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Reverse every curse with blessings! (Golden Text – Section 6)
{W: Find divine Science AND Health & the key to open the economy with our heavenly Mother’s Love.}

Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Adam and Fallen Man”
for May 10, 2020

Prepared by Christie C Hanzlik, CS *new website*


To me, this week’s Bible Lesson examines the theological explanations for

1) the origin of evil and our seeming inability to see perfection, and

2) our origins, and the nature of our being (what we are).

To address these points, the Bible Lesson contrasts Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, which show two very different views of reality. To be sure, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 contrast so strikingly that it is impossible for them both to be true. Genesis 1 shows the allness of good. Genesis 2 shows the limited-distorted-inverted picture of both a god that is limited, man and woman as flawed, and a beast (the serpent) that is tricky and evil. This week’s Bible Lesson sorts out the confusion, and explains the Science (absolute truth) of our being (what we are). Spoiler alert: we do not descend from “Adam” and we are not “fallen.”


The Golden Text is a promise [from Revelation 22] that frees us from the “dream” of Genesis 2: ". . . there shall be no more curse.” From a limited-distorted-inverted perspective, it seems as though the world feels “cursed" by the COVID-19 virus, the economy seems cursed to endure months or years of recovery, women may feel cursed by poor treatment and the curse of painful menstruation, people of color may feel cursed by injustice and inequality, and we all may feel cursed by sin—the belief that we’re separate from Love; separate from perfection. But, if we stop at this limited-distorted-inverted assessment, we’d be stopping in the middle of the book of Revelation, and that is not the end of the story. The Golden Text emphasizes the promise of Revelation that the curse on man is revealed as a lie.

It may seem obvious, but Revelation reveals the full story, the full victory. It is a revelation of truth. It reverses the curse from Genesis 2. The talking-serpent from Genesis 2 becomes a red dragon, which is destroyed, and we receive the promise that ". . . there shall be no more curse.” Revelation is a promise of blessing and victory and the reign of harmony, which is not a distant dream, but rather a present possibility. Revelation reveals the full truth, as we are able to see beyond the limited-distorted-inverted view of reality. This week’s Lesson helps us to see that we must accept the full promise of Revelation and not stop part way. We can accept the news that ". . . there shall be no more curse:”

It may help to make a list of what seems like a “curse" right now… loneliness, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, pain, despair, grief… and then be willing to let go of those curses, to not hold onto them as our identity. We are not defined by what seems to “curse” us. We can let go of “curses” and identify instead with the blessing pouring into our experience. We can accept the promise in Revelation. It is true­­—as we allow Love’s blessings to overturn the belief that we’re cursed. In truth ". . . there shall be no more curse.” In truth, we are not fallen.

The Responsive Reading reads like a list of God’s promises to overturn the belief of a “curse”. Note that the first two promises begin with “behold…” as in, open your eyes and see God’s glory:

• Behold, thy salvation cometh; (salvation and health are overlapping concepts)

• Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

• The voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying. (this overturns the “curse” on women)

• They shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. (this overturns the “curse" of homelessness)

• They shall not build and another inhabit (this overturns the “curse" of unfair work and unjust wages)

• They shall not labour in vain for they are the seed of the blessed of the Lord… (this overturns the “curse" some students seem to feel right now)

• Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. (this overturns the “curse” of loneliness)

• The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock (this overturns the “curse” of inharmony)

• Dust shall be the serpent's meat (the lying serpent has no food to eat, nothing to sustain it)

• They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord. (this overturns the “curse” of violence)

SECTION 1: The mythical origins of the “curse”

Section one helps us to see the mythical (and mist-ical) origins of the “curse.” First, we see the absolute and clear picture of beginningless creation—we are all the “blessed of the Lord,” “God created man in his own image," and we know that "God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” (B1, Gen. 1:27, 31, B2)

But…”…there went up a mist…” (Gen. 2:6, B3)

The mist—a dim, distorted view of beginningless creation—is the mythical origin of the “curse.” The mist has no substance, no reality, no source. It is just an interrupted view of what is true. If someone is driving and their windshield is fogged up, the driver wouldn’t think that the whole world has become blurry. The driver would simply defog the windshield. This Lesson is about defogging our view of ourselves.

When we start with the perfection of Genesis 1 as the true view of reality, we can easily see when a “misty” Genesis 2 view tries to creep into our experience.

Let’s say that Genesis 1 is like a perfect math equation…. 2 + 2 = 4

And Genesis 2 is like when our math problem is distorted by misty/fuzzy thinking…. 2 + 2 = 9

When looking through a misty lens, the number 4 may appear similar to the number 9, but they are obviously not the same. 2 + 2 ≠ 9.

When we start from the right premise of 2 + 2 = 4, it will be very obvious to us that 9 is not the right answer. Also, it is obvious that 2 + 2 cannot equal both 4 and 9, just like Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 cannot both be true.

