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Seek Happiness in Soul to Find Majestic Freedom, Infinite Resources, Multiplied Joy, Dissolved Limits, …

Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Soul” by Kathy Fitzer, C.S. of St. Louis, MO

Editor’s Note: The following background information and application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for this week are offered primarily to help CedarS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp!   You can sign up free to have these mets emailed to you in English by Monday or in French or Spanish by Wednesday: CHECK FOR A FREE TRANSLATION of this weekly “met” offered in FRENCH by Pascal Bujard of Switzerland AND now in SPANISH by Ana Arcioni of Spain.

Imagine the most magnificent, the grandest, the most beautiful setting you’ve ever seen.  Imagine being in the presence of a strength, boldness, might, beauty, and power that is unbeatable and unsurpassable, yet infinitely tender and mild.  Imagine living in the safety and majesty and might of this tender presence!  Imagine a selfhood that is formed and governed by this tender might, and thus free from limitation!  Now stop imagining and realize that this is reality!  Understanding Soul to be your abiding place, you are free to express the might, majesty, beauty, and grandeur of Soul – right here, right now, in everything you do!  You, and the whole world, are safe in God’s holy sanctuary of Soul.


Golden Text:  Soul Identified

Soul (God) is presented here as a supreme power attended by excellency and magnificence, with an abiding place of strength, boldness, beauty and majesty.  Wow!


Responsive Reading:  Our Radiant Relationship to Soul

Every bit of good we have comes from our eternal relationship to Soul! As we acknowledge and praise the greatness of Soul, we give our consent for a false sense of selfhood to be redeemed (changed for the better; converted into something of value – Webster).  Notice the descriptions of God as covered in light (dressed up in sunshine – The Message) and as a strong habitation where we (thought) can always resort (retreat).  When life starts pressing in on you, run off to God’s spa – the consciousness of Soul.  And then take your refreshed sense with you!  As we go forth, singing God’s praises, we are comforted, we move in God’s strength, and our lives bear witness to Soul’s greatness.


Section I:  Limitless Light Reveals Limitless Liberty

Soul is Spirit.  Man expresses Soul.  The general belief is that soul is something IN man.  But, Soul is our substance, our Life and our intelligence.  And this substance, Life, and intelligence is NEVER in matter.  Our identity is never defined by or stuck in a limited form. (S-6)  Notice how many times light is referred to in this section.  Light and image can’t be confined to a material form, or ever be limited.  We are constantly presented with the suggestion that darkness (evil) is as real and powerful as light (good).  If we accept darkness as reality, we are held captive by it.  We sacrifice liberty!  But, according to Genesis 1, the basis of creation is light – separated from darkness. (B-2)  Only when light is present, can you see clearly (and in full color) what has always been.  The eternal unfolding of Life as immortality (with no dead-ends) is apparent! (S-1)  As we become aware of God’s gifts, we become the happy doers of God’s work. (B-4)  Spiritual sense is required in order to perceive this splendor that brings liberation from darkness and confusion.  (B-3&5 and S-3)  The report of material sense only gives a cloudy impression.  It’s like looking through a veil; everything is darkened and distorted.  Starting from the basis of a material man and universe, it is impossible to really understand our unlimited relationship to God, Spirit.  But Christian Science (the Science of being) explains the importance of starting with the fact that the real man (the only real you) is governed by Soul (Mind) – not by sense (the so-called laws of matter.) (S-4&5)  You trust other forms of science, trust Christian Science and its revelation of the limitless liberty of Soul that is forever yours!


Section II:  Say What You Will – LET Soul be Expressed!

