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[Like Jesus, throw out of your temple (concept of body & church) what needs removal!]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for Christian Science Bible Lesson Nov. 16-22, 2015

Subject: Soul and Body

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, CS 314-323-4083

The Golden Text beautifully sets the tone for this Lesson. And, I got a clearer sense of it as I checked out other translations and Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: The Hebrew word translated as “boast” is halal and it can be rendered “to shine; to celebrate; sing praise.” Other translations read: I live and breathe God …Join me in spreading the news; together let’s get the word out.” (The Message); “Celebrate His great name.” (CEV); “Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness.” (NLT) The Responsive Reading makes it clear that glorifying God is what we were made to do … it is what we are all about! God is the doer — God is the all. God shines through us, cares for us, helps us, hold us up, guides us, knows us completely, and is the whole or our being. The Amplified Bible translates verse 5, “You have enclosed me behind and before, And [You have] placed Your hand upon me.” Realizing how precious and vital we are to the Mind that created each of us as a unique idea, we can relish the fact that there is one Soul or identity — expressed individually in infinite ways. Each of us expresses this Soul in our own wonderful way. And that individuality can’t ever be lost, spoiled, hurt or damaged because it springs directly — and indissolubly — from the infinite Soul that is God — Mind, Spirit, Principle, Love, Truth, Life! So, let’s agree to recognize and relish the power and glory of Soul shining through us (as the sun shines through each of its rays.) Let’s give up the belief of personality — that the world is made up of a bunch of mortal souls (of whom we are one) subject to being influenced by the forces of good and evil. As our views are aligned with the reality of Soul, our very lives will magnify God. This will enable the ever-present goodness and might of God to be seen and felt by all — including ourselves.

Section 1: Recognizing our spiritual identity we feel the presence of God’s light
A bright sunny day, with temperatures just right, has a way of lifting spirits and making everything seem just a little bit better. But, humanly speaking, this kind of day doesn’t last. And, in the middle of winter (as those who live in parts of the mid-west section of the United States can attest to) it’s easy to wonder if those warm, sunny days will ever return. During those times, there is a longing to experience the light of that sun again. And, so it is at times when the human experience seems dark and difficult. The Psalmist describes longing for God as a deer longs for water in a brook. (B-1) The answer lies in truly longing to understand man’s inseparable relationship to the sunlight of Soul as a spiritual idea of Mind. The light of God is never absent [as Isaiah describes the everlasting light of God’s glory as risen upon and within you. (B-3 & P.S.] And as we humbly cry out to feel God’s presence — and rise up in perpetual acknowledgment of the ever-presence of Soul, we discover that God is the shine that is forever present and bathes all in light, and joy, and good. Sometimes it might be tempting to blame ourselves for not seeing the light — to get down on ourselves, or be tempted to give up in discouragement and despair. But, we can’t give in to giving up — on ourselves or another! God never gives up! Love is forever holding us safe and secure. We have this promise: “When we learn the way in Christian Science and recognize man’s spiritual being, we shall behold and understand God’s creation, — all the glories of earth and heaven and man.” (S-6) The divine laws of being have been presented and demonstrated — and we have what we need to practice them (through the teachings of the Bible and Science and Health.) As we accept and understand the true relationship of body and Soul, body (with its supposed emotions and functions) will be seen to be subservient to Soul — truly Soul’s expression. (S-2) We start by understanding God as “incorporeal (not consisting of matter,) divine (excellent in the highest degree,) supreme (highest in authority,) infinite (without limits, boundless) Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. (B-1) Then, we can see that this boundless God is expressed in a boundless spiritual universe and spiritual man — as the sun is expressed in its rays of light. (S-4) Accepting that we reflect an infinite Principle, we stop feeling we have to get something. Turning to our true identity as the reflection of Soul, we lose sight of a material personality and know that we stand forever in the brilliance and warmth and care of God’s shine! Persevere and you will be rewarded. The early students of the science of aeronautics refused to be deterred — no matter how many set-backs they experienced. Today, flying is a common phenomenon! Similarly, we can learn to soar in Soul!

Section 2: Remove the curse of material creation
There are several references to comforting the people of Jerusalem in this section. (B-4,-7 & -8) We can apply the message of this section to political challenges being faced in the city of Jerusalem today, as well as to the larger claim that matter (or mortal mind) creates or governs man. It seems to me that every challenge we face has its roots in the belief of material origin. Accompanying the assumption that life resides in matter is the problematic question of who or what controls or governs that matter — whether called body or an area of land. Mrs. Eddy writes, “If a child is the offspring of physical sense and not of Soul, the child must have a material, not a spiritual origin.” (S-11) That idea of “child” can be applied to a person, a place, a business, a creative idea, a relationship, a talent, etc. Anything that starts with mortal creation is by nature limited and subject to conflict. This false belief of origin (and life) springing from inanimate matter (that which is limited, in contrast to limitless Spirit) is the “curse causeless” that will be removed “when the mist of mortal mind evaporates.” (B-5, S-12) The whole problem is accepting the premise that there is an intelligent creator apart from God, called mortal mind (with its false concept called mortal body.) Rather, we should draw all conclusions from the fact that there is only divine Mind. Matter (mortal mind) is not the medium of man! (S-13) Soul is not in matter, but is reflected by spiritual man. (S9) One law governs — the law of Mind —and painlessly produces its own creation, without conflict. Understanding this removes the curse of discord — whether the conflict appears within a body, an organization, or a population. Change the basis of belief, and human circumstances must correspond with the adjusted view.

