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Younger Class “Love” Lesson ideas for 2/4 Sunday School
Possible Younger Sunday School Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for Sunday, February 4, 2024

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

PYCL #1: Continue any ongoing projects such as the large letters that begin each synonym  that you fill with qualities of that synonym. We already have “L” for Life, but we can add one for Love! The idea is to pin or display these in your cubicle or on a wall. You can continue to add to them each week. What qualities are specific to Love? How do we reflect Love in our actions?

Can the children share ideas of ways that they reflect Love each day? Love is one of the easiest ways for us to feel God, see God, understand God. You might enjoy thinking about how our parents are expressions of Love. How do they show us Love’s presence? By keeping us safe, feeding us, giving us a place to live, having our best interests in mind, helping us with everything, cheering for us, asking us about our day, hugging us, reading to us…These are all things that express the way that Love is caring for each and every one of us! Our parents are not the source of these caring things, God/Love is the source. Our parents simply reflect these things.

PYCL #2: The New Living Translation of the Bible puts citation B1/1 John 4:12 this way: “No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.” How is it that when we love everyone, genuinely, unconditionally, simply because we know that no matter how they behave, their true being must reflect divine Love.

Anything that is not like Love, must be a lie. Perhaps we aren’t great buddies in that moment, but we can feel love, compassion, patience, gentleness, and understanding towards each other. When we are doing this, then we are not only fully being ourselves as Love’s expression, but we are demonstrating that Love is within us! Loving another is more than trying to list good qualities about someone who seems unlikeable to us, or someone who is being unkind to us. It is a turning to the model, to Love itself, to find out the truth about another. This can take some genuine effort on our parts!

When you think about turning to Love like an exercise in looking at the “model” or source to find the truth, you turn away from the lie of bad behavior, or ugly habits, and you begin to see what is real. Spend some time thinking through what it takes to feel genuine love for those whose company we might not enjoy, or for those that we really struggle to like.

PYCL #3: There is an unusual theme in this week’s lesson that tells us that sadness, grief, mourning (especially as it relates to death), disappears in the presence of Love. This is an interesting idea to explore. When Love is fully present in our consciousness, what else can enter? What else could we feel?

Love is complete, can we feel loss in Love’s presence?
Love is warm and companionable, can we feel loneliness? The final citation from the Responsive Reading from Ps. 30:5 states “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” If we think about what night symbolizes, would that be an absence of “light”, or understanding? When we don’t understand and feel Love’s presence, then we might be feeling grief when it appears that someone has passed away. Look up together the definition of “Morning” in Science and Health p. 591. “Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress.” Joy comes with understanding more deeply what Love is, and what Truth is. With this understanding we necessarily receive revelation and progress!

Maybe you can share some ideas of how to more deeply perceive and understand God as Love and how that understanding might free us from sadness of all kinds? One simple analogy might be that when we are standing bathed in sunshine on a warm day, we can’t help but feel warmth and see the light of the sun. If we hide in a cave, we will not have that experience, even if it’s the same warm sunny day. We have to “walk out” of that “cave” to experience the presence and power of the sun. Likewise, we must “walk our thought” out of the darkness of clinging to sadness in order to feel the constant and warm presence of Love.

PYCL #4: I do realize this may not be the point of this story in this week’s lesson, but it might still be fun to talk about. In Section 3 of the lesson we have the story of Absalom, King David’s favorite son. Absalom is constantly referred to as beautiful, graceful, charming.

Does being physically “perfect” make one a better expression of divine Love?
What makes us Love’s expression? Read the story, or tell it to the little ones. Explain what happened. You can get into greater detail with the older children if you want. (2 Sam. 3:2,3. 14:1,25. 15:7,9,10,12. 18:5,31-33…citations B6-9)

What made Absalom popular? Did he do anything to keep Israel safer, more prosperous? Or was he just a fancy speaker that had an attractive demeanor? David was an undisputably great king, Absalom merely made fine speeches. Yet many were fooled and followed him in his uprising against his father — just because he was attractive.

It might be cool to discuss this aspect of what continues to be a prominent issue today. Why do we choose the leaders that we follow today, whether ones in school, or political, sport, or art? What qualities are actually lasting, have depth, elevate, and so on? When we learn to recognize Love as the heart of our interactions, we can spot what is truly valuable in others, and not be fooled by a pretty face!

PYCL #5: Make some “valentines” or true “Love” notes for later in the month. What would you include in a genuine letter of love to someone (non-romantic). Have the younger children design such a note or valentine for mom or dad or sibling or friend.

What would you want to put in such a letter? What qualities do they express that remind you of God’s Love? You can bring in some cut out hearts, stickers, etc. whatever is appropriate for your age group.

I realize that Valentine’s day is kind of silly, but this might be a fun project to tie in to a deeper understanding of Love.

Have a wonderful week in Sunday School!










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