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CedarS Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for the week of April 15-21, 2013


Prepared by: Heather K. Libbe, CS (

Are sin, disease and death real? No!

Glad we got that one out of the way last week J …and how wonderful that this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson helps us go deeper in our understanding of the unreality of sin – ie. any belief that we could somehow be separate from God.

In Mary Baker Eddy’s autobiography called Retrospection and Introspection, we read the following: “Sin was, and is, the lying supposition that life, substance, and intelligence are both material and spiritual, and yet are separate from God.” (pg 67) First, sin is a lying supposition that life, substance and intelligence could somehow be separate from God. As Christian Scientists, we know that this just isn’t possible because we are constantly at one with God. In fact, nothing can separate us from God’s omnipotent Love that is taking care of us each moment!

Second, we rise above this belief that life, substance and intelligence could be both material and spiritual by getting rid of the suggestion of a separate self. Mrs Eddy goes on to say,  “Silencing self, alias rising above corporeal personality, is what reforms the sinner and destroys sin.” As we become more self-less, we can’t help but feel both blessed and uplifted!

So, let’s dive in to explore the doctrine of atonement and be grateful for all the wonderful resources there are to do so! As we stick to our oneness, sacrifice self, repent, demonstrate man’s unity with God, acknowledge Jesus’ atonement, crucifixion and resurrection and adhere to the “doctrine of Christian Science,” we will be demonstrating atonement, hence the unreality of sin. What a gift to the world!

Golden Text
“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” (1 John 4:10)

God’s love is omnipotent, unconditional, infinite, all encompassing. According to Strong’s Concordance, the word propitiation comes from the Greek word ἱλασμός (hilasmos) meaning, “an appeasing.” To appease means, “to bring a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; to satisfy, allay, or relieve.”

Christ – the Son of God – is the Truth that wipes away any belief in sin, stilling the storms of material sense and “corporeality personality” and bringing a lasting sense of peace, quiet and calm to every member of God’s perfect creation.

Responsive Reading
How wonderful that, as the beloved children of God, we always have an advocate when it seems that we “miss the mark” (sin) and are tempted to believe that we are separate from God! In fact, each and every one of us has Christ, Truth, as our advocate.

The second stanza of Hymn #93 from the Christian Science Hymnal goes like this:

Dwelling in Love that cannot change,
From anxious fear man finds release;

No more his homeless longings range,
God keepeth him in perfect peace.

God’s love for each of us is unchanging. We cannot help but dwell in this Love, as we are at one with this Love. Christ Jesus’ example shows us that, as the expression and reflection of Love, we are made perfect and can therefore be perfectly at peace.

Section 1: Stick to Your Oneness
Christ Jesus had such a clear sense of the doctrine of atonement when he said, “I and my Father are one.” How humbling that the greatest healer in the world made such a statement! Not only did he have no doubt that he one with his Father, he had a very clear understanding of who was doing the work, which gave him authority over sin, sickness, disease and death. (S3) And, by acknowledging our oneness with God, we have this same authority! 

One quarter during my junior year in college, I became extremely stressed to the point where I could not even function normally. I had spent a lot of the previous quarter off-campus, supporting a dear friend who was working through a difficult challenge and found myself still needing to pray about that experience. Furthermore, I was overwhelmed with my living situation and, on top of that, was engaged in a few more commitments than I perhaps should have been. As deadlines began piling up, I found that I couldn’t even get out of bed one afternoon because I felt so exhausted. Amongst my tears, I was feeling pretty hopeless and uttered, “I just can’t do this.”

Almost immediately – even though my intention wasn’t actually to be praying, I heard very firmly, “You know, you’re right, Heather. YOU can’t do this.” 

Needless to say, I was humbled by this angel message! I realized that I had been thinking that I was responsible for accomplishing everything on my own, that I was a mortal who was somehow acting independently from God. Once this belief was uncovered and I turned to acknowledge my oneness with God, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I was gradually able to get on top of my assignments. This realization seemed to be the catalyst for my complete freedom from feeling so burdened with a myriad of challenges. Ever since, it’s been such a privilege to get to both celebrate and demonstrate “man’s unity with God.” (S2)

Because true spiritual growth stems from ridding ourselves of the belief that we are separate from God, (S5) why not stick to our oneness with God?!? 