In Galatians in citation B5, we read, "having begun in the Spirit (2 + 2 = 4), are ye now made perfect by the flesh? (2 + 2 = 9?) The answer is “no!”

Mary Baker Eddy (MBE) explains this logic in Science and Health. I’m going to try substituting the math equations in for the logic MBE uses in her prose:

We could say that 2 + 2 = 4 is true in the same way as this statement is true: "God, Spirit, alone created all, and called it good." (S1)

"In Genesis, first the true method of creation is set forth [2 + 2 =4] and then the false. [2 + 2 = 9]." (S2)

Let’s try applying the math-equation logic to a whole paragraph….

"The Science of [2 + 2 = 4] proves the falsity of [2 + 2 = 9]. If one is true, the other is false, for they are antagonistic. [2 + 2 = 4] assigns all might and government to [Principle], and endows [us with Truth] perfection and power. [2 + 2 = 9 is wrong and separates us from truth]….

"Human belief has sought and interpreted in its own way [to answer 2 + 2], and so seems to have reversed [the number 4] and [and made it a 9 without logic]; but the human mind [does not add correctly]. (S3-S5)

So, in short, the origin of the “curse” is like the origin of the wrong answer in math. It is not real and has no origin except for a mistaken view of truth. It is very easily correctable. Think about the little tiny bit of effort required to change a 9 to a 4!

The two answers, 4 and 9, cannot both be correct. In the same way, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 cannot both be correct. They cannot be blended or combined.

SECTION 2: The mist-ical story of the serpent

In the second chapter of Genesis, the talking serpent tricks Adam and Eve into biting the apple, and thus introduces the concept of evil. This would be awful…if it were true. But it is not a true story. The story does not add up. The story is like 2 + 2 = 9…it just doesn’t make sense.

First of all, the talking serpent is not real. (S7) This should be enough to keep us from believing the rest of the story. But the serpent is tricky. The serpent is a symbol of the belief in evil, the belief in discord, inharmony, resentment, and injustice, among other curses. The serpent symbolizes the two erroneous assumptions that would make us accept that 2 + 2 = 9.

All discord comes from the symbolic serpent — the delusion that “life and intelligence proceeded from and passed into [a limited and distorted version of ourselves]” (S6) When we start from the wrong premise in life (and in mathematics) we will not get the correct answer.

The serpent tricked Eve with the “tree of knowledge”— that is, the tree of delusion, falsity, and distortion. In Truth, the talking serpent is not real. And, the tree of [false] knowledge is not real. The Bible says, “in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely [believe that there’s an end].” (S9) The easiest way to overcome the belief that there is an end is knowing that there’s no real tree of [false] knowledge.

As Mary Baker Eddy writes, "The evidence of the physical senses [2 + 2 = 9] often reverses the real Science of being [2 + 2 = 4], and so creates a reign of discord [also known as the wrong answer], — …. but the great facts of [truth], rightly understood, defeat this [wrong answer], contradict [those who go around saying that 9 is the right answer], and reveal the [truth], — the actual reign of [accuracy] on earth.” (S11)

SECTION 3: We can be free of the “curse,” which is causeless

Just as there is no such thing as a talking serpent, there is no such thing as a god who would tempt and torture his children. The Lord God does not place pitfalls in front of us to fall into and then punish us when we fall into them. This would not add up. Instead, "The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind: the Lord raiseth them that are bowed down: the Lord loveth the righteous.” (B10)

If we're tempted to think that we’re not righteous enough to be loved by God, we can recognize this as the stupid serpent’s voice. There is no such thing as not being righteous enough. We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are as perfect as the equation 2 + 2 = 4 is true. Therefore, we ARE righteous; therefore, we ARE loved. We cannot allow the symbolic serpent to trick us into questioning our righteousness.

The story of Eve and Adam biting the apple is a cautionary tale warning us to not be tricked by the serpent — the symbol of a [news story] belief in discord, inharmony, resentment, and injustice.

We can be alert to the lying serpent. But, above all, we can know: The talking serpent is not real. (S7) Eve never actually bit the apple. There was no actual apple. There was no Eve. Woman is not cursed. We are not cursed. From Proverbs we learn, "As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.” (B12, Proverbs 26:2) To me, this means that the so-called curse is like a wild sparrow flying around that never lands on us because there would be no reason for it to land on us. Eve's “curse” has no cause, no justification, no truth…and so it flies past us without landing, just like a quick little bird flits away into the sky without landing.

