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See – and consider – the works of God… The view is amazing!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson
June 3-9, 2013

Subject:  God the Only Cause and Creator

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, CS               314-323-4083

There is one Cause and one Creator. It doesn’t look that way! It looks like man is a creator or that some things just happen! It looks like creation can be good and bad and that what seems like good can end up causing bad.  But, lots of things (all kinds of illusions) look like what they aren’t. That’s why we turn to science – or Science – to get the straight scoop!  It is our privilege to see God’s perfect creation – His works – accept the blessings of beholding that creation, freely reflect and express the fullness of it, and live at one with it.  It’s not always easy… lots of things aren’t… but it’s worth the effort!

Golden Text:  “All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.” (Amplified Bible)  It’s tempting to think we’re capable of creating something on our own… whether it is a child, an art form, or a solution to a problem.  But, we’re never the source, because we aren’t God… the “only cause and creator.”  Realizing this never lessens our creative expression, but expands it.  Understanding God as creator allows that infinite and perfect creation to be expressed humanly… naturally, fully, beautifully –  all good!  And there can’t – in reality – be anything that wasn’t created by God.  So, no matter how real destructive elements seem… storms, war, hate, disease, violence of any kind was not created by God, so we can see through them and see only the effects of God’s work!

Responsive Reading: “Come and see the works of God:” What a lovely invitation!!! Whether impressed by an amazing innovation of technology, an articulate and clear piece of writing, an unbelievable athletic feat, a beautiful work of art or film, a precious baby or just our natural surroundings… if we see all good as evidence of the creative activity of Soul, we can start seeing more of the good that is around and replace anything that isn’t good with that correct view.  “…his tender mercies are over all his works [the entirety of things created].” (v. 9, Amplified Bible) Racham is the Hebrew word translated mercies here.  Part of the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance definition refers to compassion, tender love, and “by extension the womb (as cherishing the foetus).”  All of creation cherished by an all-mighty God!  That includes each of us and all that is around us!  God’s kingdom is everlasting; there is no end or interruption to the harmony!  Our privilege is to understand what we’re looking for (the harmony) and learn to look through the distractions to see it, focus on God’s true good so clearly that the erroneous distractions (such as pride, personality, fear, destruction and disease) disappear and the view is clear!  And, then we have the privilege of helping others see this view, too!

Section 1:  Only ONE Creator
Said in several different ways throughout the Bible, the message is consistent… God makes and controls all things.  And He creates with “a word.”  He “spake and it was done.” (B-3)  How mankind interprets this creation has been the problem.  It’s tempting to think that if God made everything, he made the evil as well as the good.  That’s why storms and disasters have often been blamed on God – throughout time.  And that’s where Divine Science comes into play.  And, I don’t mean the denomination, Christian Science, but rather the law of God that is perceived as this universal Truth and practiced by students of Christian Science.  There are many things man has misinterpreted until science (correct knowledge) has corrected them (a flat-earth, for example.)  Science is a truth that, once discovered, teaches us the unalterable principles governing something.  It is always true and reliable, although it may require practice to demonstrate or apply its principles.  And, it is logical, once understood.  Think about this statement, “There can be but one creator, who has created all.” (S-1)  If there were more than one creator… more than one creation… there would always exist the possibility of conflict and ultimate destruction.  Harmony is the effect of oneness.  The rest of this section identifies this singular Creator and creation as God and His thoughts.  Accepting the definition of Creator from the Glossary of Science and Health (S-2) as the basis of all perception of what really is enables us to not be fooled by what isn’t true. God (as perceived in Science) is a glorious omnipresent power… the essence of Mind, Spirit, Love, Life, Truth… the “animating divine Principle of all that is real and good.”  God is the eternal perfection that just IS!  An animator (of cartoons) determines how his/her characters look and act and what their surroundings are.  Only the animator governs this creation… the cartoon (or movie) is the reflection or expression of the animator’s thought.  If a change is made to the outward expression of the design (a smudge or tear) it is corrected by going back to the original.  And, so it is with the design (creation) of infinite Mind.  Even if the outward expression appears to be disturbed, by checking back in with the original design – and conforming the outward expression with that, harmony is restored.  Let’s accept God’s creation as the only one and work to see it!

