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Shake off the dust of material creation to reveal the Christ-man as the spiritually true creation.

Metaphysical application ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

Adam and Fallen Man
for the week ending November 8, 2020

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO 314-406-0041

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While many Christians do regard the story of creation found in Genesis 2 as authentic, most people see it as allegorical. Why bother to study an allegory twice a year in our series of Christian Science Bible lessons? Over the years of studying this myth, I've found that it really addresses the issues of material existence, its limitations, failures, sins, with an amazing thoroughness for such a short account! At the root of the story, however, is the suggestion that God put life or being, into matter. God then made that matter to be self-creating, and abandoned it to revolve "…in an orbit of his own." (Science and Health p.522:3, citation S10)

However, Mary Baker Eddy tells us "Existence, separate from divinity, Science explains as impossible." (citation S10 again). It may be helpful to think about this in comparison to the first record of creation in Genesis 1, in which man is made in God's image. An "image" or "likeness", cannot exist separate from its creator.

Like a reflection, an image relies upon the source for manifestation. Still, it seems a tall order to really accept the idea that man is a purely spiritual creation. "Do you not hear from all mankind of the imperfect model?" (SH p. 248:19-20, 25-26, cit. S11). Jesus' life gives us the "remedy" for this myth of matter as our being. In following his spiritual path of healing and Scientific living, we will begin to see the "dust" of this myth of life in matter fall away. More and more, we will experience the freedom and dominion of spiritual being.

In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy clarifies her use of the word "soul". She writes, "The proper use of the word soul can always be gained by using the word God, where the deific meaning is required. In other cases, use the word sense, and you will have the scientific signification. As used in Christian Science, Soul is properly the synonym of Spirit, or God; but out of Science, soul is identical with sense, with material sensation." (SH 486:6) This is helpful guidance when looking at our Golden Text this week from Psalm 119:12, 25.

When the Psalmist tells us that his "soul clings to the dust;", he is telling us that he is struggling with this sinful, material sense of life in matter. Less poetically, we might say it like this: "I am clinging to what I see, feel, hear…I cannot seem to break free of this burden of believing that life is essentially limited and material." The next little sentence is key. The Psalmist says: “Revive me according to Your word." While the "word" and Christ are not synonymous, they are definitely linked! They are often found in conjunction with one another in both the Bible and in Mary Baker Eddy's writings. In a letter to a clergyman in her collection First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, Mary Baker Eddy says: "St. John found Christ, Truth, in the Word which is God." So, our Golden Text is telling us that our revitalized sense of being, living, is found in the essence of the word of God, best embodied by Christ Jesus. We can rise to our true spiritual dominion by following the model that Jesus gave us.

The Responsive Reading sings to us of how we can be lifted out of the mourning, sinful, poverty-stricken sense of man and creation, and find dancing and rejoicing, right here and now. Through this spiritual sense of true creation, we are given freedom from the limitations of life in matter.

Section 1: Christ illustrates man of dominion.

In her exegesis on Genesis in Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy tells us,"The word beginning is employed to signify the only, —that is, the eternal verity and unity of God and man, including the universe." (SH 502: 24-27) This goes to the fact that a reflection or image can only exist as it is linked with its source. The true man must reflect the wholeness and perfection of that first, and only, “very good", creation. We are instructed to "…look away from the opposite supposition that man is created materially, and turn our gaze to the spiritual record of creation…". (SH 502: 24-27, cit. S5) Turning our gaze in the right direction is a great start. Walking in the path of Christ Jesus by acknowledging man's wholeness and healing whatever disturbs us in our human experience, is the way to find and feel our dominion on a more regular basis.

Section 2: Don't attribute a spiritual origin to matter.

In citation B4 from Galatians 3:3, Paul asks "having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?" What a great question! If we remember that "perfect" means complete or whole, we can see this as Paul taking a jab at the second account of Genesis creation. In the first account man is made complete, needing nothing. The second account is the story of lack. First it needs a man to make it "whole", then it needs a woman. It proceeds from there, needing what is always out of reach, (even a forbidden apple to attain "wisdom"), and finally, this entirely "incomplete" creation is banished from the kingdom altogether! After all, why would such an imperfect creation belong in the kingdom of God?

A flawed creation could not be the outcome of the all-knowing, all powerful, all good and ever-present God. And, this is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy tells us in citation S10 when she says that "The Science of the first record proves the falsity of the second. If one is true, the other is false, for they are antagonistic." (SH 522:3)

No matter that in citation S11 we "hear from all mankind of the imperfect model…" (SH 248:19), we can demonstrate the wholeness of the first and spiritual creation, to some degree, each day as we go about our lives. For example, if we are feeling stressed about something that is due, or about what we have to accomplish in an hour, a day, or a week, we can take a moment to acknowledge the infinitude of our Creator, divine Mind, whose creation must express all discernment, understanding, comprehension, timing, ability, and so on. We can really let that settle into our consciousness, closing our eyes and shutting off our phones, opening our thought to the atmosphere of wisdom, peace, clarity, with which Mind surrounds Her creation. In this way we are recognizing the supremacy, the "onliness" of Mind as the source. We are closing off the suggestion that we have a separate, material mind that is a limited source of our intelligence and ability. In other words, we are rejecting the myth of a spiritual source for matter.