The whole Adam and Eve myth doesn’t make sense. God would not create a scenario in which His children were tempted and cursed. Mary Baker Eddy asks rhetorically, “Does the creator condemn His own creation?” (S12) The answer is “no,” of course. "God could never impart an element of evil, and man possesses nothing which he has not derived from God. How then has man a basis for wrong-doing? [he doesn’t] Whence does he obtain the propensity or power to do evil? [he doesn’t]” (S13)

So, what is the talking serpent? Mary Baker Eddy says, “corporeal sense is the serpent.” (S15) Corporeal sense never tells the truth. Corporeal sense – the five senses – offer only a dim, distorted, and inverted view of our existence. Corporeal sense would tell us metaphorically that 2 + 2 = 9. But, as we look beyond this limited view, we discover more and more of the truth of being, the truth of what we are.

SECTION 4: It is never too late to overturn the “curse” (& never too late to correct the math equation)

If we spent the past twenty years believing that 2 + 2 = 9, and then realized our mistake, it would not take us another twenty years to correct our answer. As soon as we become aware of the correct mathematical principles, we would instantly see that the correct answer is 4. What’s more, we would see that it had been 4 all along. We would not need to go into a deep study of why we hadn’t gotten the right answer for so many years…this would not be not helpful as it would keep us trapped with a sense of regret. Instead we can “be glad and rejoice with all the heart…the Lord hath taken away [the incorrect answer]." (B13)

Again, we can be “glad and rejoice forever in that which [God] creates…” (B18) We can feel the comfort of God, like the comfort of a good mother, always assuring us and holding us. (B15)

In Proverbs, we find the promise that "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he added no sorrow with it.” (B16) This is why we don’t need to feel any regret as we wake up to the truth of God’s mothering love. There is no sorrow with this love. In the mythical story of Adam and Eve, God curses them for their mistake. But this is not how the power of divine Love operates. Love does not punish. Re-gret, re-sentment, re-morse, re-trogression…these are all tools that the serpent seems to use to keep us from enjoying our blessings.

This promise that there is no sorrow mixed with blessing stands out for me. It would seem that one of the subtlest tools of the (non-existent) talking serpent is to trick us into accepting that something good —a blessing – must have drawbacks. But God promises that blessings cannot be mixed with sorrow. Blessings are pure. Mary Baker Eddy applies the principle that blessings cannot be mixed with sorrow to motherhood. She explains that, by divine Law, childbirth is only a blessing, and cannot be mixed with sorrow. "When this new birth takes place, the Christian Science infant is born of the Spirit, born of God, and can cause the mother no more suffering.” (S18) This is a promise to mothers [for a Mothers’ Day Sunday], but we can apply this principle widely.

We can apply the principle that Love’s blessings cannot be mixed with sorrow to any gifts from divine Love. Divine Love does not supply good and then mix in some negative stuff. Whether it’s an athletic goal, a family [or camp] gathering, a church service, we can know that all right activity is protected by the principle that Love’s blessings cannot be mixed with sorrow.

In principle, Mary Baker Eddy’s statements on childbirth apply to any new-old idea. She writes, "Spiritually to understand that there is but one creator, God, unfolds all creation, confirms the Scriptures, brings the sweet assurance of no parting, no pain, and of man deathless and perfect and eternal.” (S19) This applies to children as an example of creation. But it also applies to new projects, new relationships, or any Love-impelled idea. All ideas are from Mind, not starting or germinating from us. And as we realize their true origins, we are freed from the false responsibility of bringing them forth. In other words, we are freed from the “curse” of believing ourselves the originator.

We can know that "When the mist of mortal mind evaporates, the curse will be removed which says to woman, ‘In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children [or any new idea].’” (S17)

Any seeming obstruction to a new idea coming to light is nothing is dissolved by truth—“truth removes properly whatever is offensive.“ (S18) Truth is what corrects the situation, enabling a new idea to be born. Applying our math analogy again, Truth allows us to discover that not only does 2 + 2 = 4, but it is also true that 4 + 4 = 8. We didn’t create the idea that 4 + 4 = 8. This has always been true–there was never a moment when it wasn’t true. Newness and discovery does not need to take effort. It doesn’t come from us. Truth is already true, and it is already known. It may be new to us, but there is no truth that the all-knowing Mind does not already know. Mind does not hide anything from us.

SECTION 5: We do NOT come from dust or eggs.

The Adam-and-Eve myth attempts to explain the origin of evil and it also attempts to explain the origin of humans. According to the Adam-and-Eve myth, we could trace our ancestry back to them as the first humans. But physical science has overturned this and other mist-ical creation myths with scientific evidence of evolution. Mary Baker Eddy states that she agrees with Darwin says (SH 543, 551), but that he doesn’t reason through the whole of it. Evolutionary theory still doesn’t explain the Science of being–what we are. Even if we trace humans through evolution, there still is no explanation for the origin of life itself…where did the first spark of life in the universe come from? There is no starting point or first moment of life. Life is eternal. Life always has been. This is true for life in general, and it is also true for each of us as individuals.

