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CedarS Met (Metaphysical Application Ideas) on the Christian Science Bible Lesson

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prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon
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This week's Bible Lesson is sort of like an in-depth illustration of the first tenet, found on page 497 of Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. She writes, "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life." The Word of God is light – both illuminating and identifying God's creation. So as we study the Bible Lesson this week, consider how it is describing, or acting like a guidebook on a tour of, eternal Life.

Throughout this Met, I'll be linking to content from TMC Youth and embedding the links in the text, to keep the flow of the met intact. At the bottom of this Met, I'll put the full links so if you are reading this from a printout, you can still go online and type in the web address. Click here for a nice, brief video explaining some of the ways light and darkness are used in the Bible.

Golden Text / Responsivw Reading: No wiggle room: God made good, and we have the right to see it
The Golden Text and Responsive Reading are very clear that God is good, and that He made good, and that's that. Do you ever find yourself buying into, rationalizing, or even expecting bad to come along mixed with good? Whenever you catch yourself thinking this, let the Golden Text be a wakeup call to remember that God is entirely and only good. That clarity about God's nature reflects the light of His love; the more we acknowledge who and what God is, the clearer we are about His expression. Let this clarity, this light, be armor for you, like this downloadable graphic illustrates.

Section 1: God opens our eyes to see what's real; discard anything that's based on false premises
Be willing to have the humility of citaion B3. The Common English Bible translates this as, "Open my eyes so I can examine the wonders of your Instruction!" Don't try to rely on your own background or prowess to accomplish anything or to understand God's work; humbly let Him tell you all about His work. This humility, turning to God first, also keeps us safe from working off false premises. Citation S2 makes it clear that this humble, willing attitude of looking to God first will show us the fullness and grandeur of God's work. We don't miss out on anything real by trusting God!

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus urged all his followers (including us) to seek the kingdom first. While that may not seem realistic today, with all the responsibilities and differing expectations of success, we come across, this collection of stories and reflections that shows how very practical and transformative it is, to simply seek, trust, and love God first.

Section 2: Be willing to engage with what's real
I have wrestled with the story in citation B5 a lot (ha!). This article from a 1916 Christian Science Sentinel really helped me relate to this story and Mary Baker Eddy's explanation of it in citation S6: "Angels" by Henrietta Marcus.

Consider the wonderful work God made. Consider His Word and light which illuminates and names His work. Now remember that you, too, are the work of God – the demonstration of His nature. Shouldn't we strive to hear and feel this Word of light telling us of our true nature? Shouldn't this recognition strip away anything that would limit us or tell us we're unworthy? While this light may seem painful at first, it's only because it's burning away anything that's not truly ours, even if we've identified with it for a long time. No matter how long you have struggled with a sickness, a character trait, or a challenging financial or relationship status, God's light is always illuminating the truth and we can love to trust His perfect Word.

Section 3: Discern what's real and what's not
One of my favorite things about the parable in citation B8 is the landowner's response when the workers come to him all frightened about the weeds in the field. He simply says, "An enemy did it." He doesn't worry about if maybe he planted the wrong seeds, or if these weeds somehow do belong, or try to make frantic plans to deal with them. His discerning eye knows that they simply do not belong, and when it's time to gather the wheat, it will be clear how to destroy the invading weeds. We can learn a great lesson here. Our clarity that God is entirely good, and that He only gives good assures us that no matter how prevalent or how settled evil seems to be, it is illegitimate. Don't make excuses for evil! Don't go on a witch hunt, but whenever something arises in thought that doesn't fit the fact of God's goodness, be willing to burn it up in the light of Truth. Remember that light is not only an illuminating and an identifying factor, but when it's focused, it becomes a laser that can cut through steel. Let citation S9 be such a clear-cut focus for your awareness of God's light, that we recognize the awesome power of good to destroy all misconceptions of evil. [Check out P.S. 1 for Cobbey Crisler’s commentary on Matthew 13 (B8) about Jesus’ parable of the tares and the wheat.]

This video about themes in the book of Revelation gives some lovely insights and illustrations of the discernment – the judgment – that is included in God's light.

