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Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

September 14, 2014

Subject: Substance

Prepared by: Kathy Fitzer 314-323-4083

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This week’s lesson makes it clear that what is really substantial is not at all what the physical senses identify as substance. My dictionary defines substance as: “the quality of having a solid basis in reality or fact.” Looking at things from that perspective, we can see that material things—that change, or can come and go—are not substantial at all. They are not enduring, even though they are seen, felt, and experienced physically, and seem to be an integral part of life. As you read the lesson, you might find it helpful to notice what both the Bible and Science and Health identify as substance and the many references to the synonyms for God, each bringing out a unique aspect of true substance. This statement from Mrs. Eddy’s article on “Angels” in Miscellaneous Writings seems to fit well with the Lesson. “God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies.” (p. 307)

Golden Text: In this world where so much emphasis is given on what we have or don’t have, it’s soooo important to understand that possessions (small or great) don’t really have a thing to do with who we are, our happiness, our well-being, or our worth. The verse used as the Golden Text this week follows the story of someone asking Jesus to tell their brother to give them their fair share of an inheritance. Jesus not only refuses to get in the middle of this family matter, but goes on to address the people in general with the verse about life not being made up of the things we have. This is how The Message translates the whole of verse 15: Speaking to the people, he went on, “Take care! Protect yourself against the least bit of greed. Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.” Things (even property or land) can come, and go. But the substance that comes from God is forever, always in balance, and entirely sufficient.

Responsive Reading: What are you looking for?
It can be tough living in this world where it seems a person’s worth is often judged by a checkbook balance—or, worse, by the appearance of wealth. But, fiscal riches can be lost (“make themselves wings.”) If our happiness and well-being is dependent on what we have, we can find ourselves in trouble. But, the Bible (the guidebook that has been successfully followed for thousands of years) tells us from beginning to end what it is we should be seeking in order to have wealth that cannot be taken from us. As I read the Responsive Reading, looking for what we should be focused on, I found that we should seek: instruction, knowledge, truth, wisdom, understanding, and God. And, the promise—“riches and honor are with me” (i.e. with wisdom.) So, whether you’re just starting to think about school or a career, or figuring out retirement, we need to stay focused on what we are valuing—what we are striving for. Seek wisdom from God; let God’s instruction lead, trust your knowledge of eternal Truth—and practical, right, human footsteps will unfold that will lead to satisfying activity and needs being met. Who needs more than that? The key is in the last sentence—Come to God believing that He knows the needs of all His children, and He will care for and reward you as you “diligently seek Him.” [“Seek Truth, and pursue it. It should cost you something: you are willing to pay for error and receive nothing in return; but if you pay the price of Truth, you shall receive all. (Misc. 342:24)] Surely we know this is true for the bigger picture of world peace and security as well. [To apply the Christ-idea in politics—even on a local levellisten to the “Daily Lift” for today.]

Section 1: Faith is substance–the foundation of reward
It was very interesting to look more carefully at citation B1 (Hebrews 11: 1), as it relates to the question, “What is substance?” The Greek words rendered faith, substance, hoped and evidence in this verse all share additional renderings relating to confidence (substance and hoped) or conviction (faith and evidence.) And the verse from Hebrews 10 speaks of not losing our confidence because it brings great rewards. The answer in Science and Health to what substance is speaks only in terms of substance being spiritual. That which is spiritual can’t decay or be destroyed! Spirit and all things spiritual are indeed eternal. Confidence and conviction are spiritual qualities. Although circumstances can, at times, shake our confidence (our faith,) nothing really has the power to take away our conviction regarding what is true … regardless of any material evidence to the contrary. The meaning of the Greek word that has been rendered substance in that first verse of Hebrews 11 is hypostasis—a different word than that which has been translated “substance” elsewhere. According to Strong’s Concordance hypostasis is “a setting under (support); essence; confidence.” Our confidence—our faith—our conviction—that God is all good, and supremely powerful—serves as an unshakeable foundation upon which to build our lives as we watch God meet our every need—and the needs of all. Faith is substance! Conviction that God is almighty Good forms the foundation of demonstration.