Section 3: The inherent and eternal beauty of Soul
It seems that everywhere we turn there are ads for products promising to make us more attractive. But, as long as the focus is on improving the material picture, and using mortal measurements to determine success, we are likely to fall short! No need to despair! The solution lies in shifting the focus from improving a mortal body to perceiving the unchanging beauty of Soul! I will never forget an elementary school teacher I was privileged to have who I thought was the most beautiful person there ever could be! As my innocence faded, I discovered that, humanly speaking, her features would not have been considered lovely at all. But, she was such a pure reflection of Soul that that is all I saw! What if we all devoted more thought to perceiving the man created by God – fully expressing the grace and beauty of Soul – rather than judging ourselves or others according to the standards outlined by mortal mind? Wouldn’t we then see the beauty in ourselves and others that I saw as a youngster in my teacher? That is a beauty that cannot fade or suffer injury or scarring. Seeing ourselves as “the king’s daughter [or son] … all glorious within” is a good place to start as we strive to see others that way — as well as be seen that way by others. (B-12) Giving less thought to what we do to the body of mortal mind’s creating, and more thought to perceiving the man of God’s creating, will allow the inherent beauty of Soul to be seen outwardly in man as naturally as it is seen in nature. (S-18) What incredible variety there is in our world — from creviced rocks to flawless flower petals. And, yet, we see the beauty effortlessly supplied by God in all of it! [(B-14) & online Met Download 1] How much better things would be if we accepted such variety in that which is considered beautiful in people! Let’s get started appreciating the glory of Soul that must be expressed by each one of God’s children — and can be seen in each one, including ourselves. (S-14) You are beautiful!

Section 4: Cleansing the temple — body
We would do well to ask ourselves often … What is it that needs to be thrown out of our temple (our concept of body and church) as Jesus threw out the money changers? The true temple (God’s dwelling place) is entirely spiritual. Jesus understood that God (Soul) could not be confined to a material body any more than to a building. Mrs. Eddy’s definition of temple includes a description as both body and a place where people congregate to worship. But she clearly uses spiritual terms — rather than material — to describe both references. (S-19) Jesus understood that his identity was not defined by matter, and thus indestructible, even if men tried to destroy. (B-17) The ancient site of the destroyed temple in Jerusalem is a place of contention today. Considered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians to be a holy site, it seems difficult to peacefully worship there together. But, what if the concept of “temple” were elevated to a spiritual idea — independent of material structure? There is no conflict in Spirit. Ultimately man will awake to the truth of Paul’s words, “Ye are the temple of the living God.” (B-18) It is the Spirit of God that animates (dwells in) each of God’s ideas. God’s presence can’t be confined to a material structure, but constitutes the very being of each of us. It seems to me that we owe it to ourselves — and the world — to focus on constantly purifying our concept of body, as well as of church. We want to be sure to watch for anything that would corrupt thought — and chase it away. How does the story of Jesus whipping the moneychangers out of the temple relate to this? [(B-17) & online Met Download 2] One thought is that the moneychangers were there for commercial gain and to serve as a convenience for those coming to offer their sacrifices at the temple. Is worship about either convenience or material gain? Mrs. Eddy speaks specifically about tyranny, pride, and fear needing to “whipped out of the temple,” and humility welcomed in. (S-22 & S-23) It’s important to consider our motive for doing whatever we do — whether it relates to how we care for our body, our church, or the business of life. Do we (without giving it much thought) do what’s easy and what everyone else is doing? Or do we humbly seek God’s guidance about the little things, as well as the big? Everything we do should be about expressing God — Life, Truth, and Love, Principle, Mind, Soul, and Spirit — rather than doing what seems easiest, or the most convenient, at any particular time. As we stop thinking about ourselves as temporal material beings (trying to get ahead in this mortal experience) we’ll focus on building our temple with the solid stones of Christian Science (the truth of being.) Check out marker S-20, p. 288, to see what postulates form the basis for right reasoning in order to establish in thought a temple (body) indestructible. I love how Mrs. Eddy describes our true temple in Pulpit and Press as “no human fabrication, but the superstructure of Truth, reared on the foundation of Love, and pinnacled in Life.” Then, she goes on to say, “such being its nature, how can our godly temple possibly be demolished, or even disturbed.” (Pulpit and Press, pages 2-3) I had a beautiful healing of a back injury one time as I better understood this concept. And, certainly this is the healing principle Jesus demonstrated! Let’s cleanse thought of anything that is not in line with this spiritual concept of temple and see the fullness of Soul expressed in all we do.

