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PYCLs: Don’t dive into a puddle or try to fill a bucket with a hole in it. (4)  What is true creation? Does God’s creation begin/end?  What’s the “one question to be considered”?  Ask God our deepest questions, then listen for answers. 

Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“God the Only Cause and Creator”
for Sunday, June 4, 2023

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041


We have been well set up to address this question by recent Bible lessons that spoke of Adam and Eve, etc. There is only one true creation and we see this creation with our spiritual senses–the senses that perceive and rejoice in spiritual good. This doesn’t mean that evil or error never appears to us, but that it isn’t telling our senses the truth, or more accurately, we perceive evil with material senses. When things happen that aren’t lovely, they are there to point us in to a higher, truer, more accurate, spiritual truth. This is the wonderful thing about difficult trials, they push us to see things in a spiritually accurate way!

With the younger children go for a walk and ask them to point out to you all the spiritually true parts of creation. If they point to a tree you can pause and talk about the spiritual qualities of a tree. What does it represent? It is deeply rooted and strong. Flexible enough for strong winds, brittle enough to drop a dead branch when it doesn’t need it. (We can be deeply rooted in Spirit, and then when difficult “winds” or challenges come, we can bend and not snap. Or, when we outgrow a habit or way of thinking, we can just let it fall away). If they point to a building, you can discuss spiritual integrity, spiritual foundations, usefulness and so on. If they point out a rock, spiritual Truth. An acorn? You can talk about seeds of Truth that grow and are nurtured in thought. You get the idea! If you want to do this without a walk, you might bring in an assortment of objects that would spur this kind of conversation!


The fact that there is not a beginning to creation is so vital to spiritual progress. Causation is not the same thing as beginning. Causation is a consciousness based realization of what is already whole and complete and in place. Can eternity have a beginning or end? Bring in a Hula hoop to illustrate the nature of eternity, no start, no finish. Obviously you can use any type of circle to illustrate this. I like the way Christie states in the beginning of her “met” this week that God is not a being that “poof” created the universe. No! Divine consciousness is the light. That’s why it didn’t need sun in this description of creation from Gen. 1:3-5, 26 (to:), 27/citation B4. And you can bring out citation S3/504:3-15 where Mary Baker Eddy talks about this aspect of light before the sun or moon.  Is there a beginning to infinite, eternal consciousness? Have the children draw an infinite line. Can they do this? No! Because it would have to have a start if they drew it. In the same way, you can point out that each of us has no “beginning”–and therefore no end! We have always been unfolding in divine Consciousness, no “poof” into being at some point ___ years ago.


This pairs nicely with the idea of “beginninglessness”. It comes from citation S20/170:22-24 “Spiritual causation is the one question to be considered for more than all others spiritual causation relates to human progress.” This is related to the Bible story which includes the Pharisee, Gamaliel, who had the wisdom to say tell the other Pharisees that they needn’t imprison or hassle the apostles because if the apostles’ work was from God, there would be no stopping it, but if it sprang from some other source, it would be powerless to continue! What a great statement of Science. If something has its source in divine Consciousness, there is no stopping it, it is part of eternal creation and has power. If not, well then, it falls into nothing! Make up a game where you name something and the children guess whether it is spiritually caused or not. ( This is for very little kids). Talk about the word “considered” and how it means here to give it some thought, to pray about it. And, of course, read and tell the story from Acts 5:12 (to;), 17-21 (to 1st.), 34,35,38,39,42/cit. B23.


Citation B10/Jer 2:1 the, 11,13 they and citation S12/262:9 give us some good imagery to play with in Sunday School. With the Bible citation feel free to bring in a cup with holes or cracks in the bottom and pour your students some water (over a bowl or something). Just do it straight faced and keep trying to hand them the cup of water and refilling it. Then discuss what this passage means. When we put our joys, hopes, faith, love, desire, in things that decay or are undependable, we are filling up cups of water that have holes in the bottom! Talk about the spiritual significance of this and what we can do that “holds” the good in better. You can talk about “diving into the shallows of mortal beliefs”–like diving head first into a puddle. That wouldn’t feel good, wouldn’t get you wet, or cooled off, certainly not refreshing! Talk about what spiritual depth means and what it looks like in simple terms.


See citation B12/Isa. 45:8,11. Part of it states “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.” Emphasize “me” and “my” when you read it. We are to ask God, not our own circling thoughts! Come in with a healing example of a circumstance where you took the time to ask and listen for God’s answer. For me these answers come in nature, or in things expressed around me rather than words, most of the time. Explain that we can receive answers of peace, but we have to be still to receive them. Try practicing a few moments of stillness, really, really short with the little ones, a little longer with the olders if you want. It is God that is unfolding all creation all the time. God is infinite Mind, that knows all. It’s not about human events or predictions– it’s about right ideas presenting themselves to us in beautiful ways that inspire.

Have fun in Sunday School this week!






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