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Metaphysical Application Ideas for The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

Is the Universe, including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 13-19, 2021

by Kathy Fitzer of Lake St. Louis, MO

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The answer to the question posed this week depends on whether we are viewing things from a material or a spiritual perspective.  And what definition of evolve we are basing that perspective on.  A modern dictionary defines the verb as “to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution.” This could be the mortal model that starts from the premise of limited, random parts coming together and developing — or changing into something else. This approach involves elements of chance, mutation, and conflict along the way. But, the idea of developing could also be thought of in terms of something coming into view.  With film photography, the image is on the film, but must be put in a solution until it gradually emerges. That is closer to a spiritual perspective of creation. And it goes along with a definition from Webster’s 1828 dictionary, which would have been in use during the time Science and Health was written. It defines evolved as “unfolded, opened, expanded, emitted.”  Now, we’re starting with a whole — completeness — that takes shape as it comes into view, but to which nothing can be added, subtracted, or changed. That is the spiritual universe, or Kingdom of God, in which all things have always dwelt — including man — and which does come into view as we understand more about God’s nature and how that nature is expressed in man and in all things real. The other thing about film development is that there is also a need to use a second bath called a “fixer”, or the image will fade away. I was especially struck by that.  We’ve got to hold on to the spiritual view as it emerges by understanding its source to be unchanging Mind!  There is no room for decline in the realm of unfoldment and expansion. How freeing!  How healing!

GOLDEN TEXT: God has known all of creation to be complete from eternity. Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines eternity as “in continuance without beginning or end.” This Golden Text verse from Acts – “Known to God from eternity are all His works” – was part of Paul’s argument against requiring Gentiles to be circumcised before becoming Christians.  Peter and Paul understood that there has never been a need to earn God’s love.

God has known and loved and accepted each of His/Her children forever, and reveals Christ (the ideal man) to all! Health, joy, prosperity, strength, ability, stature, and recognition don’t belong to some, but not to others.  So, let’s claim that eternal dominion for ourselves and everyone else — no division, no hierarchy!  Spiritual perfection present, and unfolding in all!

RESPONSIVE READING: Because we generally use the term “beginning” to indicate the first in a series of things, there’s a temptation to think of God’s creation starting at some particular time and/or place.  But, we’re taught in Christian Science to dive deep and see what’s beneath the surface of the words in the spiritual record of creation that opens our Responsive Reading.  Taking a closer look at the Hebrew root of that word “beginning” we discover that it means the “chief” part, or first in terms of importance rather than time. Mary Baker Eddy, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, writes about this verse (Genesis 1:1), “The infinite has no beginning. This word beginning is employed to signify the only, — that is, the eternal verity and unity of God and man, including the universe” (p. 502:24–27).

As we approach this first chapter of Genesis from the standpoint of it being a description of the principle, choice and only creation that truly exists, we discover several things: (1) that God is the source of all there is (2) that light, and the illumination of thought, is instant with no delay; (3) that even when inspiration seems dim — like the darkness of night — and discouragement tries to sneak in, there is light present to rule both the day and the night; (4) man is the image, the likeness, of God and has been given dominion over thoughts that would try to swim around in thought (like the fish), dive bomb us (like birds), tempt us to ruminate (like cattle chewing cud), or creep in unnoticed (like creeping things); and (5) that God’s creation is finished, complete, and is very good — nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away.

The Responsive Reading closes with the psalmist reminding us to praise God (to applaud, magnify, and express gratitude) for all that He is and does— and by extending a very important invitation … “Come and see the works of God” (Ps. 66:5). The good is there and always has been.  God opens our eyes to see that ever-present good.  With joy, let’s accept the good and not be deterred from welcoming it in!


What do you see when you look around? Material stuff that can sometimes be good and sometimes bad? What if we were to look at the same picture, but shift our perspective and see, instead, the thoughts of Mind … the very shine (glory) of Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Truth and Principle, which are synonymous names for God?  What if instead of accepting the dangers, ills, and limitations associated with the world around, we were to “stand still and consider the wondrous works of God”?  As we quiet thought — refuse to let anything disturb us, regardless of appearances, we can give our full attention to what Mind has created (citation B4, Job 37:4). We can look at the sun, moon, and stars and see only evidence of the light and power of Mind.  Trees and mountains are the abundant expression of Mind’s stature, strength, shade, and flexibility.  People and animals are evidence of Mind’s intelligence and love.  There is no opposite to these qualities — no depletion or destructive elements — because there is nothing outside of Mind and its manifestation.  In reality every detail of creation is obedient to Mind, the Creator of all things (citation S2, 295:5-8).

Recently my Sunday School class was talking about perspective, and how we can change our view (and our experience) by shifting our focus.  We were applying this to staying focused on the one God rather than being fooled by graven images.  The idea applies just as well to shifting focus from the appearance of an unreliable material universe to the fact of the harmonious spiritual universe constituted of God’s thoughts.  Click in the DOWNLOAD file in the Met’s online version on Illustration: “A Duck’s beak OR a Rabbit’s ears?” You should be able to see in the same drawing a duck with its beak if you look in one direction, and a bunny with its ears if you look in the other.  The one disappears when the other comes into view.

