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for July 12, 2020

Our amazing, full staff of best-yet counselors and CITs completed a two-week quarantine of quality precamp training and certifications as well as a great Week 1 of ONLINE Camp for 3rd session. They are ready to give their all for the next week of Specialty Camps for Week 2 of 3rd Session. They pour out their long-distance love & spiritual sense to Online campers—including Virtual Musical Theater campers! Click HERE for program descriptions. We can’t wait to entertain over 125 campers ONLINE from 1st grade thru 12th, from coast to coast and from 7 different countries—BUT THERE’S ROOM FOR A FEW MORE before we close enrollment on Sunday (7/12)! Click to enroll and Apply to The Campership Fund as needed. And, if the lack of a device or bandwidth seems to be an issue, you are hereby invited to join lead donors to help us bridge the so-called “digital divide.”

GEM#1: Pray a nothing-is-impossible prayer— like Moses’ “Rea Sea Plea” (underlined below) in Flavius Josephus history account of Moses’ prayer when trapped by the Egyptians at the Red Sea. As Mary Baker Eddy puts it: “Impossibilities never occur.” (SH p. 245:27)

Exodus 14 (citation B2 in this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson):


WHEN Moses had said this, he led them to the sea, while the Egyptians looked on; for they were within sight. Now these were so distressed by the toil of their pursuit, that they thought proper to put off fighting till the next day. But when Moses was come to the sea-shore, he took his rod, and made supplication to God, and called upon him to be their helper and assistant; and said "Thou art not ignorant, O Lord, that it is beyond human strength and human contrivance to avoid the difficulties we are now under; but it must be thy work altogether to procure deliverance to this army, which has left Egypt at thy appointment. We despair of any other assistance or contrivance, and have recourse only to that hope we have in thee; and if there be any method that can promise us an escape by thy providence, we look up to thee for it. And let it come quickly, and manifest thy power to us; and do thou raise up this people unto good courage and hope of deliverance, who are deeply sunk into a disconsolate state of mind. We are in a helpless place, but still it is a place that thou possessest; still the sea is thine, the mountains also that enclose us are thine; so that these mountains will open themselves if thou commandest them, and the sea also, if thou commandest it, will become dry land. Nay, we might escape by a flight through the air, if thou shouldst determine we should have that way of salvation." [Click or paste URL above to see more in the rest of CHAPTER 16]

GEM#4: Ken Cooper poem on the Christ being God expressed everywhere, all the time!
Matthew 3:13-17 (B6)

“The Word, the voice from heaven, says to all men “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. This Sonship was best expressed in Jesus Christ, our Master and Saviour.

Jesus said to his disciples “if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” [Matt.16:24]. When we metaphysically eat his bread and drink his wine, this is our true commitment to follow his example. He also said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” His example is complete, his humility absolute, and the journey we have in following him has this eternal promise “Come and dine”, experience the blessings of Truth and Love, be God expressed. Listen to the poem "This Is my Beloved Son":

The words in pdf versions are attached to CedarS online Met as upper right Downloads.

GEM#5: On Jesus letting God’s will be done in the Garden of Gethsemane and always!

[Introduction to a poem by Ken Cooper on Bible citation B12, Matthew 26:36-45]

When we “trust” we “let”, and complete trust is the summit of self-abnegation, the humility which Jesus had, which acknowledges the presence of God as absolute and all in our lives. The Psalmist writes “ If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” Psalms 139:9-10.

Our journey is one we take together. It may well contain challenges, but God is always there, holding us safe. Letting go of material sense frees us to experience the divine, and demonstrate true sonship.

So, we can just let, live, and let Love be expressed! Whether in Genesaret, Gethsemane, wherever we are, God is in that place, and our journey is “big with blessings”. Listen to the poem "Just Let":

The words in pdf versions are attached to CedarS online Met as upper right Downloads.

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