Section 2: Mind is substance and meets every need
After being away from the relative comforts of Egypt for awhile, the Hebrews were getting hungry and complaining heartily. Not only were they in need of food, but their confidence was being severely challenged. But, Moses’ faith was undisturbed. He turned to God in prayer. This story is a wonderful example of Mind meeting the needs of His children. God promised, through Moses, that they would have food in the evening and the morning—and that they would know that God was taking care of them. It is possible that when the quail came in from the sea, the people thought they had simply caught a lucky break. But, the provision of manna was something different. The word manna literally means “whatness” or “what is it.” Nothing like this food had ever been seen—before, or since. Because there was no human precedent, it was clear evidence of substance coming directly from God, as the idea of Mind. (B5) As Mrs. Eddy writes, “All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God.” (S5) We have a lot to learn from the experience of the Hebrews—we don’t need to despair or complain when we are feeling desperate and don’t see a solution. Longing for the past—or dreaming of the future—isn’t the answer. God will meet our need in a unique and perfect way as we expectantly turn to Mind for direction and refuse to lose our conviction that God always has an answer. And, then, we have to be willing to accept that answer, even if it comes in a form that we weren’t expecting or may not immediately recognize. But, God leads us gently—as He did by first bringing the quail. We can’t let anything—time, opinion, predictions, etc.—shake our confidence that God is caring for His children—everywhere. War, conflict, hunger and famine cannot continue. Right here—right now—Mind IS directing and providing. [As part of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Scientific Statement of Being” concludes this section—“All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.” (S9, 46810, see W’s P.S. #1]

Section 3: Spirit is the substance of abundant water
Water—it’s a huge part of our lives. And not having enough of it appears to present a serious threat to our well-being. The Children of Israel faced such a threat. They were desperate for water, and again attacked Moses for bringing them into the Wilderness. All they could focus on was their present lack. Had they so quickly forgotten God’s provision of food? Where was their faith—their confidence? Fortunately, Moses didn’t forget that God, Spirit, is the source of all good. As he reached out, he heard God’s solution. It seems that the only way God gets credit for satisfying our needs is when we are completely desperate, have no idea how to solve a problem ourselves, and our needs are met in a totally unexpected way—such as food from heaven and water from a rock. (B9) The question is, what is the source of water—and all things good? It is Spirit, of course—infinite Spirit, a fountain that never dries up. Christian Science teaches that Spirit is “divine substance” (that which supports all things; the essence of all things.) Spirit is “Mind;” “all that is good.” (S10) Knowing of the experience of the Israelites should bolster our confidence that we will always have what we need. The key is to be obedient to the First Commandment, which Mrs. Eddy interprets as, “Thou shalt have no intelligence, no life, no substance, no truth, no love, but that which is spiritual.” (S13) When we start thinking that water is a limited material resource, necessary to life, we have just made a god out of it. Water is a human need, and is adequately supplied by God. But water has never been material—it is a spiritual idea and thus infinite. [Man includes all (s)he spiritually needs by divine reflection as brought out in citation S14 & P.S. #2] Recognizing God as the source and substance of what we call water, we never need to fear a lack of it. Even now, where many places seem to be suffering from drought, as we whole-heartedly and confidently turn to God for a solution, we will have what we need and will be freed from the fear of lack of water—for the earth and for our bodies.

Section 4: The law of Life is the substance of a body governed by God
Jesus challenged the restrictive, man-made laws relating to the temple and the Sabbath that had been established by the Pharisees. Speaking of the Son of man as Lord of the Sabbath day, he acknowledged obedience only to the law of Love that meets every human need—for all, always. He demonstrated that the human body is governed by Mind—Life—rather than the so-called laws of matter. He healed the man with the withered hand in the face of opposition from both Pharisaical creed and physical law. (B14) In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul speaks of the body as the temple of God, and identifies it as holy. (B15 & B16) Body is the first word of Mrs. Eddy’s definition of TEMPLE in the Glossary of Science and Health. (S15) The purpose of a temple is to be an outward expression of God’s presence—and an avenue of worshipping God. Similarly, the human body is an outward expression of the power and dominion of God. It is not governed by the so-called sensations of matter—representing either pleasure or pain. The body is not subject to ups and downs, health and disease—any more than God’s Church is subject to human opinions or interpretations. Science and Health (p. 280) explains that God is the Soul of man. Because God is “perpetual in His own individuality, harmony, and immortality,” these qualities are also perpetuated—preserved from extinction—in man. (S16) We don’t have a body separate from Mind that can be self-acting or subject to a law other than God’s law of harmony. Christian Science—the law of God—heals!!! How? Not by changing sick matter into well matter. Rather, it “brings to the body the sunlight of Truth,” and this Truth “invigorates and purifies.” [S22see a healing in P.S. #3] The Science that Jesus practiced—and that Science and Health makes understandable to all—is a spiritual law that reveals unrestricted harmony. It displaces a false sense of “law” that includes limitation and discord as assuredly as light displaces darkness. (S22) What is required in order to see this light? We must “divest thought—deprive and deny thought—of false trusts and material evidences…” We are constantly bombarded with suggestions of disease and material remedies for disease. Simply closing our eyes to these suggestions will no more protect us or bring healing than closing our eyes to dust and weeds will give us a pristine home. We have to conscientiously “sweep away the false and give place to the true.” With practice, we will be alert to not accept any law of limitation—leaving the body free to express the freedom that is God.