The physical senses argue that good and bad can either co-exist or that there are two creations.  But, that’s where the Science of Christ (or Truth) comes in!  “Science reveals only one Mind, and this one shining by its own light and governing the universe, including man, in perfect harmony” (cit. S5, 510: 28). As we strive to translate the universe to be in accordance with Mind’s idea, we lose sight of the turmoil and see the light and intelligence that are elements of Mind. When we see anything other than good, we can shift our perspective. Then that which is not good disappears, and God’s creation appears!  This is possible, because nothing is too hard for Mind — or for us, as Mind’s expression! (cit. B1, Jer. 32:17)


So, the universe is actually not made up of material particles called atoms, but is constituted of Mind’s thoughts. All that exists is an expression of God’s power and understanding. (cit. B5, Jeremiah 10: 10, 12). And this power is Love. Love loves us — and all!  We dwell in Love and Love dwells in us! (cit. B7, I John 4: 6, 16) What’s special about that is that, as used here, dwell means “to stay (in a given place, state, relation, or expectancy).  Nothing and no one can fall from or drift away from being held by Love — safe in Love’s (Mind’s) spiritual universe!  That is the fact (the Truth) of things!!  As Mary Baker Eddy states, “Love, the divine Principle [origin, chief and only law], is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man” (cit. S7, 256: 7).

As much as the physical senses try to argue differently, logic says that Spirit and matter can’t exist in the same place.  The textbook of Christian Science is very specific: “Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illumining the universe with light.”  (cit. S10, 26:27) Beatific is to have the “power to bless or make happy, or the power to complete blissful enjoyment” (Webster 1828).  Although it is often thought that this beatific state can’t be realized until one leaves “this world”, the Science of Christ teaches that man (all people) “does not cross the barriers of time into the vast forever of Life, but he coexists with God and the universe.” (cit. S10, 26:27) This spiritual universe is always present.

We’re not stuck in a material universe now — waiting to be released into the spiritual one.  There is only one universe — God’s kingdom— the expression of Love.  When things aren’t going well — for ourselves, or others, or the world in general — we need to remember that Love and Mind are embracing all, and insist that no one can escape feeling God’s love!   As we do, the evidence must change.

I find the prayer for the Big Children an encouraging one: “Father-Mother good, lovingly, Thee I seek, — Patient, meek, In the way Thou hast, — Be it slow or fast, Up to Thee.” (Poems, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 69:8) Remember times that you have seen good prevail over evil — no matter how small — and refuse to be discouraged if you’re tempted to feel desperate or hopeless.  Together we can make a difference.  Let’s mentally lean in and know that Love is holding us all up in Mind’s universe — revealing spiritual reality!


Mind, the source of all things, being Love, could only create an abundance of good!  As Paul says, God “giveth to all life, and breath, and all things.” (cit. B8, Acts 17:24, 25) The psalmist observes that God is very great, is clothed with honor and majesty, is covered with light, stretches out the skies like a protective curtain, and permanently establishes the earth — which must mean far more than what we perceive as this one little planet (cit. B12, Psalms 104:1, 2, 5, 13). This expression of limitless goodness and power surely is sufficient to meet every need.

Moses demonstrated this fact while leading the Children of Israel through the wilderness. Everyone had gathered on a plane large enough for all to be together.  BUT, there was no water.  Ever been in a situation where everything seemed perfect except for one little (or not so little) detail?  Moses did what we should all do … listen for God’s solution.  In this case God told him to take the rod that he had previously used in Egypt to strike the Nile, turning the river to blood, and this time strike a rock.  Enough fresh water flowed from the rock to satisfy everyone’s thirst (cit. B10, Exodus 17:1, 3, 5, 6).

What’s the lesson for us here?  It occurs to me that first Moses didn’t panic, but went straight to God for direction.  He then listened and trustingly obeyed.  But, also, he was reminded of a previous time when he had received direction with good results. The psalmist referred to Moses’ experience in Psalm 78, inspiring his contemporaries through historical evidence (cit. B13, Psalms 78:15, 20). It is also helpful for us to remember previous blessings and healings to give us confidence as we go forward and possibly face what appear to be more serious challenges. Big or small, it’s the same powerless lie — suggesting that God’s universe could be less than harmonious.  Not true!  We tend to look at some bigger demonstrations of God’s power as “miracles”. But, Mary Baker Eddy is clear … “The miracle introduces no disorder, but unfolds the primal order, establishing the Science of God’s unchangeable law.  Spiritual evolution [that is unfoldment] alone is worthy of the exercise of divine power” (cit. S13, 134:31).