Ever feel insecure about talking in front of a group?  You’re not alone.   But, doesn’t that insecurity come from the belief that it is YOU that is doing the talking – a fear that you’ll forget what you were going to say, or not know enough to carry on an intelligent conversation?  The solution lies in understanding your relation to Soul!  You are the EXPRESSION of infinite Mind – God.  Take to heart the promises in the Bible citations 6&7.  These aren’t empty promises.  Moses fully believed that he couldn’t lead the children of Israel because he couldn’t speak clearly.  God didn’t buy that excuse!  (B-9)  How many times do we make excuses for why we can’t do things?  When all we need is to sincerely pray to LET what we say and what we think be acceptable to God and recognize God as our strength and our redeemer (our rescuer). (B-10)  It comes back to knowing our relationship to God – to Soul – accepting that we can HEAR God speak to us and respond. (S-1)  If we think we are out there on our own, there is reason to be afraid.  But if Mind is our Soul – our identity – then we can’t escape the intelligence of Mind and we have nothing to be concerned about!  (S-8)  Mind INCLUDES every right idea, so WE include and can rightly express every right idea. (S-9)  So, how do we experience this freedom of expression?  It will happen IN PROPORTION as we really understand our relationship to God.  (S-11)  God is the doer.  We are the evidence of what God is doing!  We are each an individual expression of Soul.  A sunset or a bird’s song expresses the beauty of the universe.  Soul is not IN us any more than beauty is IN the sunset or the song.  Our motive for everything we do should be to simply express God – never to impress!  That right motive will lead to a freedom of speech and action beyond what we could ever imagine doing on our own!  (S-10)


Section III:  There’s Nothing You Can’t Do – Exercise your God-given Authority!

Not only is our speaking ability an expression of God, but so is our physical doing ability as well!  Do you think you’re strong because you’ve been working out – or weak because you haven’t been?  Think again!  You are strong because God makes you strong. (B-11) Limitations to what we can do come from weak thinking – from the mistaken belief (the illusion) that we live in a body, and that strength is in that material body.  The fact is, we live in Soul – in Spirit – and strength is a natural attribute of Spirit, expressed in man! (S-12) Think about the strength of wind.  As long as the wind blows, it has sufficient power to hold a kite in the air and move a big ship. It doesn’t matter how many kites or how many sails there are, those which are set to catch the wind will be empowered.  In this case, we KNOW that the power is in the wind – not the sail – so we’re not confused.  Similarly, power is in Mind, not in muscle.  We have to be careful we don’t get confused about that.  If thought is devoted to a right achievement (without fear), the achievement is possible – not because will-power has been exercised but because of a dependence on Mind.  Mrs. Eddy gives great examples of the relationship of faith and ability (expressed in flexibility and strength) in speaking about the blacksmith’s arm and Blondin’s tightrope walking. (S-14)  [Fun info on Blondin and how he never looked down or felt afraid on his more than 17 unique crossings of Niagara Falls is at the end of this week’s edition of]  Sometimes it’s tempting to think strength is dependent on the age of an individual.  Does the sailboat’s ability to move depend on the age of the boat – or just on the presence of the wind?  The Bible specifically says that even the young get tired (because they think they are doing the work), but those who “wait on the Lord” will renew their strength and not get tired. (B-12)  To “wait on the Lord” simply means to put your trust in God.  [CedarS water-skiers daily apply Mrs. Eddy’s instructions to “pause, wait on God” – S&H 323:10 – as a reminder to sit back long enough to trust the boat and God’s strength pull them out of the water rather than trying to pull themselves up and ending up in an early nosedive.]  Trusting God, you rely on a Power above your own and continue to discover new strength just when it seems you’re about to run out!  Remember you are not IN your body!  Your body is an expression of God’s power!  Your body is the sanctuary (the consecrated or holy place) of the Holy Spirit. (B-14) The sanctuary of the Holy Spirit can’t be material and limited!  Its substance is Mind and the strength of Mind expressed can never run out!  Body is an expression of consciousness.  Anything you can think, you can do!  To “take possession of your body” is to realize that your body is thought, and you can mold every thought related to body to be in line with Truth. (S-13)  Get rid of the belief that limited matter is substance.  ADMIT that you are God’s likeness – the image of Spirit, Mind, Soul, Life, Love, Principle, Truth – and you will find yourself free to master the infinite idea! (S-15)  Don’t limit yourself – ever!


Section IV:  Creative Works – Established by Soul!