Section 5: Soul is the substance of beauty
Radiance! What a great word. Mrs. Eddy speaks of the radiance of Soul and the radiance of Spirit. (S25 & S27) Radiance is reflected light. It is described as indicating great happiness and has a glowing quality about it. We often talk about the radiance of a bride. I’ve never seen a bride look anything less than beautiful. And, it has nothing to do with the dress, hair, or make-up! The source of beauty is never physical. It is a quality of God, and is reflected by all. (B19) It is something that is free to shine forth when unencumbered by self-conscious matter or physical preconceptions. Beauty is no more defined by material form than wealth is defined by money. That which can be destroyed or changed can never truly define beauty. But, Soul—the radiance of Spirit—is ever beautiful, and available to be expressed in all we are and all we do. We just have to be alert that we’re staying focused on the source of beauty—the substance of beauty—as infinite Spirit, rather than fickle matter. (S-26) We need to help each other (and remind ourselves) that beauty is a permanent quality of Soul that can be expressed in an infinite variety of ways. It is expressed outwardly the more we recognize it as a spiritual quality, unconfined and undefined by matter. Honor God by acknowledging His beauty. Be free with the compliments—making sure they are sincere. And, be sure not to leave yourself out. Shine!!!

Section 6: Behold the substance of Mind—a spiritual universe!
How do we see God’s universe—especially in the face of the violence, despotism, and terror that seem to be so much a part of our world today? It doesn’t help to close our eyes to these problems, any more than to close our eyes to disease. But, just as we have seen supply and beauty as having their source in God—independent of matter—we must see peace as a permanent quality of the substance of Mind. And, we must insist that “the universe reflects and expresses the divine substance or Mind.” (S29) Man is not the source of life, and cannot rule over man. The problem is that we often view our world through a veil of material belief. As we read in the second letter to the Corinthians, “all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.” (B-20, New Living Translation) We can’t get an accurate view in a mirror that is smeared with dirt—or covered by a veil. Psalm 148 gives a beautiful description of all that God has done and why we should praise His works, rather than believe the distorted view being conveyed by mortal sense. Included in the things God has established—so as to praise to Him—are “kings of the earth and all people.” (B21) If we are to honor the substance of God, we must see His creation in all things, and not be fooled by the lie—no matter how aggressive. The universe that reflects God is the ONLY universe. For this spiritual realm to be seen and experienced, we are challenged to “behold and understand God’s creation,—all the glories (light) of earth and heaven and man.” We don’t want to ignore the darkness, but we don’t want to be terrified by it either. Let’s instead let the light of Truth reveal the substance of all things as unchanging Mind, and refuse to accept that anyone or anything can be less than “the reflection of the divine.” So, when tempted to ruminate about the state of geo-political affairs—or challenges we may be facing closer to home—let’s replace worry and fear with prayer and affirmation that all DOES reflect and express the substance of Mind. (S29) We will acknowledge nothing less, and have the conviction that is faith, that is the substance of all things hoped for and the proof of what has not yet been seen.

