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PYCLs — Share on-topic videos & testimonies ” (#1, #2) Let your light shine! (#4) Reveal something surprising in a big picture! (#5)
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for Sunday, December 17
, 2023

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO [titles/format by wee-hour editor, Warren] • 314-406-0041

PYCL #1: Share on-topic background ideas and videos 

I always like to start this Lesson by defining some of the words in the title.
What is Mary Baker Eddy referring to when she raises this question?
What was known in her day about this subject? Was she ahead of her time? What is this subject about?  Who/what governs the universe?

If your class is a little older there are some cool, age appropriate short videos that explain things like the double-slit experiment.
This is more in the realm of quantum physics, but it’s right in line with what we learn in metaphysics about the influence of consciousness on experience.
You can share such a video and talk about it’s relationship to healing.

PYCL #2: Share on-topic wisdom and testimonies of children

This Bible lesson has a theme of wisdom. It begins immediately with our Golden Text from 1st Cor. 3:18, 19 to address the difference between human and divine wisdom. There are a couple of sweet stories you could share to illustrate this idea of how wisdom from God is power. The book titled “Travis Talks with God” is a sweet one that you may have in your Sunday School. In it Travis discovers that God was actually speaking to him when he was sledding, but he just didn’t listen.

In the most recent Christian Science Sentinel (December  11, and 18, 2023) there’s a lovely children’s story about angels, and how an angel saved one girl from crashing into a tree while skiing. It’s titled “My Christmas Angel” by Bee Holekamp. These would both be terrific stories to share!

PYCL #3: Memorize and discuss the Daily Prayer as an affirmation of God’s government

Learn together, line by line, the “Daily Prayer” from the Church Manual, p. 41 . There is so much about God governing in this prayer. This is a great prayer to dissect. Notice things like how she borrows from the Lord’s Prayer with “Thy kingdom come”. How does she translate this line of the Lord’s Prayer on p. 16 of Science and Health? Have them look it up. Could we add that to our daily recitation if this prayer.

What does it mean that God’s kingdom is come, that Love/Truth/Mind is ever present? How do we let Truth reign in us (list all the ways).
How do we let Life reign in us? How about Love?

List the qualities we express when Truth Life and Love are reigning in us, what does that look like?
How do they become “established”?
What sins are we “ruling out”?
If sin is separation from God, what do we rule out that would make us feel separate? Keep going from there.
Doesn’t it seem like the Daily Prayer is about affirming God’s government?

PYCL #4: Talk about how to let your (“little”) light shine!

Wisdom is linked with light. Ask why. If light and wisdom are in many ways synonymous, then we can get a new perspective on the Creation story from Genesis 1. Read it together, through the verse about God bringing light.

Talk about how light reveals things. How darkness disappears in light. Think of God as light. Then think about how God, as light, would extinguish darkness. This is like Truth destroying a lie.

With little ones you could teach them the song “This little light of mine”. It’s simple and the message is in keeping with the power of light to heal.

PYCL #5: Find something surprising to reveal in a big picture when it’s uncovered.

Understanding that the universe is actually spiritual and governed by Mind takes a shift of consciousness. In citation S21/162:9 we see how Science changes the human mind. Bring in a picture of something they might enjoy. Have all of it covered but a small area. Discuss what we see. Then reveal the whole picture.

Hopefully you can find something that is surprising to reveal in the big picture when it’s uncovered. It could just be a small patch of gray. When you remove the covering, you see an entire elephant, for example. Isn’t this a huge change in perspective? We can describe the gray patch, its color and texture and light. But not until the whole is revealed can we appreciate what it is. In a similar way, the human mind is woefully short on understanding the full picture of Spirit!!

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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