God creates you and me – and everybody and everything everywhere – and God is thrilled with His creation!  (B-15)  If you’re ever tempted to be dissatisfied with yourself or unhappy with another, remember to take a deeper look and discover what God is creating.  Mind is forming a perfect work, carefully molding until His image appears.  God helped Jeremiah understand how He creates by having Jeremiah watch a potter at work.  The potter works to perfection.  He forms and reforms, until he is thoroughly satisfied! (B-16)  Mrs. Eddy speaks of “trusting God with our desires that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.” (S&H 1: 11)  Soul is the ONLY creative principle!  As we are faced with the prospect of having to be creative – come up with a creative idea, create some form of art, or even create peace where there seems to be discord – let’s remember to pray with Moses, “establish thou the work of our hands.” (B-18)  It is helpful to realize that Soul, the creative Principle, being Spirit, Mind, creates ideas.  And Mind’s creation is continually appearing – no shortage of good, creative ideas! (B- 17)  Beauty is an attribute of creative Mind, and forever expressed.  (S-18) Check out what else Mrs. Eddy has to say about beauty and sculpting on p. 247-248 of Science and Health.  We have to stop trying to look at and listen to things, and realize that what we’re really dealing with is thought seen as concrete objects. (S-19 & 20)  Metaphysics examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute. (American Heritage Dictionary).  It is this examination that reveals that all of creation is thought – ideas!  The more we learn to resolve what we see and hear into the qualities they express, we discover (through spiritual consciousness) the good and eternal nature of these ideas. (S-21)  Nothing can interfere with an idea held safe in Mind.  As we go beyond the testimony of the material senses, we can see and express Soul’s perfect creation!  The next time you’re tempted to think YOU are creating something (or that you were created by your mom and dad or shaped by your environment), think again!  Instead, watch as the divine Potter (Soul) continuously molds and shapes your thought! (S-17)  Isn’t that freeing and comforting?  [You, as the divine Potter’s “noblest work,” have been made perfect and complete – no additions or subtractions are needed as promised in Eccl. 3:14.  You were divinely designed with a guarantee to have “beauty, power and grace” that will last forever as stated in the Christian Science Hymnal #51.  “Eternal Mind the Potter is, And thought th’ eternal clay: The hand that fashions is divine, His works pass not away.  Man is the noblest work of God, His beauty, power and grace, Immortal; perfect as his Mind Reflected face to face.”  Continuing a treatment pattern from this hymn of denying the lie and affirming the truth, “God could not make imperfect man, His model infinite,” you can affirm that you’ve been made from “the pattern (of) Life, Truth and Love” and so need never feel like a misfit or “a round peg in a square hole,” because you are “Love’s work and Love must fit.”  As “God’s own child, The image of His love,” you never need to doubt your place or be confused about your purpose, because “God’s will is done; His kingdom come; The Potter’s work is plain.”  You never need to stay in the dark for long, because “The longing to be good and true Has brought the light again.”  You also needn’t seek human approval or worry about your approval ratings, but rather can expect to “Let gladness ring from every tongue, And heaven and earth approve.”  As Proverbs 16:7 promises: “When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”]

Section V:  Let Soul Master the False Evidence – Be Whole and Healthy!