Section 2:  Mortals don’t create man… GOD does!
It seems to be a huge part of human nature to think of ourselves as either a creator of children, or as the creation of human parents.  Either way, we’re saddling ourselves (and our parents or children) with unnecessary baggage.  Sarah was saddled with the baggage of barrenness… she believed she was incapable of bearing children.  As a result, Abraham laughed when God promised him that his offspring would populate the world for generations to come.  But, that’s what happened! (B-6)  Age and history weren’t problems because God simply corrected the misperception that Abraham and Sarah were mortal creators.  We’ve all got to correct that misperception!  Sometimes it’s a greater challenge to make that change when we’re feeling pretty good about the creative process.  We like our parents and take pride in our children… or we think we are talented artists, architects, musicians, writers, business developers, sports strategists, etc. We feel good about our creations!  But, buy into pride of creation and we’ve also bought into stoppage or blockage of the creative process.  The answer? Remember that “Mind, not matter, is the creator.” (S-6)  God made us… we didn’t make ourselves! (B-5)  What appears as mortal birth (or any creative process) is really the reflection of Spirit. (S-9)  The moon appears to create light.  But, science explains that the moon’s light is the reflected light of the sun.  The sun’s light bounces off the moon’s surface and appears to be coming from the moon.  Similarly, what appears to be the creation of mortals is simply God’s creative light bouncing off its own idea, and appearing to have its source in man. God’s creation is perfect… whole, complete and permanent.  This creation unfolds, so it is always fresh and new. Imagine a beautiful (and unending) tapestry being unfolded to reveal new combinations of color and design.  Each new unfoldment looks unique, but nothing about it would be new – or separate.  It was always there… just revealed in a fresh way.  All analogies have limits.  But, thinking of creation this way (Scientifically) allows us to see the works of God without the limits imposed by thinking that mortals create one part at a time (whether person or project.)  Rather than trying to force a zillion pieces to fit (people or ideas,) start from the infinitude of God’s creating, and watch with wonder as it unfolds harmoniously from an “inexhaustible source.” (S-10)  When God is seen as the only creator, giving “birth” to child or concept isn’t exhausting, and neither mother/father nor child/project can suffer. As we yield to God’s creating we are able to clearly see the works of God!

Section 3:  God’s creation is blessed.  Cursing is outside the realm of possibility!
Do we ever feel so threatened that the only way we can imagine coming out ahead is for something bad to happen to our competition?  That competition may be a socio-political threat (as in Balak’s case – B-11), fear that we’re losing a friend to someone else or that we’ll lose to a sports rival, the belief that there are too many businesses vying for a limited pool of customers, or pressure to secure a limited spot in an audition, try-out, or application process. On the flip side, we might be afraid that we are being cursed – by someone  or just by our “DNA.”  Stop believing you’re subject to the curse of inherited diseases or even personality traits by knowing that DNA Does Not Apply – to you or anyone!  Reject each of those temptations as they come to thought… kick them out!!! We have a choice!  Balaam exercised his freedom of choice.  He chose to listen to and follow the command of God rather than the king.  If you read the full story, you see that it took some “urging” from God’s angels to get Balaam to understand the message.  But, he did get it and realized that man can’t curse what God has blessed. Not only did he refuse to curse the children of Israel; he blessed them. The next time you’re tempted to curse someone out, wish them ill, or even just criticize them, bless them instead.  And we can insist on being blessed by every situation we find ourselves in – no matter how dark things may seem.  We are safe.  God has blessed His children forever.  And the more we understand the universal blessing of God, the more we will feel that blessing.  It doesn’t mean that we’ll never be ill, scared, or in trouble or that we’ll always win the game or get the position we thought we so desperately needed.  But, we can always see the works of God.  Remembering that God is the only cause, and that God is good, we can realize that only good is in store for all.  We don’t have to compete –  or feel threatened – because there is enough to go around.  All we have to do is rely on the true view of Science to see the bounty of God’s good works. Don’t be fooled by appearances. “Good does not create a mind susceptible of causing evil …” (S-12) “All is under the control of the one Mind, even God.” (S-15) 