Section 2: With the Authority of the Christ, Sacrifice Self
With authority, Jesus gave us the Sermon on the Mount, which included the idea that he was fulfilling the law. (B9) While it might be easy to conclude that Christianity conflicts with the laws and the prophets of the Old Testament, as “the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ,” (B4) In his One Volume Commentary of the Bible, Dummelow argues that Jesus placed a great deal of importance on the Old Testament and actually went above and beyond in fulfilling the law and prophets in “all their parts” through his spiritual and moral teaching and understanding of both political and ceremonial law. 

For example, in 1 Samuel, we read that obedience and listening to God is better than any burnt offering or sacrifice. (B1) In Mark, we read that loving God with all one’s heart, understanding, soul and strength and loving one’s neighbor are better than any burnt offering or sacrifice. (B7)

According to the New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, offerings were an “external expression of man’s response to the grace of God ….a visible form of prayer offered to God.” These offerings could be either public or private and were presented in three main forms: drink, vegetable and animal offerings. Animal offerings usually consisted of cattle, bullock, sheep, goats and birds, though there were different specifications based on the circumstance. For example, any of those animals could be used for a sin offering, though birds could not be used for a peace offering. There are many very specific rules for sacrifices found in the Pentateuch or first five books in the Old Testament called the books of law.

Instead of these very material (visible) sacrifices and rituals, Mrs. Eddy encourages us to constantly be sacrificing self in order to be saved from sin. (S7) Though it quite common to think that this means giving of your entire self in serving others, I’ve found it helpful to think of “self-immolation” or unselfishness as getting rid of a the belief that we have a separate self in the first place.

We are able to do this by the “atonement of Christ,” which reconciles man to God. (S6) In thinking about what it means to be reconciled to God, it can be helpful to be reminded of the following question: Am I made in your image and likeness or are you made in Mine? Holding to the understanding that we are made in the image and likeness of God, not vice versa, takes both humility and sincerity. However, based on the understanding that there is only one God, Christ gives us the authority to do so!

Section 3: Repent!
When it seems that we’ve done something wrong, we needn’t fall into the trap of believing like these sins will be part of our identity forever. As we read in the Third Tenet of Christian Science, “…the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts.” (pg 497) So, all we have to do is repent – turn to Christ and let Truth reveal and correct the error!

In the same way that Jesus’ disciples could not be seduced by the scribes and the Pharisees into believing that Jesus was sinning by dining with the publicans and sinners, (B13) Jesus was not tripped up by the scribes and Pharisees bringing forth the adulterous woman to be stoned. (B14) Instead of choosing option A or B – making a decision to stone the adulterous woman or not, which would have gotten him into trouble with Roman authorities – he chose option C or the “Christ option” in saying, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” It wasn’t their business to be judging her in the first place and Jesus didn’t let himself get caught up in that. According to Dummelow, writing on the ground was a common practice that indicated an unwillingness to deal with the matter at hand. Jesus wasn’t ignoring the problem, however. Rather, he was letting Truth do the work through his understanding of his oneness with Truth.

Not only were the scribes and Pharisees rebuked, the woman’s humble repenting brought about instantaneous healing and she was given the beautiful dictum “Go and sin no more.” The adulterous woman was indeed able to “turn from sin and lose sight of mortal selfhood to find Christ, the real man and his relation to God, and to recognize the divine sonship.” (S13) Once she did so, sin no longer had power over her. 

Section 4: Demonstrate Man’s Unity with God
Again, we’re introduced to the idea of atonement when Mrs. Eddy says, “He (Jesus) claimed no intelligence, action, nor separate life from God.” (S14) No intelligence… No action… No separate life from God. This pretty much covers it all!

