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PYCLs: With God’s universe it is all about good. whereas with a matter universe it’s all about conflict. God’s law vs. miracles. Be like trees by the water! Blossom and “make fruit”! Guard the door! Blend with God!
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for Sunday, June 18, 2023

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

PYCL #1: Get a handle on this “mouthful” of a topic…

Define the gist of this topic in someway like: “This is a lesson about whether there is more than one kind of power governing man and the universe…or is only God, Good in control?” At CedarS this week I’ve been focusing in the morning “Prac Talks” on laws and the power that comes from understanding those laws. You may find helpful ideas in these talks which can be found on the CedarS website. But probably you will hear many of the ideas right here!!

Define “atomic”…explain that we are talking about the smallest particles of matter. With little kids keep it simple–more with olders. I like noticing that with a universe that is all about matter, there is so much conflict. There is sickness vs. health, life vs. death, peace vs. war and so on. With God’s universe it is all about good. Atoms have electrons and neutrons…there are oppositely charged particles that either war with each other/repel each other, or are attracted to each other… Does that sound familiar?!
But when everything comes from one source: Love, can there be any war there?

You can repeat a simple experiment to illustrate this by bringing in a container (labeled 100% preferably) with juice or even crackers. If it is a bottle of apple juice, for example, you show it to them and ask them what they expect will come out when you pour it into a cup? Would they expect spaghetti sauce? In the same way, Love can only produce loving things.

PYCL #2: God’s law vs. miracles.

Many consider Jesus’ healing to be miraculous, like a spiritual magic trick where God decided to “make something happen” because Jesus was his son. There are several examples of such “miracles” in this week’s lesson that also were done by Bible characters other than Jesus. This is a great opportunity to explain that Jesus and others were working with God’s laws, not outside of them. A fun way to illustrate this is to show the difference between our human laws, which are wonderful, help us stay safe, etc. but can be broken, and certain laws that cannot be broken. For example, we know that traffic laws are excellent things that keep us safe while driving, but we also know that they can be broken, even if it’s not a great idea to do so! On the other hand, the laws of physics don’t really break. Use gravity. Have each child hold a small pebble and stand up. Ask them what will happen when they drop it. Did it float up to the ceiling? Have them drop the pebble (or whatever, could be a piece of paper). This would not be considered “miraculous”. Yet it is a law that governs everything and everyone, humanly speaking right?

A baby “knows” about gravity when they start dropping food off of their highchair tray. A child knows when they are playing catch, or bouncing a ball, or jumping rope–when we jump, we always come back down! In the same way, God’s laws are in operation, cannot be broken, and anyone can demonstrate them!

PYCL #3: Be like trees by the water!

Bible citation 9/Jer. 17:7,8 tells us that the man/woman who trusts and hopes in God is like a tree that is planted next to a river full of water. When a drought comes it just keeps on being green and thriving. Explain that this is a metaphor for how we need to be “planted” in the goodness of God.

We need to keep our thought inspired by deeply rooting ourselves in Love’s “water table” of inspired ideas, recognizing God’s goodness around us at all times, even when things feel “dry”/uninspired, challenging in some way.

We don’t want to be swayed by circumstance or people or we will always find ourselves on a mental roller coaster of happy and sad! This ties in nicely with our CedarS theme of “Peace…storm or shine” which is an extract from Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “Satisfied”. (Better known as the many versioned hymn “It matters not…”). You can certainly sing a version of this hymn with the children.

PYCL #4: Blossom and “make fruit”!

This ties into PYCL #3 and is a great way to lead into a discussion of the interesting story in Section 3 about Aaron and Moses and the rods that were brought into the Tabernacle. The back story is basically rooted in envy. The other tribe leaders among the Children of Israel were unhappy that Aaron had a special place in the community. (It’s interesting to me that previous to this time, Aaron and his sister Miriam were envious of Moses and his special position!) At any rate, this was how Moses was inspired to sort out their envy. As we see, Aaron’s rod not only leafed out overnight, but blossomed and grew almonds/fruit!

Obviously, human law can’t make fruit on a tree overnight, much less make a dead stick produce leaves, flowers, and fruit overnight! This seems like a great example of how we are being called, just like in citation B9 to never “…cease from yielding fruit.” Moses and Aaron were deeply connected to God over many years. They had put down those roots by the “river”. We can all do this, no need for envy, the “water” is available to all!!! What is this “fruit”? Healing!

PYCL #5: Guard the door! Blend with God!

This morning in Bible Lesson Study time with the Whippoorwills  we had fun acting out citation S27/392:21-27. First we discussed that the “climate” that we have mastery over, is a climate of thought. We can govern our thinking at any time. We talked about what it means to “reverse”. And how we can decide whether to let in angry thoughts, or peaceful ones. Then I had one child stand in front of the door and everyone lined up to say something either positive or not so. She opens the door to good thoughts, and guards it shut to the bad ones. All take turns “guarding” and asking.

We also talked about “blending with God” like Christ, from citation S24/316:12 (only), 21. We went through each synonym and discussed how we “blend” with that name for God. At the end I got out the blender and gave them small smoothies. You could just bring in a bottle of pre-made smoothie and pour at the end, explaining that it is a “blended” smoothie.

Have fun in Sunday School!!










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