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Reject the Adam name tag! Stay in the Christ-light and live!

Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for Nov. 10, 2013

Subject:  Adam and Fallen Man

Prepared by: Kathy Fitzer of St. Louis, MO        314-323-4083

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Golden Text: The choice seems pretty clear… Accept an erroneous mortal, material model of man as the offspring of Adam, made of dust – and death is a constant threat.  But, choose the Christ model of Truth – man made as the son of God… made in the image of God… and eternal life is the sure result.

Responsive Reading:  God has blessed each of us!  It was determined before time began (predestinated) that we would be His precious children forever – indivisible from Him, governed by His will of good.  That’s the fact of being!  No beginning and no end.  Multiple lies of mortal mind sometimes hide that fact from view – and keep us in the dark.  But, we can refuse to believe the lie!!  Christ – God’s illumination – sheds a light that reveals the true picture of harmony and awakens us out of sleep, turns us from our dead-end path of mortal belief and lets us walk in the path of light and life!

Section 1:  The true story
The story of creation in the first book of Genesis begins with God creating light.  How else are we to see what really is?  We’ve GOT to start with an enlightened thought!  With the light on, it’s possible to see the true image.  You know how it is if you try to take a photo or check a mirror in the dark.  No image!  But, whenever light is present, God’s creation is revealed.  Man – male and female – is seen as having authority (dominion) over all things.  And, God’s creation of everything is declared to be good! (B-2)  This light of God is ALWAYS present.  It didn’t really have a beginning and can’t ever end, because God doesn’t begin or end.  The Hebrew word (reshiyth) translated “beginning” in Genesis 1 means “the principal thing” or the first in order of importance.  This ever-present light – that was declared to be the “principal thing” of Life – is the Christ.  We can see evidence of it throughout the Bible, but it was most clearly presented to humanity in the form of Jesus. (B-3)  Jesus’ mission was to reveal the perfection of God to mankind, and the perfection – completeness (according to the original Greek used in this verse) – of man made in His image and likeness. (B-5&6)  Don’t be fooled by what appears to be.  Anything unlike God must be illusion, because there is only one Truth – God.  Man’s real nature – OUR real nature – EVERYONE’S real nature – is outlined in Genesis 1 and fully revealed by the workings of Jesus Christ.  Christ is the light that reveals the true story.  Believe it!  Refuse to be fooled.

Section 2: The problem… and the solution to it!
I think it’s fair to say that at the root of every “issue” we face is the mistaken view that man came from dust.  And yet, it’s not surprising that an explanation of how life came to be would start with what appears to be the foundation of life – namely matter.  Remember that the tale told in the second chapter of Genesis was written long before enlightened, priestly thought had gained the spiritual insight that led to the scientific explanation given in the first chapter.  This is not unlike the assumption that the earth was flat persisting for generations until enlightened thought recognized the science that revealed a very different reality… one that contradicted the evidence of the physical senses.  According to the false story, man was made from dust, and Spirit was breathed into that material form.  Woman was then made from man’s rib. (B-7)  This piece-meal creation is in stark contrast to the completeness of God’s (Spirit’s, Mind’s) creation revealed through the light of Christ.  It’s not good enough, though, to just discount this second chapter of Genesis.  Mary Baker Eddy, with her further-enlightened thought, identifies the “second record” as giving “the history of error in its externalized forms, called life and intelligence in matter.” (S-5)  As we learn from it, and identify the counter-fact to it, we will see the facts of Scientific reality demonstrated.  I wonder if we could view the Bible in its entirety as an instruction book in how to break away from the lies and limitations that appear to be, and see and experience God’s creation as presented in that very first chapter of Genesis.  Isaiah tells us to wake up. (B-8)  John identifies Jesus as the “Son of God” – or Christ – that came to give us the understanding that would lead us out of darkness (the lie) into the light of Truth. (B-9)  And, John goes on to identify each of us as the sons of God (reflecting the fullness of Christ) and reminds us of God’s love for each one.  It is this Love that continually reveals our status as complete, indestructible man, created, constituted, and governed by Spirit.  This God-given status as the offspring of Spirit gives us dominion over all things! (S-8)

