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[Live “in the Light and Glory of Infinite Soul."]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

 “Soul and Body”
for Sunday, November 23, 2014

by Rick Stewart, C.S., Dresden, Germany

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I just came in from a three a.m. walk around our apartment complex courtyard ( in German, "Hof").  It was very peaceful, still, and a blanket of stars twinkled down on us.    I was not alone, our dog, Theo, accompanied me.  The Hof is approximately 100 meters by 100 meters with several large linden and oak trees and grassy areas.  It is basically a square area encompassed by five story apartment buildings built in 1911. It is a quiet oasis in the middle of our residential city neighborhood and a wonderful place for all the kids to play and neighbors to meet.  It is also an ideal place for taking Theo out for a very early morning walk and a pause from working on this Bible Lesson MET for Cedars.  As I stepped outside with Theo I looked up to a glorious blanket of stars.  It immediately made me think of the little messenger from earth that currently sits on the surface of Comet 67P/C-G in need of light.  As a metaphysician wielding the Science of Soul it naturally occurred to me that there might be a good application for the focus of Light and Glory found in this week's Bible Lesson.

Over the last few days I have been considering many of the events in the world from the perspective of this Christian Science Bible Lesson on the subject of, "Soul and Body."  The Golden Text from Isaiah had promised me that I was going to learn a lot about God, Soul as the source of Light and Glory.  And I knew from past experience that the ideas in these lessons have powerful, practical applications for every single activity going on in my private world and in the world at large.  So let's begin with the central theme for the Lesson found in the Golden Text.

Golden Text:  Isaiah 60: 19   “…the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory."
I find Isaiah chapter 60 in the King James Bible one of the most beautiful and inspiring examples of prose and poetry in the English language.  This particular chapter is filled with a revelation of the Light and Glory of God.  This is one of those Bible chapters worth memorizing, making its promises a part of your thinking.  As with so many messages that were revealed in the Bible, this chapter easily lends itself to a wider, universal and timeless interpretation and revelation of the nature of God.

The chapter and verses that surround the Golden Text gloriously pour forth light and understanding.  For example, these verses from Isaiah 60:  "1. Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

4 Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side.

18 Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

19 The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory. (G.T.)

20 Thy sun shall no more go down; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself: for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended."

On to the revelations and applications!

Responsive Reading:
The verses of the Responsive Reading come from I Chronicles and I Corinthians and continue to point us to God for our understanding of Soul and how that relates to body.  "Glory ye in his holy name:.. Declare his glory among the heathen… Give unto the Lord, ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and strength…" (I Chronicles)  And I find the slight differences to be found in the Aramaic Bible in Plain English as it renders I Corinthians 6: 19, 20.  

"Do you not know that your body is the temple of The Spirit of Holiness who dwells within you, whom you have received from God, and you are not your own?
For you have been bought with a price; be glorifying God with your body and with your spirit, which are God's."  (Aramaic Bible in Plain English, I Cor. 6:19.20, )

Section 1: [Feel and acknowledge] Soul as God shining on the universe like the sun.
With so much belief and depiction in the world that "soul" is a little spirit that dwells within your material body it is always good to begin with the true understanding of what God as Soul is and what soul is not.

First and foremost God, Soul is not inside you.  The Bible verses introduce the absolute infinite nature of God.  Citation B-2 also defines the separate roles of God and man, not in division, but in individual roles: "I am the Lord.  And I will set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you.  And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people."

Science and Health citation S-4 clarifies: "Science reveals Spirit, Soul, as not in the body, and God as not in man but as reflected by man.  The greater cannot be in the lesser.  The belief that the greater can be in the lesser is an error that works ill.  This is a leading point in the Science of Soul, that Principle is not in its idea.  Spirit, Soul, is not confined in man, and is never in matter."

An earlier citation (S-1) with its spiritual definition of Sun found in the Glossary of Science and Health illustrates the relationship of Soul to man, "SUN.  The symbol of Soul governing man, — of Truth, Life, and Love."

The other day I had a little illustration of this concept of reflection.  I had walked out into our corner of the Hof (Courtyard), the northeast corner.  It was around 8 a.m. and our corner should have been shadowed and cold.  But as I walked out from the door I was immediately bathed in warm rays of sunshine and I had to squint my eyes.  I was so surprised.  The sun was still low in the eastern sky and should have been nowhere to be seen or felt until much later.  What was going on?  My eyes followed the rays that were bathing me in light and warmth and there was the culprit, a large glass sliding door on the far west side of the Hof was reflecting the full light of the rising sun.  It was amazing how warm and bright that reflection was!  Aha!  We don't need a little bit of God inside our body to be spiritual; we only need to reflect the full Sun that represents God, Soul.  Then the warmth and light of God's Soul shine, or maybe "Son shine" can bathe us in His glorious Light.  And that reflection of warmth and light can chase away cold and darkness just like the Sun, "the symbol of Soul governing man."