Are you going to let your body push you around?  No way.  You EXPRESS Soul.  By knowing that Soul’s attributes – health, beauty, acuity, perception, clarity, to name a few – are FOREVER made manifest (or shown off) through man – through YOU – you can bring to light the “scientific action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies,” just like Jesus did.  And by understanding that you’re not stuck in a body, but embrace your body in thought, you’ll find yourself free from limitation! (S-22)  If you start to feel discouraged or upset, PRAISE God, knowing that God is your health.  Health has nothing to do with material parts.  Health (wholeness) is your natural state as a child of God.  Citizens of the United States have rights such as the right to vote and the right to free speech.  Those rights have to be exercised.  Christian Science reveals that every citizen of the world has the right to escape from the bondage of sickness, sin, and death by simply accepting and exercising their natural right to be free, because that’s how God has made them! (S-25)  Jesus put down the conditions of the physical senses – disputed the so-called laws of mortal mind that would try to shut down the senses of man.  And he didn’t use material means.  We can’t know for sure why Jesus did things like spit, and touch the man’s ears and tongue, but maybe by spitting on the dust he was simply expressing disdain for the Genesis 2, supposed material record of creation that a Jehovah God created a dust-man who was therefore destined to be forever LIMITED by matter [and recycled to it!  You know, dust to dust.  However, the Christianly scientific method of healing is based on the enlightened record of “In the beginning” as set forth by Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1, wherein the Elohim “God spake … and BANG it happened!” to quote from a Bible Belt bumper sticker that attempts to re-define “The Big Bang theory.”]  Sometimes people may have needed to see Jesus DO something in order to believe. (B-21)  But, what healed weren’t his physical actions, but the authority with which he spoke the Word of God. (S-21)  We have to speak with that same authority and silence the argument of the physical senses by knowing that vision, memory, hearing, touch, smell are really senses of Soul (God) which we reflect; and these senses are eternal and can never be lost! (S-23)  Be firm.  Listen to Soul’s report – not a report of matter!  That’s how you exercise your God-given freedom!


Section VI:  Unselfish Giving, Boundless Joy – the Resources of Soul!

What qualities did Aquila and Priscilla express in their marriage that made them such gracious hosts?  What can we learn from them?  We read in the chapter on Marriage in Science and Health, that “kindred tastes, motives, and aspirations are necessary to the formation of a happy and permanent companionship.” (S-30)  In this case, not only did they (and Paul) share the same craft, but, more importantly, they shared a love for mankind that sprang from their love of God and Christianity.  This love moved them to give unselfishly and to freely share Christianity with others. (B-22)  Mrs. Eddy says that happiness “requires all mankind to share it.” (S-27)  We can’t be truly happy unless we are thinking outwardly – letting our expression of Soul (our light) blend with another’s so that together our shared light shines even brighter.  Priscilla and Aquila didn’t worry about their own welfare.  Their entire concern was to be about their Father’s business.    Apparently nothing brought them more joy! (B-23)  Perhaps the happy companionship they found with each other (that they freely shared) had its roots in their devotion to God – in realizing the permanence of their relationship to Soul – and the necessity of being Soul’s FULL shine of love!  We must never hold back.  “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind …”   So, dip into those resources today and start giving!  Your joy will be multiplied many times over!!!  And limits will simply fall away.


Camp Director’s Note: The above sharing is the latest in a series of CedarS Bible Lesson “mets” (metaphysical application ideas) contributed weekly by a rotation of CedarS Resident Practitioners and occasionally by other metaphysicians. This document is intended to initiate further study as well as to encourage the application of ideas found in the Weekly Bible Lessons as printed in the Christian Science Quarterly and as available at Christian Science Reading Rooms.* Originally sent JUST to campers, staff and CedarS families who wanted to continue at home and in their home Sunday Schools the same type of focused Lesson study and inspiration they had felt at camp, CedarS lesson “mets” are in no way meant to be definitive or conclusive or in any way a substitute for daily study of the lesson. The thoughts presented are the inspiration of the moment and are offered to give a bit more dimension, background and daily applicability to some of the ideas and passages being studied.   The citations referenced (i.e.   B1 and S28) from this week’s Bible Lesson in the “met” (metaphysical application ideas) are taken from the King James Version of the Bible (B1-24) and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. (S1-30)  The Bible and Science and Health are the ordained pastor of the Churches of Christ, Scientist.  The Bible Lesson is the sermon read in Christian Science church services throughout the world.  The Lesson-Sermon speaks individually through the Christ to everyone, providing unique insights and tailor-made applications for each one.   We are glad you requested this metaphysical sharing and hope that you find some of these ideas helpful in your daily spiritual journey, in your deeper digging in the books and in closer bonding with your Comforter and Pastor.   Spirituality is your innate estate that connects you moment by moment with God. (See S&H 258:30)  Christ is the gift of light that Jesus gave. This Christ light of spiritual understanding comes with and reveals infinite blessings. So, have fun unwrapping and cherishing your very special, spiritual gift(s)!   Then, wherever you are, share them with all as big blessings that make the Infinite difference!


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