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PYCLs for younger SS classes for Sunday, Jan. 7 on  “God”
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for Sunday, January 7
, 2024

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

PYCL #1:

With little ones this is a great opportunity to study the 7 synonyms! Check out citation S21/330:19 for a great run-down of these.
Have a conversation about God. Can we draw God?
Does God have a body? Does God need a body? (See citation S2/256:13.24)
See if they can conceive of God as our awareness or consciousness of Love, or Truth, or Mind. This will come in handy when we talk about Daniel.


Bring a paper copy of the Bible lesson and have them find all the occurrences of the word truth/Truth and Word. Very often Christ occurs in conjunction with truth. Christ Jesus came to communicate the truth about God and man more clearly.  It’s interesting to think about how the Word, Christ, and Truth/God intersect.

It isn’t super important to make distinctions with the youngest crowd, but you may want to point out that traditional Christians regard Jesus as God. They feel that God came down to earth. We can have a conversation about the pitfalls of accepting this idea, just don’t be disrespectful.

The biggest pitfall to me seems to be that if Jesus was God, then we can’t be expected to heal, because if all of that was done by God in a direct way, than how can we expect to be “God”?

If the Christ Truth, God’s messenger, communicates directly with man, then we can heal as Christ Jesus did. There are some other points, like: where was God in the rest of the universe while Jesus was on earth? Was everyone else in the world left without?

PYCL #3:

Daniel is a great way to talk about how God can be Consciousness with which we are one. Our Golden Text sets us up exquisitely to see that this divine Consciousness has always been here, no beginning, no end. This Consciousness has always known us! That Word was already existent “in the beginning”!

There are two Daniel stories. One in the Responsive Reading Dan. 10:1-19 (to 2nd !), 2: 20-22. And one in the 2nd section, citation B8/Dan. 6:1-26.

Read or tell them to the students. How is God as Consciousness apparent in these stories. In the first one there is an angel that comes to him and speaks directly to him (he tells us that no one else heard). In the next one he is so at one with divine Consciousness that there is no barrier between him and even lions, who are also part of eternal Creation. Daniel could not be separate from Love, even when envy and hatred set him in a den of hungry lions. We can experience this oneness too!

PYCL #3:

With littles act out Daniel’s lions den experience. Talk to them about what this experience might be today, for them.
What happens when someone is envious of you?
What happens when you feel envy towards another?
What is the “lions den” in life today?
Littles will need help with this. What made Daniel continue to pray even with that law in place?
Or, why didn’t he hide while he prayed?
What do the lions represent?

It’s helpful to notice in citation S8/275:10-14, 17, that this sense of certainty of “…God as the divine Principle of all that really is.”
Must have been a certainty in Daniel’s consciousness.

PYCL #4:

Can we be punished for doing good?
This is an interesting question for children who are a little older.
Daniel did everything right and still got thrown in the lions den.
Yet this afforded an opportunity to bring to light the one true God to a whole society! Truth is always unfolding safety, and dominion. If we are striving to align, line up our thought with divine Consciousness, we will find ourselves proving this to be true.

There is a choice to make when we feel like an injustice has been done to us. We can feel like a victim, or, we can embrace the certainty that God is the source of all good, and all that really is.
We can follow Daniel’s example.

PYCL #5:

What are our false concepts of God. I’d maybe start with this before PYCL#1, so that we follow with what God IS.
But it’s very helpful to identify what might be limiting our concept of God.
Here are a few concepts that might start things off:
1.God is a supreme but human- like, man who resides in the sky.
2. We must be deserving or worthy to speak to or hear God, or get help.
3. We have to ask or beg God to listen to us and do stuff for us.
4. God “decides whether to listen or act.
5. God created good and bad/allows bad.
6. We have to be older, more “spiritually minded” to have God involved in helping (a little like worthiness).
7. We have to study and read the Bible and Science and Health a lot. They may have some great ideas for you to lovingly refute.

Have a great week in Sunday School!!!

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