Section 4: God is the only performer.
This section continues the theme that it is ALL GOD!  We get in trouble when we think it is God and us.  We may ask God for some help, but still think it’s our job to do. And if the job seems easy enough, we may even forget to ask for God’s help.  What we need to realize is that, as reflection, we don’t create – we reflect God’s creation! We – and the world around us – are the shining forth of the infinite intelligence, talent and beauty that is God’s creation.  A reflection is very important.  We are each very important – vital!!!  But, we are vital as expression!  Whether something seems easy or hard, recognizing God as the source of all good frees us to fully see the works of God and be the action of Mind.  Psalms 57 is presumed to have been written while David was seeking safety in a cave.  The New Living Translation puts verse 2 this way: “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.”  It’s fun to think about “performing” as fulfilling God’s purpose for us. (B-17)  “Deity was satisfied with His work.” (S-16)  Why wouldn’t He be… he made it perfect!  Following the same logic, why would we want to do anything but reflect what God is already doing… to express it without putting up curtains of pride or doubt – over-confidence or self-consciousness? If God is satisfied, we need to be, too! What appear to be new creations or new accomplishments are simply the fresh expression of permanent, eternal, and perfect ideas that dwell forever in Mind itself.  It’s Spirit’s job to diversify, classify and individualize these thoughts. (S-20)  The Science of Being enables us to realize that it is our privilege to express the talents and abilities that are forever ours by reflection. (S-19)  Each one of God’s ideas is equally talented – although those talents are expressed individually.  As we relax and see the works of God, we also see the individual talents of ourselves and of others develop and shine.

Section 5: Sin, disease, and death have no cause.
Is disease caused by sin?  A lot of people would answer yes.  But, that would be admitting that there is a cause other than God.  And, we’ve already talked about the logic that rejects that view.  In fact, this reinforces that logic.  The belief of multiple causes or creators results in conflict – like disease.  So, if we reject the belief that sin causes sickness, is it okay to just ignore it?  Jesus didn’t!  Rather, he equated the forgiveness (canceling) of sin with the healing of disease. (B- 20)  In both cases, instead of seeing real sin and real sickness, he saw the real works of God and that perfect work of God replaced the false view of sin and sickness.  Mrs. Eddy explains that the “seeming power, independent of God, which causes disease and cures it… is but an error of belief… the very antipode of immortal Mind, of Truth, and of spiritual law.” (S-22)  It makes perfect sense that God, good, couldn’t make sin, sickness and death any more than He could experience them.  So… how could He make man (made in His likeness, as declared in Genesis 1:27) subject to them?  He can’t!!! (S-23)  We can’t ignore (and we should never be satisfied to just live with) sin, disease, or death.  But, the way to overcome them is not to dwell on them, or look for a cause for them, but realize they have no cause! With the authority of Truth, we can reject them and see the works of GodOne cause – one effect! (S-26)  Jesus understood the scientific relationship of God and man.  We can too!  Putting aside physical causation, we see the real, and are free! (S-25)

Section 6: Dig deep Consider the works of God!
We’ve been talking about seeing the works of God.  But, this section of the Lesson is talking about really seeing!  As part of Elihu’s defense of God to Job, he asked his friend to stand still – stop – and “consider the wondrous works of God.” (B-21)  This was the beginning of the end of Job’s horrendous ordeal.  He was able to get a new view of things and this new view revealed a God (Good) that had always been there, but that Job hadn’t been able to see. Jesus urged his soon-to-be disciple, Simon – after a long night of catching no fish – to “launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.” (B-22)  Simon was obedient and caught so many fish that his net broke.  It’s one thing to do something (or think we’re doing it) – it’s another thing to really do it!  When I was a child my parents gave me tennis lessons.  I remember the teacher constantly screaming at me… “Watch the ball!”  My mental response was, “I AM watching the ball.”  But, when I finally learned how to really focus on the ball from the time it left the other player’s racket to when it hit the strings of mine I understood what it meant to “watch the ball.”  And it DID make a huge difference.  Same thing with learning to hit or catch a baseball!  And, the same thing with prayer.  We think we “know the truth.”  We think we “see the works of God.”  But are we KNOWING?  Are we SEEING?  Are we deeply considering reality and being so focused that we see through the mist of error to the Scientific Truth – or are things still blurred by mortal error?  When driving in the rain, it’s more effective to look through the raindrops, than stopping at the windshield where each drop obscures your view.  Same thing when faced with the splatter of a mortal view… anything that would hide the fact that God is the only cause and creator! “Look deep into realism”! (S-27)  Don’t be satisfied with a casual observation.  Put on your snorkel gear so all the beauty below the surface comes into sharp focus.  To gaze on the surface of the ocean can be beautiful – or stormy.  But, underneath, there is a whole other world.  Mortal life may appear beautiful and good – or ugly and terrifying.  Don’t accept either.  Look deep (strive to really see the works of God) and the constancy of God’s goodness (the glory, honor, dominion, and power of Mind) will be evident and transform your experience. (See citation S-30.)  You’re willing to work hard to see a beautiful sight – even if at first obscured – or to master a sport.  Working to see God is even more worth the effort!!!  With every glimpse you see how truly amazing God is!!!

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