingdom the belief that matter is everything — the cause, the curse and the cure?  The suggestion is constantly being made that the advancements in materia medica make the need for Christian healing obsolete, and that the rise in mental illness and anxiety can best be met through greater accessibility to therapy.  But, human challenges are not lessening through this approach.  Seeing matter as the problem and the solution does not work.

Sometimes we are led to take human footsteps to achieve temporary aid.  But, something more is always needed if true healing is to take place.  This line from Science and Health sums up what that “more” is: “Science not only reveals the origin of all disease as mental, but it also declares that all disease is cured by divine Mind” (cit. S16, 169:16-20).  Cure is what we’re looking for.  Jesus cured! Cure is always possible through prayer.  No matter what … keep praying and growing in Spirit!

Jesus’ teaching and example was one of the body being healed as fear was removed and thought brought into alignment with the omnipotence of God and wholeness of God’s creation. Jesus demonstrated that the problem was never truly in the body, but in thought.  And thought can always be changed.  As thought changes, the condition of the body must change.

Mary Baker Eddy makes these strong statements regarding how healing takes place … “When we remove disease by addressing the disturbed mind, giving no heed to the body, we prove that thought alone creates the suffering. … The action of so-called mortal mind must be destroyed by the divine Mind to bring out the harmony of being” (cit. S15, 400:9-11, 20-28).  The medical model is to fix matter.  Christian Science looks away from the body in order to realign thought with what God knows.  Thought aligned with Truth leaves no room for erroneous beliefs (i.e. disease or discord in any form) to be present.  And the outward evidence must correspond.

Testimonies given weekly in Christian Science churches, and proofs of healing shared weekly and monthly in the Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel  remind us that the power of Christ to heal is alive and well and accessible to all today and always!


At first glance, I saw this section effectively addressing the challenge of physical exhaustion.  It makes it clear that matter is incapable of getting tired. We read, “You do not say a wheel is fatigued; and yet the body is as material as the wheel.  If it were not for what the human mind says of the body, the body, like the inanimate wheel, would never be weary” (cit. S17, 217:19-6).  It’s helpful to realize this, because then it also follows that depending on matter — sleep, exercise, diet — to strengthen us and keep us energized is also not the answer.

A sense of balance in our lives is certainly right.  But, we need to be extremely alert to realize that matter is never, never, ever the source of our strength and endurance — or of our fatigue and limitations.  I’ve always liked thinking about exercise as a way to express our strength, rather than to keep or gain it.

On further examination, however, I saw how applicable the ideas are to so-called mental fatigue, which is at least as big a concern these days.  The opening citation from Job says, “My soul is weary of my life:” (cit. B13, Job 10:1).  Other translations use stronger language. The Amplified Bible says, ““I am disgusted with my life and loathe it!”  Others say “I hate my life.”  The Contemporary English Version says, “I am sick of life!”.  And, the Good News Translation says, “I am tired of living.”  These are sentiments that can lead to suicidal thoughts. And they are felt by way too many.  Or, it may come to us in a less severe form of just a sense of boredom or burnout, or feeling like we’re going through the paces of our day without any sense of enthusiasm. Or we simply long for some excitement or change from the “same old, same old.”

God didn’t make Life to be a drudgery! And we all need to, in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, “Rise in the conscious strength of the spirit of Truth to overthrow [this] plea of mortal mind, alias matter, arrayed against the supremacy of Spirit” (cit. S20, 390:32).  We need to do this for ourselves, as well as for our fellow-man!  Jeremiah offers the basis for this prayer.  God has “loved [each of His children] with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness [has He] drawn [them].”  And, then it follows — from the Voice Translation, “I will satisfy those who are weary, and I will refresh every soul in the grips of sorrow” (cit. B14, Jeremiah 31:3, 25).

Love is drawing us forward as a sleigh is drawn smoothly through the snow, revealing new views, and refreshing us, like how a soaking rain makes blooms perk up. What a promise!  Good is flowing like a waterfall — a fresh sense of life available to all. We have the right to experience that good!

Even if circumstances don’t change, as we let God’s grace wash over us, our thought will change and we’ll see present good!  As the last verse of Hymn 148 assures us, “Green pastures are before me, Which yet I have not seen; Bright skies will soon be o’er me, Where darkest clouds have been.  My hope I cannot measure, My path in life is free; My Father has my treasure, And He will walk with me.”


This section specifically addresses the part of the body we call bones. But, I think the ideas presented can be applied to other parts of the body as well.  There is a call for God to help because the individual is weak and his bones ache.  How often might we have had a similar cry?  But, we can be confident of God’s assurance that regardless of how many problems we may face, Love is always providing answers.

The Bible promises not that we won’t face problems, but that God will always provide a way out!  As the Psalmist writes, “The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.  For the Lord protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken” (cit. B19, Psalms 34:19,20, NLT)!

The key to experiencing this deliverance is in Proverbs 3: “Don’t depend on your own wisdom.  Respect the Lord and refuse to do wrong.  Then your body will be healthy. And your bones will be strong” (cit. B20, Proverbs 3:7,8, ICB).  God is constantly supplying abundant good! Align thought with that good — refuse to wander into the realm of material evidence — and health must be seen!

Bones seem to be solid matter, but as we learn in Science and Health, “bones have only the substance of thought which forms them” (cit. S22, 381:24-26).  So, if we think we are responsible for our body and for our life, we are accepting the possibility of weakness, breakage, and disease.  But, understanding that we are subject to Mind alone and do not have a separate mind, we are free to reflect the soundness of divine Principle — the integrity of Mind.


Looking at things from a purely human perspective — accepting the mortal model —  we live according to the suppositions and predictions of a material world.  This world tells us, and its media tries to sell us, that we are stuck with a limited, vulnerable body, limited ability, limited opportunities, and the perpetual threat of conflict, decline and destruction.

Would-be thought influencers also put pressure on us to be like others — to keep up with fashion trends, to look and act a certain way, to earn a certain amount of money, to think and speak in ways that we hope will impress others, etc. BUT … why let what others think (or what material science reports and tries to sell) dictate what we buy into as to who we are, how we act, how we feel, and what we should expect and experience?

Infinite Mind, perfect Love, makes us and knows us as the image of limitless Spirit.  We are made to experience and express an infinite sense of good.  We would do well to pay close attention to what Paul wrote to the Romans.  The King James Version says: “be not conformed to this world:  but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove” [that is scrutinize to see whether a thing is genuine or not] “what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

God’s will for His creation is always ALL good! I highly recommend you go to and look up other translations of this citation.  There are a lot of good ones that really bring Paul’s message home.  As an example, the New Century Version says, “Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect” (cit. B21, Romans 12:2).

As we examine every thought that comes to us — whether a report from the body, from the news, or from the opinions of others — we can judge whether it is a report from infinite, trustworthy divine Mind, or limited, deceptive mortal mind.  And, we can choose to accept only what comes from divine Mind and dismiss the rest as trickery.  Truly, “All is under the control of the one Mind, even God” (cit. S25, 544:13-17).  So all is truly good!  And, “In the infinitude of Mind, matter must be unknown” (cit. S26, 280:1).

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