Section 3: When we believe in a material origin, we tend to believe the serpent's lies.

Think about it. If we start from a standpoint of incompleteness, we are spending our days trying to accumulate whatever makes us "whole". Whether this is money, spouses, families, homes, cars, success, degrees, grades—we all know in our heart of hearts that none of these things lead to permanent peace or happiness. This is because we are working to "complete" the entirely imperfect-able, material, so-called, creation.

A materially incomplete and suppositional creation will always argue for itself. It does this by parading as our own thought. If we were really arguing with a talking snake it would not be much of a conversation—perhaps a moment of incredulous wonder that a snake was talking to us—but we certainly wouldn't take it seriously. No more should we take seriously the doubts and fears that stem from the belief that we originate in matter.

For many years I was unable to speak in public, or perform music in public with any kind of freedom or joy. I even had a couple of performances on instruments where I so completely lost self-control that I was unable to recover, and sat out the performance in misery and embarrassment. I had performed freely as a child in several musicals, but somewhere about high school it became a different experience for me. As I worked my way through college, majoring in music, I found that I had to dig into the source of this challenge and fix this discomfort. As I prayed about it, it seemed to me that at the center of the difficulty was an all-too-material sense of a self that was separate from God.

As I welcomed the wholeness that is mine because it is God's and I reflect it, I gradually found more and more freedom and joy in performing and speaking in public. Today, all that I share in this way, is, to me, only an expression of God, never of "me". When I feel any kind of nervousness, I know it is just that serpent suggestion that I have a material origin separate from God—the lie that I am lacking, incomplete, unworthy. My ability and completeness reside in God, not in self!

Section 4: Christ Jesus is our "remedy for Adam", our recipe for freedom!

In a sense this section is the affirmation in opposition to the last section's denial. Accepting that we are the Christ-man frees us from the whispered, (or shouted), lies of the serpent. When we are clear that God's "standard of perfection" (SH 470:16, cit. S18) could only be in line with Genesis 1 completeness, we are well on our way to a successful healing treatment in Christian Science.

I particularly love the idea in citation B12 (Luke 2:40), that Jesus' growth was described in such wholly spiritual terms, no physical markers of maturity, no intellectual benchmarks, no difficult toddler or teen years. We can consider this as another statement of man's completeness or wholeness, not developing in stages. Mary Baker Eddy is particularly clear about this in her definition of "Children" in the Glossary of Science and Health. There she speaks of children as "…God's thoughts, not in embryo, but in maturity;" (SH 583:2-3)

Mary Baker Eddy’s recipe for freedom is clear in citation S20, "The admission to one's self that man is God's own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea." (SH 90:24-25) This is our remedy for Adam, our recipe for freedom!

Section 5: Oneness with God reveals dominion.

Jesus is clear in this section that man is one with God. He demonstrated this in his preaching, teaching, and healing. In particular in this section we have Mary Baker Eddy quoting Jesus' statement that the kingdom of God is within us. I had never quite looked at that kingdom within as a measure of oneness with God, though it seems obvious now! How can God's kingdom be within us if we are not one with God?

Having God’s kingdom within is a far cry from being cast out of heaven, separated from good, safety, infinite Life. From the point where we are acknowledging and accepting that this spiritual kingdom does reside within us, we find that citation S24 is true, and that it is indeed "…possible, — yea, it is the duty and privilege of every child, man, and woman—to follow in some degree the example of the Master by the demonstration of Truth and Life, of health and holiness." Accepting our spiritual origin makes us Christ-like healers.

Section 6: Man's true being is in Life/God.

Once again, we are given an example of how it is that accepting our spiritual, true, origin, can free us from the limitations of believing that we live in matter—are governed by matter. Matter does not actually make the rules. Spirit is not subject to the apparent laws of matter. We have many Biblical examples of this fact – from making an axe head float, to walking on water, to rising from death. And, when we feel particularly beset by the "rules" of matter, we are not left to "pull ourselves up by the bootstraps"! Rather, it is when we leave that dream and "Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good." (italics added, SH 393:12, cit. S28). And, we surely should “rise in the strength of Spirit to resist” and awaken from the dream of a material creation because it certainly is "unlike good"…

Section 7: As God's offspring, we start from Spirit—not from matter or dust. (SH 267:3-5, cit. S32)

Perhaps it's a bit much to take this analogy so far, but I love Jesus’ command in Matthew10:14 B17 to "shake off the dust of your feet." Leave behind that material, dust-model of creation. Brush off that which obscures the clarity and simplicity that is in the Christ-man. Get rid of any and all that would slow your progress, weigh you down, trip you up, handcuff your wholeness and besmudge your perfection. We can wholeheartedly accept and appreciate the true origin of man and enjoy the continuous unfoldment of our completeness, perfection, dominion, and freedom. Our "beginning"— our "only"— is firmly in the spiritual kingdom of heaven —ever at hand and within each of us.

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