Section 2: Find your individuality and identity maintained by Soul, Spirit in reflection.
The Bible verses of Section 2 once again affirm that the Lord makes and maintains and names His creation.  See citations S-5 through S-9.  What follows is a sort of "sampling" like a D.J. might do with phrases or lines from a song,  "Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God;  He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names…There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory…Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth."  

[The Science and Health portion of this section kicks off this “hit parade” of ideas with:]
"The divine Mind maintains all identities, from a blade of grass to a star as distinct and eternal.  The questions are: What are God's identities?  What is Soul?  Does life or soul exist in the thing formed? 
"Nothing is real and eternal, –nothing is Spirit,–but God and His idea." (S-6)

Launching forth into this recognition of identity and individuality as spiritual and the reflection of Soul and not determined by the material body is not only incredibly freeing, but also sometimes a little daunting.  But the eternal journey it introduces us to is worth it.

Years ago when my family got our first boat we would often enjoy a Sunday afternoon boat ride on the lakes and rivers near Leesburg, Florida.  These were new adventures that everyone in the family enjoyed.  My job was to hold the boat to the dock as everyone boarded and then to push the boat out and jump on board.  I was around 8-10 years old and it was not always easy to combine the push off from the dock and then the jump on board.  But I learned quickly that if I wanted to go on the boat ride I had to push off and jump.  To push off and stay on the dock got me nowhere.  To push off and try and keep one foot on the dock and one on the boat got me baptized, literally, full-immersion!  The full commitment to get onboard was always worth the effort. [What a great opportunity for young ones to experience first-hand at camp and take home life-altering applications from this exercise!]

The same goes for launching forth in spiritual commitment.  You will never lose, always gain.  And the voyage from sense to Soul brings new discoveries around every corner.

Mrs. Eddy writes in citation S-9: "Detach sense from the body, or matter, which is only a form of human belief, and you may learn the meaning of God, or good, and the nature of the immutable and immortal.  Breaking away from the mutations of time and sense, you will neither lose the solid objects and ends of life nor your own identity."

Section 3: [Learn how] "Soul rebukes sense" as when Jesus healed a paralyzed man.
In Matthew Chapter 9 (B-12) we read of Jesus' healing of a paralyzed man.  In the healing Jesus seems to offend the local authorities that were like lawyers, government ministers, or judges, (the Scribes).  Jesus had told the man his sins were forgiven.  The Scribes took exception to that and murmured, "This man blasphemeth."  The Jews had a very limited view as to how sins were forgiven and who could do it, and it often involved sacrifice.  And the Jews also held a belief that ill health was often the result of sin.  So the sick were often judged or thought of as sinners.

What a powerful example Jesus gave that the "Word was indeed made flesh and dwelt among us."  God's word was no longer relegated to ceremony and ritual but actually effected a practical change in this man's life. 

(B-11) quotes from John 1:14, "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth."

In Jesus initial greetings to this man, "Son, be of good cheer;" was the Master addressing a state of depression with a positive, loving affirmation, "Son, be happy!"  And if there were thoughts or actions that actually might be thought of as sinful did Jesus give this man reason to rise up to a new level of thought and action? [See Cobbey Crisler P.S. on Matthew 9:2-8, the healing value of good cheer and forgiveness.]

The following version of these verses is from an 1862 Bible translation by Robert Young.  It was called "Literal Translation" because it was a strictly literal translation of the original Hebrew and Greek texts.  Young maintained each tense and form as it was used in the original documents. His concept was that if the translator gives a present tense when the original gave a past tense the meaning could be altered. 

In this light I find verses 6 and 7 come over with a present tense, active, something has happened in thought—a sort of feeling [of having risen in thought]!

YLT, Matthew 9, "But that ye may know that the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins–(then saith he to the paralytic)–'having risen, take up thy couch, and go to thy house.'  And he, having risen, went to his house,"  (

All the citations from Science and Health are great for outlining how to rise up from a sick bed or help those who are willing to rise.  But I just love how Young's word choice gives the feeling that the paralyzed man had risen in his thought!

Mrs. Eddy writes in citation S-15: "When the sick or the sinning awake to realize their need of what they have not, they will be receptive of divine Science, which gravitates towards Soul and away from material sense, removes thought from the body, and elevates even mortal mind to the contemplation of something better than disease or sin."