Section 3: No serpent-tales allowed!
The false, yet instructive, record of creation continues in the third chapter of Genesis with the subtlety of a talking serpent.  The word subtle has not only changed in spelling, but also in meaning over time.  Today, it can mean “making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve something.”  That certainly describes our serpent… convincing Eve to disobey God’s instructions, and thus exposing her and Adam to nakedness (or feelings of vulnerability.) (B-13)  But, the archaic definition – and the one given in Strong’s Concordance as the meaning of the original Greek – is “cunning.”  Being cunning is “having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion.”  So…. what can we learn here about how the serpent, alias error or mortal mind, misleads us?   There will be no neon sign identifying a thought as “from the devil.”  Often the falsity appears as something in our own thinking, or false reasoning such as, “the end justifies the means,” “it’s no big deal,” “I just don’t have enough understanding,” “I can’t watch my thought and do the right thing all the time… it’s just more than I can do – or want to do,” etc.  What instruction do we get from the Bible to help us counter those sneaky suggestions?  Paul expresses concern to the Corinthians that their thought would be “corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (B-12)  The original Greek for “corrupted” also means to shrivel or wither.  So… how do we keep something from withering?  One way is to utilize it.  And, John addresses just that when he tells us to “try the spirits whether they are of God.” (B-14)  In other words, just as a sentry in a watch tower alertly asks each one that passes by (even if they appear) to be official… “Who goes there, and show me your identification papers.”  We need to exercise our right to monitor what is allowed to enter our home… our thought.  Check in often… any sneaky serpents hanging out here hoping to go unnoticed and then trip me up?  Remember the “unclean spirits” Jesus cast out of the man – that we read about a few weeks ago?  Similar situation.  Anything unlike God – all suppositional evil – like the serpent-thoughts, want to be left alone to do their thing.  They want nothing to do with light or Truth.  So… the way to protect oneself from “evil” thoughts and effects is to expose the error to the light of Truth and the effect is the same as when ice is exposed to the sun.  It can’t help but melt.  Mrs. Eddy has termed this erroneous, mischievous, cunning influence “mental malpractice.” (S-13)  It is not to be feared or be overcome by.  It MUST be addressed, rather than succumbed to.  How?  By being “a law to yourselves.” (S-14)  By staying awake and alert and consciously KNOWING that Mind (God) is the only true and reliable influence.  By identifying ourselves as the man of God’s creating (described in Genesis 1) we claim our nature as the pure and eternal likeness to God, and KNOW that we HAVE only the Mind of God and cannot be influenced by any other so-called mind! (S-15)  We’re never helpless.  Love has given us dominion over subtle error!

Section 4:  Refuse to take the bait
To me, one of the most important things Jesus did for mankind was to demonstrate that things are not as they appear to be and to lift off the burden of sin by demonstrating the freeing law of life-giving Christ. (B-16)  The law established by Moses was intended to free people by turning them to God.  But, over time, the law was adulterated by human interpretation, and became more restrictive than liberating.  The Pharisaical thought tended to start from the “Adam-premise” that man has fallen from perfection, and his sins must be punished.  Jesus, on the other hand, worked out from the premise of “man as the image of God” and taught man how to exercise his dominion over the temptations of the “serpent” or mortal mind, and be free of sin (as well as disease and death.)  Reformation, rather than punishment, was his goal.  Let’s take a look at the context of the story in this section about the Pharisees bringing the adulterous woman to Jesus.  In the previous chapter (John 7) we learn that the people were starting to wonder if Jesus might be the Messiah (or Christ.)  The Pharisees argued, however, that he couldn’t be the Messiah because he was from Galilee and the Scriptures said the Messiah would come from Bethlehem.  Jesus’ consistent message was that he came from GOD!  The basic problem with the Pharisees’ approach is one that we may struggle with, too.  They based their view and their judgment on outward appearances, and were so caught up in what they understood to be the letter of the law (and their concept of sinning, mortal man) that they didn’t stop to think for themselves.  The scribes and Pharisees were trying to catch Jesus in a trap.  How did he interpret the “law.”  But, being too alert to fall into that trap, Jesus took the issue to a higher level.  In the process of refusing to directly answer the question (instead doodling in the dirt) Jesus responded with a question that would result in freedom for ALL concerned.  As the New Interpreter’s Bible points out Jesus offered everyone involved the opportunity to turn from their old ways “and to enter a world marked by freedom and acquittal.  The woman is invited to embrace a new future that will allow her to live as a free woman, not a condemned woman.  The scribes and Pharisees are invited to give up the categories according to which they had defined and attempted to control life, because their presumed control leads only” to a distortion of Moses’ law. (B-17)  Let’s be sure that we are seeing the man of God’s creating in all people and don’t take the bait to believe some are fallen sinners and WE must be sure they are punished.  God shines the light of Christ in consciousness, and that brings redemption!