But, how do we really demonstrate man’s unity to God? (S16)

We have many examples of Jesus doing so throughout the Bible. With all the stories in this week’s Lesson, we are able to bear witness to the authority of the Christ in almost every section. When Jesus healed the man of the palsy, it has been pointed out that anyone at the time could say, “Thy sins are forgiven.” However, not everyone can follow that with “arise and walk.” (B17) Jesus was able to do so because he knew that he wasn’t separate from God. He was so clear about his purpose to “be about (his) Father’s business,” (Luke 2:49) that he couldn’t be phased by any trap set up by the scribes – this time trying to accuse him of doing things that only God could do. He was able to perceive what needed to be handled and healed, doing so with “scientific certainty.” (S17)

And, when the healing took place, the multitudes “marveled” and glorified God. This healing wasn’t for Jesus’ personal gain, as he was very clear that “I can of mine own self do nothing.” (John 5:30) With this understanding, he was practicing atonement, which resulted in him being able to go about “demonstrating the healing power of Truth and Love.” (S17) How wonderful, too, that we can do the same through our understanding that we are at one with God!

Section 5: Acknowledge Jesus’ atonement, crucifixion and resurrection
The night before before Jesus was crucified, in a “Last Supper” prayer known as the “High Priestly Prayer,” he prayed for himself, his apostles and the world. (B18) He then went through the crucifixion and resurrection, which he was able to do because he completely surrendered self in the garden of Gethsemane.  

In an article called “The Way of Gethsemane” from the April 1945 Christian Science Journal, Lucy Hays Reynolds states, “The Master proved that the way of divine glory was one not of personal glorification, but of total self-renunciation. We are told in the Scriptures that Jesus fell on the ground and earnestly prayed three times: that if it were possible the cup might pass from him, nevertheless that God's will be done; then again he prayed that if it were not possible, still that God's will be done; finally, reiterating this willingness, he reached the sublime pinnacle of self-surrender and went forth from Gethsemane fully prepared to demonstrate the capacity of the divine nature to overcome the world.”

In being able to witness Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples were then able to believe it was possible. (S19) As it says in the New International Version, “God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all,” (B20) which also happens with us as we acknowledge both Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  [Time-travelers on CedarS Bible Lands Park zipline tour of A.P. (Answered Prayer) History gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of both the crucifixion and the resurrection before and after experiencing the 1000 ft long Cross to Crown ziplines over Crown Lake.  The side-by-side ziplines go from CedarS Garden of Gethsemane to our Resurrection Garden which is complete with an open tomb.  A debrief here includes the affirmation that Jesus’ resurrection is also our resurrection and a rejoicing in deliverance from any dead-end thinking and experiences.]  Furthermore, we can demonstrate man’s unity with God by acknowledging the role that Christ Jesus plays as “the Way-shower.” The Son of God forever proved the unreality of death, the ultimate sin or belief in separation, through his resurrection, which can only help us to “further understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter.” (S21)  In that light, Christ Jesus is the appeasing of our sins.

Section 6: Adhere to the “Doctrine of Christian Science”
The New Living Translation interprets Hebrews 13:9 this way: “So do not be contracted by strange, new ideas…” (B15, section 4) So, what is the doctrine that we should adhere to then?

Mary Baker Eddy presents the following as the doctrine of Christian Science: (S23)

  • Divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object
  • Joy cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy
  • Good can never produce evil
  • Matter can never produce mind
  • Life can never result in death

Through all of these postulates – a higher understanding of divine Love, joy, good, Mind and Life, we are able to overcome any belief in separation from God, thereby proving the unreality of sin. Through God’s grace and a sincere desire for holiness, (S24) we are able to follow our Master’s example. Through “unity of faith” and an understanding that, having one Father-Mother, we are all brethren, (S9) we get to experience the fullness of Christ, Truth. (B23)  [Experiencing the fullness of the Christ is a mandatory experience, “sooner or later…” “every knee shall bow…”  (S&H 54:10, Phil. 2:10)  As Ephesians 2:4-6 (B22) puts it “God… hath MADE us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:”  Every time CedarS groups sit together for a Hymn Sing or service in Mary’s Chapel with its panoramic view of wrap-around lakes, green pastures and rolling hills beyond I rejoice that we are being made to sit down together in a truly heavenly place in Christ.  And since heaven is truly not a place, we can take that heavenly feeling with us everyplace.]  And, through the demonstration of our being in God, we are elevated to the “possible at-one-ment with the spiritual idea of man and his divine Principle, Love.” (S27)

That’s what it’s all about!!

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