Are you ever tempted to wonder where “little ole you” fits into this giant universe?  Do we really matter in this realm of infinitude? Isn’t that even one of the arguments used for choosing suicide … no one will miss me? But, each one is a vital part of the whole — just as each note and number are vital to the whole of music and math. The great thing about Mind is that Mind is “omnipotent wisdom” who knows (and loves) all things — all ideas!  This Mind made man “to have dominion over the works of [His] hands; putting “all things under his feet” (cit. B16, Psalm 8:1, 3,4,6).

Jesus walked on the water … literally putting the sea under his feet (cit. B17, John 6:3, 16-21).  But, it seems to me that the symbolism of this demonstration of divine power is more important than the physical achievement, or even the quieting of a storm, or the overcoming of time by immediately getting to the other side of the lake.  To me, it symbolizes that we can’t be swallowed up by whatever would try to engulf us … fear of anything, overwhelming pressures, feeling drowned in debt, conflict, or debilitating disease.

Whatever storm we seem to be facing, we can learn from Jesus’s example.  He presented Christ, “the indestructible man, whom Spirit creates, constitutes, and governs.  Christ illustrates that blending with God, his divine Principle, which gives man dominion over all the earth.” (cit. S17, 316:12, 20). That man is each one of us!!

No matter what seems to be happening that would threaten to throw us off our game, “SCIENCE (the unshakable reality of being), still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.” (cit. S21, 306:25). We must never forget that — but, even if we do sometimes forget … it remains the fact and will be revealed!!  We coexist with God — indissolubly entwined with Love.


We must remember that we are God’s children with no mortal heritage.  That seems especially important to remember when it seems we’ve inherited things from our parents that are less than desirable … or seem scarred by something that happened to us as children.  But, it is equally important to reject that our good has come from a human source.

All good comes from God — although it is often expressed humanly.  Jesus understood so well that God was his Father, and this enabled him to do the work he did.  He “beheld the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.”  He saw “God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick” (cit. S24, 476:32-5).

This section is chock full of very clear ideas that expand on how we can see the spiritual universe as Jesus did, and how this seeing heals.  It debunks heredity and helps us understand that to gain a sense of health we simply (even if it doesn’t always seem easy) need to lose all sense of sin and disease by understanding that “nothing inharmonious can enter being, for Life is God” (cits. S25, 69:2-5 and S26, 228:3).

Jesus illustrated this principle by healing the blind man and correcting the false belief that the blindness was the result either of the man’s sins or of his parents. (cit. B20, John 9:1-7) It was believed that babies could sin even before coming on the scene.  Jesus saw the innocence of both the parents and the man, leaving him to express the completeness that was his as the heir of God!

We have to be careful when we are approaching healing that we pray to have the erroneous belief uncovered without looking for a material cause.  It is tempting to think that we must have done or thought something so wrong that we are now suffering for it … or that our parents didn’t correct a false belief when we were children, and now we’re stuck.  Wrong!  God has a purpose for each one of us and wants us to live full and active lives in order to express the fullness of the life that God has bestowed on us.

I loved this comment from this week’s Bible Lens, quoting a source as saying about this story, “Man’s need gives God’s grace its opportunity.”  So, let’s not bemoan challenges that come our way … or look for a material cause.  Instead, let’s stick to the fact that we are each God’s beloved children for which God has a purpose. And Love frees us to fulfill that purpose.  We just need to shift our perspective and accept God’s gracious gift of dominion!


The message is summed up here … divine Principle (Spirit, Mind, Love, Life) is the source of all things.  The universe, including man, expresses the power and might of the one God that reigns over all and has made all things good, like God.  The kingdom of God — in which is all life — endures forever (cit. B25, Psalm 145:5, 10, 13). It can’t be polluted or destroyed, be sick, or die.  Divine Science (the law of God) governs everything!  And Love governs in a way that produces health and blessing for all.  This same Love shines through each individual making it natural for all to express freedom, charity, good-will, brotherhood, responsibility, and un-selfed action in all things.

Granted, this doesn’t appear to be the present state of the universe — far from it.  But, the need is not to wring our hands in despair, but to change our perspective. The belief of a fragile, downward spiraling, material universe is “a misapprehension of existence”.  As we realize that, “the spiritual and divine Principle of man dawns upon human thought” and we awaken to what has always been — “a universe of Spirit” … “peopled with spiritual beings, and its government … divine Science” (cits. S30, 191:8-13 and S31: 264:32-15). When you think “spiritual” just think in terms of thoughts governed by Mind — rather than vulnerable, material things. Gaining this new understanding and spiritual perspective will heal everything from political disunity and climate issues to poverty, violence, and disease.

Mary Baker Eddy says, “as mortals drop off their mental swaddling-clothes, thought expands into expression.”  (cit. S29, 255:1-6)  Very young babies find comfort in being wrapped up tight.  But, as they become more aware of their surroundings and all there is to explore and do, they need to be released.  Are we unconsciously content to be swaddled (wrapped up and contained) in the perceived comforts of matter — or the belief that a material world is as good as it gets and just needs to be dealt with?  Time to break out!!!  Change your perspective and experience true freedom in the spiritual universe of Mind’s ideas that are present here and now, and are being revealed!

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