Section 5: Stop the Adam-dream funeral procession… Life is in Christ!
If we accept the Adam story as our story and believe that we were born into matter, it follows that we (and those we love) must one day die out of matter.  But, we don’t have to go down that road!!  Christ, Truth, reveals that because we are the image of God… ONE with Him, with Spirit, with Life…  we can never be separated from Life.  We can never be separated from Love.  We need to stand up to this imposition that says death is inevitable.  Choose Life and, like Jesus, we can expect to awaken ourselves and others from the dream of life in matter and overcome the deep sleep called death.   Jesus saw the funeral procession, but he didn’t join in… he wasn’t mesmerized by it.  Instead, he stopped it, had compassion on the woman, and awakened her son.  The son had work to do!  And his mother’s need was met. (B-20)  We can choose to be mesmerized by the procession of outward appearances.  OR we can – with compassion – free ourselves and others from the myth of an Adam beginning, Adam fall, and Adam death.  The key is to understand that “Life is, always has been, and ever will be independent of matter.” (S-25)  Independent = free from outside control; not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence; not connected with another.  Our life is safe in Mind – the image of Love – and has never had anything to do with matter or mortality!  So, why be taken in by the material evidence parading across consciousness?  Let’s insist on the fact that, as image, we coexist with God. (S-26)  Sunbeams coexist with the sun, numbers coexist with mathematics, drops of water coexist with the ocean.  Those things that coexist cannot be separated… ever!  We coexist with God, so we coexist with health and purity.  If a different picture presents itself, stop the procession and look to the light of Christ, Truth, to correct the illusion.  No stoppage of ANY good – of joy, health, strength, hope, or effective government – because we are one with God, Good!

Section 6: Paradise Regained
As the story – myth, actually – of Genesis 2 is told, the Lord God (different from the God of the first chapter) placed the man that he had created into a paradise called Eden.  But, falling for the tale of the serpent, Adam and Eve yielded to disobedience and were forced out of Paradise and “sentenced” to a life of toil…  [“the curse on man” S&H 340].  And, so, suffering under this misconception, we find ourselves struggling to re-obtain the good that we believe we’ve somehow fallen away from… or been separated from.  But, the truth is that the Adam story is not our story!  The truth is that Christ (the divine manifestation, the image and likeness of God, Spirit) is the only true identity of man… OUR only true identity… and the true identity of all mankind.  Christ constitutes our very life… the only life we have ever had, will ever have, and have always had. (B-24 & S-28)  Christ Jesus demonstrated how the temptations of sin, disease, and death are overcome as one is awakened to man’s unbroken, eternal, coexistent relationship to God as image. (S-30)  Christ is that image of the perfect man… the very expression of God’s perfection, as the ray of light perfectly expresses the light of the sun.  Paradise isn’t a place, but a state of thought.  A false sense of self and sneaky serpent-thoughts such as fear, guilt, stubbornness, and misunderstanding blind our eyes to God’s kingdom that is “within us” – that constitutes the very essence of our being.  Mary Baker Eddy discovered the “key of divine Science” that is available to everyone and which will “reopen” the “gates of Paradise.” (S-29)  Science is the truth of being described in the first chapter of Genesis… God making man in His image and seeing all that he had made as very good.  That has never changed!  As we measure every thought against that standard of present perfection, we awaken from the false sense of life beginning and ending in matter and discover the presence of Christ… a life and identity that have forever been independent of matter and so not subject to any of the pitfalls of matter.  Seeing life as revealed by the light of Christ – we find that we (everyone everywhere) is forever  “unfallen, upright, pure, and free.”  So, remember… reject the name tag saying “Adam” and put on your true identity as “Christ man.”  Then, let the Christ shine through as you accept your freedom!

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