[W’s P.S. #1 on the Scientific Statement of Being (S9): Mary Baker Eddy gives a huge tool to us as spiritual healers in her "scientific statement of being" (S9) that Albert Einstein called "the most profound statement ever uttered by mankind".(Physics, Metaphysics and God, Jack Geis, p. 220)]

[W’s P.S. #2 on how to d.i.a.l.-up a perfect school year: We include all we spiritually need by divine reflection as brought out in citation S14, 301:17. To get this point across this coming Sunday at a CedarS Bringing Camp to School rap session, I plan to give each S.F.-Bay-area camper who comes a symbolic gift with related ideas designed to transform the school year. This should forever break any illusion of stressby bursting the ridiculous bubble of pride. Since there is nothing more humble than a reflection, theres nothing more stress-free than one. That means theres no one more relaxed and free than you as Gods reflection! Admit that! (See S&H 90:28) As Gods divine image and likeness, you can thrive without feeling any pressure except for the constant pressure to come out from the material world and be separate. (S&H 451:2) A bar of d.i.a.l. soap (travel-size or ideally idea-sized for school use) whether used in a daily shower or as a desktop or locker air freshener and dry-cleaner can be a simple, scented household reminder to you of your reflected royalty! We achieve our natural state of confident, relaxed perfection in proportion as we d.i.a.l.-up the Christ the divine image and likeness (S&H 332:11). when we subordinate the false testimony of corporeal senses to the facts of Science, we see this true likeness and reflection everywhere. (S28, 516:6)]

[Ws P.S. #3 on a healing inspired by citation S22 and the purifying & invigorating “sunlight of Truth” (S-22, 162:4): I can never keep from sharing my gratitude for the life-altering healing I had from applying this citation! (“Should we be silent? Ah, never.” –Hymn 283) As part of CedarS Bonus Thanksgiving Lesson Met for 2009 I wrote: “After a joyous 2008 summer and fall of service, I found myself agonizing in the passenger seat during our evening move home from camp. I sang (along with the sound system) many hymns that I knew by heart—thanks to years of camp Hymn Sing experience—belting them out, at first through tears of intense pain, and later through tears of immense gratitude. For the first part of the trip the disabling discomfort just wouldn't let up—no matter how I changed my position or what hymns or citations I prayed. The pain seemed to radiate from a huge internal growth that had been steadily growing for several months. It had attempted to rob me of my appetite and normal weight as well as my vigor, comfort and ability to lift one of my legs. In deepest humility—and supported by the prayers of the dear driver, of my mom and of a practitioner who I kept calling—I continued to reach out to God and to sing each word with renewed understanding, conviction and vigor. With tears of joy I cherished the truths about my spiritual nature as if they were being tenderly told to me in order to save my life for God's service—and that they did! All pain finally broke thanks to this all-out, fervent praying and singing—and I have hardly stopped smiling or singing since. I remain eternally grateful that I took "God-is-All" instead of Tylenol—that I chose Christian Science treatment to eliminate not only the pain, but also its cause rather that just opting to temporarily relieve suffering. I knew when I got home without pain that I was healed, although the draining and dissolving of the growth took several more weeks of consistent "ray-delineation therapy" which "dissolves tumors" with the invigorating purity of "the sunlight of Truth" that "Christian Science brings to the body." (S&H 162:4, S-22 in our "Substance" lesson) I applied each ray of this divine, healing sunlight –shining the specific, promising laws and wonderful ideas laid out in this precious paragraph.”
"Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates (refreshes, revitalizes, stimulates, enlivens, energizes, animates, rejuvenates, strengthens) and purifies (cleanses, disinfects, sanitizes, decontaminates, filters). Christian Science acts as an alterative (a medicinal plant that causes a gradual beneficial change in the body, usually through improved nutrition and elimination, without having any marked specific action OR A medicine or treatment which gradually induces a change, and restores healthy functions without sensible evacuations), neutralizing error with Truth. It changes the secretions (emissions, discharges, oozings), expels humors (4 Medieval ones to be balanced: blood, yellow bile, phlegm, black bile), dissolves tumors (growths, cancers, lumps, swellings), relaxes rigid muscles ("thought-forces"), restores carious bones to soundness. The effect of this Science is to stir (rouse, wake up, budge, shift, get up, revive) the human mind to a change of base (basis, foundation, origin, heart, starting point), on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind." (S&H 162:4). Have fun letting your body and life sing-out about this transforming "sunlight of Truth"!]

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