We seem to be able to trace our individual origins to birth and sperm and egg, but there is no biological explanation for the origin of life…where is the first moment of life? Where and when is the first moment of consciousness? How do each of us gain consciousness? Medical scientists sometimes describe these questions as “the miracle of life” or the “miracle of birth.” While they may have theories, in general they say the more we know, the more we find that is unknown. We don’t have an adequate biological explanation for how a new life begins. Mary Baker Eddy answers this question with the metaphysical explanation that there is no beginning to life. There is no starting point. We preexist birth. We preexist human conception.

As Mary Baker Eddy states, "The belief that life can be in matter or soul in body, and that man springs from dust or from an egg, is the result of the mortal error which Christ, or Truth, destroys by fulfilling the spiritual law of being, in which man is perfect, even as the 'Father which is in heaven is perfect.’” (S21) Man does not spring from dust any more than from sperm and egg. Man is complete and whole and perfect before birth. 2 + 2 = 4 was true before anyone had a piece of chalk to write it down. Writing it in chalk on a chalkboard did not make it any more true. And erasing it from the chalkboard does not make it untrue. 2 + 2 = 4 is eternal true, without stop or start. In the same way, we are a whole and complete idea without beginning and without end.

As we become clearer and clearer about the facts of being (our existence), the belief of genetics and heredity fall away because there is no descending order of man. For example, if Samantha preexisted birth and has no beginning, and Samatha’s mother preexisted birth and has no beginning, then who came first, Samantha or her mother? This question does not make sense in divine metaphysics. In Science, there is no sequential order to man. That’s worth stating again. In Science, there is no sequential order to man. This concept overturns heredity. “Our” children are not “ours,” they are God’s children. Likewise, we are not our “parents’" children, we are God’s children. Each of us has only one lineage, and that’s a direct line from God to us.

This Law is supported by Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, "In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry. Spirit is his primitive and ultimate source of being; God is his Father, and Life is the law of his being [the law of his existence].” (S24)

The perfect man is in direct relationship to God, and does not have an intermediary between him/her and God. There is not a human parent who is between us and God.

And we are not the connection between God and our children. We come directly from God—like a ray from the sun. We have a perfect connection.

Christ Jesus realized this perfect connection. As Mary Baker Eddy states, "When speaking of God's children, not the children of men, Jesus said, 'The kingdom of God is within you;' that is, Truth and Love reign in the real man, showing that man in God's image is unfallen and eternal. Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.” (S20)

In other words, Jesus beheld in Science that we are all perfectly connected directly to God, where separated mortals appeared to others.

This is how Christ Jesus was able to heal the man who “was blind from his birth.” The disciples wanted to know whether this man or his parents had sinned (been separate from God) so that blindness could occur. Jesus, of course, says “neither this man [was separate from perfection, nor were his parents separate from perfection]…” Christ Jesus was able to see this man’s inherent perfection, and Jesus’ conscious awareness of the man’s perfection awakened the man, and he “came seeing.” (B18) Christ Jesus saw this truth and overturned the so-called “curse” of heredity. And we can do this too.

In Science—in truth—we are "the offspring of Spirit.” (S24)

SECTION 6: Big with blessings

It often feels to me in our Bible Lessons that the final section reaches a crescendo and has the emphatic power of a big bass drum. This Lesson is no exception. The previous sections overturn the curse, and the final section adds an exclamation point. We could consider the statements in this section as the promise that all “curses” are overturned with blessings. To conclude with the math equation analogy…this section gives us all the right answers.

• God assures us that the windows of heaven are open, pouring forth blessings, and that we won’t even have room enough to receive it all. (B19)

• Divine Love keeps us from falling (man is not fallen). We can be grateful for "the wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever.” (B20)

• We can "rejoice that we are subject to the divine 'powers that be.’ (S25)

• "Divine Love blesses its own ideas, and causes them to multiply, — to manifest His power. Man is not made to till the soil [work in vain]. His birthright is dominion, not subjection. He is lord of the belief in earth and heaven, — himself subordinate alone to his Maker. This is the Science of being.” (S26)

The Science of being is the Science of what we are, the truth of our very existence. The term “of being” is used by Mary Baker Eddy over 330 times in phrases such as truth of being, Science of being, harmony of being, facts of being, etc. The Science of the Christ is the explanation of our very being…what we are. This week’s lesson explains what we are. We are not made from dust. We are not made from eggs.

So, what is the truth of our being if we aren’t descendants of Adam?

As Mary Baker Eddy explains, "The great truth in the Science of being, that the real man was, is, and ever shall be perfect, is incontrovertible; for if man is the image, reflection, of God, he is neither inverted nor subverted, but upright and Godlike.” (S27)

As we behold this truth, the mist dissipates, and the harmony of being is revealed. The promise in Revelation is true right now: “…there shall be no more curse."

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