Section 4: Trust
Sometimes it doesn't seem like God's light is fully present, or even present at all. This section speaks to me about why we can always at least have hope, and that hope keeps blossoming. Mrs. Eddy talks about this on p. 298 of Science & Health: "Spiritual sense, contradicting the material senses, involves intuition, hope, faith, understanding, fruition, reality." Let the hope and promise implicit in citation B10 be a steady foundation for you. Keep the ideal of citation B11 firmly in thought, and just like in any other avenue of life, when you keep your gaze fixed in a certain direction, you'll keep walking in that direction and finding the goodness all along the way. And isn't it beautiful how the citations from Science & Health here don't just explain the Bible verses, but lead upward and onward – mirroring the first tenet and showing how the Word is the perfect guide or illustration of eternal Life. Sometimes when I get a little stuck in reading Science & Health, I like to read it like it's a love letter to me. Consider this whole section as a love letter – both assuring you of the presence and promise of good, and speaking to you as the present expression of that goodness. People who love you see the best in you; let this section (and the whole Bible Lesson) be an assurance of the best, the real, that is your life

Here's a warm, engaging discussion about a related question. You can join the conversation if you'd like, or just browse the ideas and consider how the insights shared can uplift you and your community.

Section 5: Respond to reality
Sometimes we might hear the truth, but be slow to respond. Does Truth go away? No! But why shouldn't we respond with alacrity? Don't make excuses for evil. When we see that harvest rising in thought (from the parable in Section 3), be willing to weed out the tares and take home the wheat. No matter how much we have identified with a lie, the second we recognize that it cannot be ours because it cannot be God's, we can love being super willing to respond to Truth. Citation S18 illustrates that healing is the revealing of what God has already done; in other words, it's the light of God illuminating our consciousness to see what God's light, His Word, has declared. Our role is simply to respond to that light by trusting it more than we trusted the darkness. Of course calling, emailing or texting a Christian Science practitioner to ask them to support you in this response to God is a wonderful thing to do. God's light does bring healing to our consciousness and thus to our whole life, and we wouldn't want to settle for anything less.

Enjoy this original music giving melody and vibrancy to that inner struggle and eventual triumph to rise out of mediocrity and find the excellence of Truth. [Check out P.S. 2 for Cobbey Crisler’s commentary on John 5 (B13) about Jesus healing the chronically-disabled man at the pool of Bethesda.]

Section 6: No way? Then Christ is not risen. Reality includes the fact that there is a way to see it.
Citation B16 gives the apostles' assurance that Jesus was indeed resurrected, and that the Word of God is indeed manifest and risen in our lives. Do you ever catch yourself saying, "there's no way I can ______ (be healed, accomplish something, find love, have all I need…)"? Consider this: Jesus was the Wayshower, so the fact of his resurrection – the demonstration of the eternality of the Word of God – means that the Way is always present. So if there's "no way" forward, then the risen Christ is denied and God's light is insufficient. Whoa – hold on a second! When I put it like that, do you see how incorrect that is? Therefore, no matter what the situation is, since Christ is risen, there is always a way. So, our task is simply to acknowledge, adore, trust, the Christ, the Word of God, risen in our hearts. The citations from Science & Health in this section are like a step-by-step illustration of how we humbly yield to the Word, the light, and how we trust this divine illumination more than we trust any other supposed evidence.

You'll enjoy this lecture, "A way out of darkness," which was given at the 2014 College Summit at CedarS Camps, by Lari Snorek-Yates, CS, [a CedarS alumni]. No matter what the situation or diagnosis, there is always a way. [See P.S. 3 for a free webinar on healing.]

Light isn't just something we wait around for; spiritually discerned, it's the activity of God, illuminating and identifying His Word and works. This is the primal fact of your being!

Here are the full links referenced in this Met, which you can type in to the address bar of your web browser if you're reading this from a printout:

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[Warren’s P.S. 1: Check out Cobbey Crisler’s commentary on Matthew 13 (B8) about Jesus’ parable of the tares and the wheat by clicking on CedarS online Met and the Matthew pdf Download in the upper right corner.]

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