Obviously Mrs. Eddy was inspired by this healing.  When she was faced with a life-threatening injury it is this experience that she at one point identifies as her inspiration.  This is how she describes her experience in her book, Miscellaneous Writings:

"On the third day thereafter, I called for my Bible, and opened it at Matthew, 9:2 [And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.(King James Bible) ]. As I read, the healing Truth dawned upon my sense; and the result was that I arose, dressed myself, and ever after was in better health than I had before enjoyed. That short experience included a glimpse of the great fact that I have since tried to make plain to others, namely, Life in and of Spirit; this Life being the sole reality of existence."   (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 24)

The result of Mrs. Eddy's healing was her discovery of what she termed "Christian Science".   The discovery of this universal, impartial Science of Soul handles effectively all sectarianism, dogmatism, or pride of denomination.  As she writes, "God is universal; confined to no spot, defined by no dogma, appropriated by no sect. Not more to one than to all, is God demonstrable as divine Life, Truth, and Love; and His people are they that reflect Him — that reflect Love" (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 150).

Section 4: When the world asks for matter, give what you’ve got, Soul!
Are you being asked by a hungering, hurting world to give something?  Acts 3 (B-17) tells a story of a crippled man asking for alms, begging for money.  He saw two of Jesus' disciples and reached out to them, "asked an alms."  Peter responded that he did not have any money to give, but he would give what he had!  And did he ever deliver..:

 "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."

We read that Peter took the man by the right hand, "and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.  And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking and leaping, and praising God." (B-17)

The Science and Health citations tell how we too can give God the glory by sharing what we have been given.  These citations can instil in our prayers the authority we saw displayed by Peter.  And remember Peter responded with compassion and authority even though he seemed to have failed the Master at the time of the crucifixion.  But Peter had been willing to "rise up" to a new sense of self identity.  Peter did not bury himself with the Master; he rose through the Master's love, example, and instructions 

You and I can do likewise. If you feel a hesitancy to respond like Peter, a false humility that would tempt you to hold back your effective, healing, prayer, then give God the glory and share what you have.

Section 5: You are so beautiful as Soul's reflection.
This section is a powerful wrap-up to a powerful lesson, a call to lift our thought to the beautiful reflection of Soul all around, including ourselves.

In Citation B-21  the prophet Isaiah writes, "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God ; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe or righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels."

In Science and Health, page 247, Mrs. Eddy writes, "Immortality, exempt from age or decay, has a glory of its own, — the radiance of Soul.   

"Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and refects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color.

"The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul, to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the unchanging calm of glorious freedom of spiritual harmony." (S-26)

When I consider this concept of real beauty I cannot help but think of the healing of a long time Christian Science practitioner in England, Doris Henty, C.S.  Since moving to Europe and visiting England often I have gotten to know many people healed through Doris' work.  One close friend was saved in a moment from what appeared to be life-threatening pneumonia.  He was only four; shortly after "Aunt Dotty" was called he sat up in the hospital bed, looking out through the oxygen tent, and said, "What are you all doing out there."  He was completely well.

When Doris' family was first introduced to Christian Science many of them were extremely sick and Doris was not expected to live very long.  When the book, Science and Health, found her family it changed their lives forever.  After this transformation, Doris dedicated herself to the healing ministry of Christian Science.  I here share an excerpt from the Foreword of the book that has compiled many of Doris’ talks and articles.  Mrs. Henty's book is published by Mulberry Press, Carmel California.

From Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science of Doris Dufour Henty C.S:
The Foreword to the book was written by Doris Henty’s sister.

"It must have been about the year 1910 that Christian Science was first introduced to our family; I know Mother was disappointed that she had just missed seeing Mrs. Eddy. Certainly no family could have been more in need of the truth.  Our home was a "hospital ship."  We had never known what it was to see Mother well.  She had no strength; her days were spent lying on a couch and no medicines had helped.  My brother Ronald had consumption—it was hereditary—and it was thought a miracle that he had reached the age of fourteen, even though he had not been able to attend school.  My father suffered from liver complaint and periodic attacks of migraine.  And my sister Doris—Doll, as we called her—was a shocking sight.  She had had multiple operations on her face and head for carious bones.  Her face was constantly bandaged, and a nurse was in attendance to do this.  One side of her face was paralysed; her mouth was at an angle and one eye was shut.  The surgeons said they could do no more for her as the facial nerve was severed, but they offered the scant comfort that, before long, she would know no more as the disease would reach her brain.

"One day a friend came to see my father at the mill which he ran.  To the question "How are you?" my father replied as usual, "Just fair."  On hearing this, the friend asked if he could tell my father about his "faith," which had changed his life.  My father agreed with some reluctance, as he held office in the Wesleyan church, and he learned that his friend's faith was Christian Science.  The friend lent my father a copy of Mrs. Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, setting a time limit of two weeks for its return.  However, when my father got home with it, Mother said, "We don't want any of those newfangled ideas," and the book was put on the piano, where it remained unopened until it was returned a fortnight later. I can see it there to this day!