Section 5: Demonstration of the facts of Soul leads to healing of the body
After Jesus rose from the grave, he confronted his disciples. Why were they hiding instead of continuing to share the message of the undying healing power of the Christ, Truth? He commanded them to go out into the world and “preach the gospel to every creature.” And he delineated the “signs” that would follow “them that believe.” [(B-20) & online Met Download 3] Today it is our privilege to continue to bear witness to the fact that Mind is the builder of the body — not material elements called DNA. (S-24) Jesus demonstrated the indestructible nature of man — created, constituted and governed by Spirit. (S-25) Demonstrating the “facts of Soul” as Jesus demonstrated them is key to healing as Jesus healed. The fact is that Soul (unlimited and undying identity) is not expressed through matter. In order to heal, it is essential to “divest thought of false trusts and material evidences” so that “the spiritual facts of being may appear.” My dictionary defines divest as depriving something of power. But, it also gives an older definition of: to “relieve (someone) of something being worn or carried.” I loved that. As we “divest thought of false trusts and material evidences” we lift off a weight or a cloak that would hide man’s inherent spiritual freedom. We’re not changing reality – just perception! We’re simply “sweep[ing] away the false” in order to “give place to the true.” (S-26) Like we do when we sweep the floor — remove all the dust, dirt, and crumbs—to reveal the natural and beautiful luster inherent in the wood. Because Mind is the builder of the body, dis-ease of any kind is simply the formation of the human mind perceives things from a distorted perspective. (S-27) As the Christ (the true idea of God) is entertained, thought is swept clean of mortal belief, and the human experience must then conform to what Mind is knowing of its creation. When we clear out the junk, Soul shines through. And we, too, will heal the sick and deadly things (including so-called incurable disease) will not harm us.

Section 6: Praise God who has made you to be holy
God chose to make you and me and each of His children in such a way that uniquely expresses the fullness of His being. We have each existed as an idea of Mind forever — “before the foundation of the world.” And we were created to be holy and without blame, abiding in Love. (B-21) Let’s take a look at the Greek origin of these words, according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Holy includes being physically pure and morally blameless. And to be without blame is to be without blemish, fault, or spot. That is the model we must keep before our gaze continually. That spotless purity is reality. We can’t be fooled by contradictory reports from the body any more than we’re fooled by contradictory astronomical observations. (S-28) It looks like the sun moves and the earth stays still. But that is no more the case than the appearance of soul being in a body, with the body in charge. Mind creates man. Soul is God, and man “coexists with and reflects Soul,” God, as His image — His likeness. (S-30) Thus the purpose of man (our purpose) is to show off the fullness of God’s being — in infinitely unique ways. As we understand body to be governed by Soul, we are free to see the harmony and health of God expressed right here, right now — in the flesh. Praise God!

[Warren’s P.S. #1: An “Arise, Shine…” (Isa. 60:1) prayer shawl with menorah symbols on it is pictured with time-travelling Moses’ sandals in a Downloadable picture in the online version of this Met. (FYI: The opening sentence of this citation B-3 is repeated in next week’s lesson as B-13.) About 1,400 visitors to CedarS Bible Lands Park this summer and fall (~1200 summer campers & staff and ~200 fall conferees) passed the pictured “Arise…” prayer shawl from one to the next to put over their shoulders as they “touched the fringes of eternity” (Hymn 64:3) and took with Moses pledges with the healing power of keeping each of the 10 Commandments. The tassels on the corners or “wings” of a prayer shawl are there to remind the wearer to keep the Commandments. (Number 15:37-39) The tassels on Jesus’ prayer shawl had “healing in his wings” as an unclean woman with her long-standing issue trusted would be the case when she pushed through a crowd to touch a tassel of his garment and was instantly healed. (Luke 8:43-48) As Malachi prophesied “…the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings”. (Malachi 6:2)

[Warren’s P.S. #2 Cobbey Crisler’s Comments on citations B-14, B-17 & B-20 are offered in CedarS online Met as Downloads 2, 3 & 4. Here’s an answer to many inquiries about where the scriptural commentaries that I share from Christian Science Bible scholar Cobbey Crisler come from and how they can be found. Because my mom, Ruth E. Huff, the Founder of CedarS Camps, went on three trips to Israel with Cobbey and Janet Crisler and because CedarS sponsored scores of his talks and handled all of his CDs for many years, I did end up with most of his tapes or CDs and with a transcript in book form for each of his talks on the 4 Gospels. With Janet's permission, for many years now I have been either sharing in CedarS weekly Mets Cobbey's helpful insights when they shed new light on citations in each week's Christian Science Bible Lesson. These have been shared as a PS to the main Met or as an online Download of scanned pages. Janet JUST emailed me that "finally all the transcriptions of Cobbey's talks are available at my new website: " I plan to ordered them all so as to be able to better share the inspiration!

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