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Enjoy today a string of sparkling Prayer Watch GEMs posted daily this week on Facebook by Ken Cooper!
Plus a link to other Prayer Watch GEMs
emailed earlier as mined from
The Christian Science Bible Lesson on "
Reality" for March 29, 2020.

Enjoy a sparkling string of Prayer Watch GEMs from Ken Cooper!
[W:] Somehow amid other demands of the day, I made the mistake of not seeing and posting the following string of GEMs that Ken Cooper emailed me on Monday! I feel horrible about this, but have decided to make it a teachable moment by coupling a spiritual advice on forgiveness from this week’s Bible Lesson. It stems from Paul’s advice in Philippians 3:13: “…this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things that are before,” (Philippians 3:13, B19)

[W:] Click here for explore a CedarS hands-on activity meant to bring forgiveness and spiritual-growth.

I realize (or real-eyes) that Paul’s advice to the Philippians to be forward-looking instead of backward-looking applies to every mistake ever made — even to the (mis-)handing of a pandemic. Instead of bringing healing, getting caught-up in a blame game only reinforces the mental quackery of trying to heal a condition through Mind while believing it to be real. Paul tells us plainly to “do…this one thing” to emerge “perfect” on the other side of any seeming disaster – “…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things that are before…” Philippians 3:13, B19)

So, I am reaching out with a sincere aspiration that you will forgive “me, and mine, and all” all mistakes made as we “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Hymn 207:2, Philippians 3:14) Let’s be united in pressing forward instead of looking back with blame; let us pray that “if in anything… (we) be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this…” (B19, Phil. 3: 15)

Let’s also strive to behold and know “the end from the beginning.” (Misc. 208:23) Like Jesus, let’s behold “in Science the perfect man” and stay focused— with our “eyes on the prize”— on “perfect God and perfect man”—of perfect health and perfect economy, even while “endeavoring to reach” these “high goals.” (SH 476:32; 259:11; 426:7)

So, here are Ken Cooper’s daily inspirational offerings of the past week, all offered up NOW! On Monday Ken wrote:
“I am endeavoring to provide a daily thought, based on the lesson, on Facebook, and offer this as a further contribution. It would be good to see this available at the start of the week if this is possible, so readers can track the thoughts with the lesson.

[K:] “I have made a reference to this below, and I hope this can be a useful prayerful addition to all the other work being done…

“As last week, I have written a new poem to cover the present challenges:

[Ken:] “Love is happy! When you love, happiness is always the result. Happiness and love are the same, and like God and man, inseparable. Happiness is the true contagion, – seeing people laugh, having fun, brings a smile to the innermost heart. In the kingdom of God, Life is the expression of God, His reflection of what He is. As His reflection, that’s all we can do: God shines, we reflect that shine, and glow with happiness. In that glow, darkness cannot touch us. Happiness and fear are impossible companions, and happiness is the confidence of life safe and complete in God. The poem this week picks up the happiness indicated in the Golden Text, – when we reflect, we are happy and safe!

[W:] Share in a friend’s joy of REALITY Revealed!
[Ken:] “The Bible story of the man with the withered hand is also one of happiness, – his friend witnesses the healing, and shares in the joy of reality revealed.

[W:] Listen to how the Christ answers Martha’s anxious thoughts and ours!
[Ken:]How do we learn the joy of this reality? By putting God first. This is the challenge, – other practical matters have to be dealt with, don’t they? Listen to Martha putting her case to Jesus! And Jesus’ response!

[Ken:] “Those with Facebook may be interested in what is intended to be a daily contribution based on the lesson

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