"A little later my father visited Manchester; and, feeling he had perhaps been a little discourteous about the book, he went to a Christian Science Reading Room and purchased a copy of Science and Health. One day shortly after that, Mother was feeling particularly weak. She had been reading the Bible and then turned to Science and Health, and her eyes fell on the words (page 135), "There is today danger of repeating the offence of the Jews by limiting the Holy One of Israel and asking: `Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?´ What cannot God do?"  She jumped up, went into the kitchen, and started giving orders.  My father returned home for lunch, saw Mother was up and about, and asked what had happened.  Mother answered, using a Yorkshire expression, "I've been reading the book: I feel made over again."  Father said, "Do be careful."  But Mother replied, "I know what I am doing.  I'm all right."

"Shortly after that, Mother went into the schoolroom and said to Ronald and Doll, "There's no need to be ill any more.  I have found a book that tells us that Life is spelt with a capital L, and what we thought was life was just a mistake.  I wish I had known about this before."  Ronald began to improve at once and soon attended school.  He had a long and active life before he passed on at the age of ninety years.  My mother said to Doll, "Now we have heard of Christian Science, we shall not take you to Manchester (where the specialist was) anymore."  Nor were there any more bandages.

"My parents began to attend church services some miles away.  One day, my father had a severe attack of migraine and retired to bed.  My mother read Science and Health for a short time and then went to him and said, "Get up: you are healed!"  He was.  Doris also began to improve, even though there was at that time no practitioner locally.  She soon started to attend school, which was a great step, and one day, not long after, she suddenly said to the schoolmistress, "I can feel my face!"  Feeling had indeed come to her face for the first time.  Father took Doll to the specialist in Manchester, who looked at her and said, "The age of miracles is not over.  The nerve has joined."

"It was about this time that, as Doll recalled, two things happened.  She made contact with James Neal in Boston.  He had been in Mrs. Eddy's last Class and was the one whom Mrs. Eddy had referred to as the "perfect practitioner."  She asked him what time he worked for her each day so that she could be working too!  Then one day, she read in a local paper that a cousin had won a beauty competition.  Rather sadly she said, "I could never do that," but then she added, "But I have the beauty of holiness."  She went to her schoolroom and all morning she thought about the beauty of holiness.  At lunchtime, when she came down, Mother exclaimed, "Doll, have you seen your face?"  Doris replied, "God cannot see a mortal face: He can only see the beauty of holiness."  By the evening, her whole face had moved round to a normal angle."

The "beauty of holiness," the radiance of Soul, the Light and Glory of Soul, God fill all space.  From a distant comet to a next door neighbor's house the Glory and Light of Soul enlightens the universe. 

As I thought of humanity's first visit to a comet via Rosetta's lander touching down on Comet 67P, I was reminded of the article linked below from the Christian Science Monitor when the Spacecraft Voyager was making its way out of our solar system, 

Voyager 1 and looking out from the stars
A Christian Science perspective.
By Mary Bothwell SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

"Mary Baker Eddy taught that as one gains a better understanding of God, the burdens and limitations of the physical world will be relieved, demonstrating the supremacy of God in every human situation. She felt that an increase in spiritual understanding is directly related to one’s human progress. She wrote that progressive human thought is a harbinger of spiritual understanding. Humankind will actually experience the results of this improved thought.

At the end of several pages of her book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” where she explains these ideas, she gives examples of how we will see these improvements, one of which is, “The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars, – he will look out from them upon the universe…” (p. 125). ( )

As I think about the Voyager 1 spacecraft leaving our solar system, but still returning valuable scientific data to Earth, perhaps humankind is beginning to lose its geocentricity and look out from the stars. What freedom!"

[Cobbey Crisler P.S. on Matthew 9:2-8, the healing value of good cheer and forgiveness:
“Verse 2, Chapter 9: ‘We have a man in bed with the palsy.”  Can you imagine Jesus going by a man who had been that long without moving and telling him to “be of good cheer”? But there’s nothing Jesus said that he didn’t discern was needed.  What that man needed, more than physical movement, was to be of good cheer. Jesus said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.”  Jesus knew at a glance the whole history of a case.”
(Verse 3). The scribes say, “This man blasphemes.” In order to get the healing, he has to eliminate the theological obstruction to healing first.
(Verse 5). He says, “What is easier? To say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk?”
(Verse 6). “Because the Son of man does have power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy), Arise, take up thy bed, and he goes.” Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master: A Tax Collector’s Report, p. 42-43]

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