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[PYCL: When tried, find opportunity to express creativity, strength, skill, intelligence… (4)]
ossible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School on the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
For June 21, 2020

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Show 1 natural item at a time & discuss how it shows the beauty of Mind's creation. If you have "in-person" classes, take a walk outside and collect natural items together. (If you are online, you could send them this assignment ahead, "gather six items from outside to share in Sunday School…) Stones, flowers (preferably not plantings!), grasses, leaves, feathers, twigs—look around and "collect" mind-pictures of any birds, maybe squirrels, rabbits…these are available in cities as well as suburbs!

If you are doing a virtual class you collect ahead of time and ask them to tell you about animals, clouds, etc. that they have seen recently. Back in class, either way, let's pull out one item at a time and talk about how they show the beauty and grandeur of Mind's creation. You might want to read the Golden Text, Responsive Reading, and especially citation B2 (Job 12:7-13), before-hand.

Citation B2 (Job 12:7-13) is so fun to look at in this light: "What do animals "teach" us? How do birds "tell" us things and what do they tell us? What does the earth "teach" us, or fish "declare"? You will have thought this through ahead of time so that you can get the "ball rolling" as they say. I might say that each of these things/animals tell us/teach us about Soul and how it is filled with beauty, with life and vigor, with agility, grace, energy.

The earth teaches us about how creation can be spontaneous, happy, lovely, how creation sustains us, fulfills us naturally and abundantly. You have so many angles from which to think about this. What do birds teach? Limitless boundaries? Colorful clothes? Beauty in sound? How to be caring in a family? How to build a safe and clever home? What do they "tell" you? In their songs they speak to me of God's endless variety of beautiful sound and expression of all sorts of qualities that you can get specific about.

Each species of bird has their own unique song, usually a couple of them! Fish are so adapted to their environment, they can see, breath, and move with speed and grace through an environment that is almost completely foreign to us! You get the idea.

With the stones, etc., you can convert them from "things" into "thoughts". A stone might represent a firm foundation, something that shades us from the hot sun (B7, Isaiah 32:2), a solid idea… A flower expresses the beauty of Soul in color, form, strength, endurance, adaptability. Again, you get the idea. Pinecones have amazing patterns that point to how Mind designs with purpose, but also incredible beauty.

Pycl #2: Look to the stories in this week's lesson to share ideas on where power comes from.
If the children aren't too young you may want to discuss the subject of this lesson and what it means, since atomic force may not be too familiar. Then, look to the stories in this week's lesson to share ideas on where power comes from. You can take each story in turn.

For example, in Section 3 we have Jesus healing the man of leprosy. How does this relate? Aren't we dealing with the very contemporary suggestion of the power of contagion to "create" or evolve chaos, fear, illness? In citation S11 (316:21), Jesus illustrates how we can "blend" with God, see our oneness, to defend ourselves from the belief that we are subject to any power but God, Good.

In Section 4 we have Jesus quelling the storm at sea. What kind of power was that? I like to think about this story as an example of how we can be fooled by material sense into accepting the lie that God is not in control at every moment. We can feel that presence and Truth in the midst of what looks like a storm.

Perhaps we, like Jesus, can see so clearly that we share our knowledge of God's presence, power, and control, and can help others see the same peace that we know God has established! In other words, Did Jesus quell the storm? Or was the storm's appearance only real to material sense, and Jesus opened the disciple's eyes to God's present, constant power? It's an interesting thought to contemplate!

Pycl #3: The flip side of God's power is belief in being victimized by evil's power/ appearance.
You may have students that are ready to talk about how evil appears to be real in our lives. Section 5 does not shy away from this topic. The "smoke" is such a great symbol for the substance-less nature of error. The opposite of error, obviously, is truth.

Citation B19 (Zeph. 3:5) tells us that "…every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, he faileth not;" Citation S22 (484:13) addresses the complicated seeming puzzle of material existence by explaining that our physical universe is actually an expression of "conscious and unconscious" mortal thoughts. Take some time to ponder this amazing fact. This is borne out by quantum physics today. Consciousness is truly all there is, things only exist in as much as we are conscious of them.

We influence particles by our consciousness or lack of consciousness of these particles! And here is Mary Baker Eddy telling us this same fact, about 140 years ago!!!! Make sure you ponder citation S23 (273:29) and see how we can oppose this "smoke" of error with Science and "put it out"! "Truth and Love antidote…" this mental confusion and mess…We have clarity, and certainty from divine Truth.

Try lighting a candle, blowing it out, and showing how the smoke just drifts off, it cannot continue once the flame is gone! Once we know what is true and "put out" the flames of confusion, fear, etc., we are no longer victims of the belief in other powers.

Pycl #4: When tried, find opportunity to express creativity, strength, skill, intelligence…
What does citation S17 (410:14) mean? Ask the students for an example of how it works to have a "trial" strengthen our faith in God. Share an example from your life. If we didn't have all these examples and testimonies, we would surely find it impossible to trust in this power of God!?

You can talk about how opportunities in the arts give us greater skills, whether we "flop" in a performance, forget a line in a play, miss a goal in a soccer game, struggle to train for some skill…these are all opportunities to strengthen our faith in God's role in our lives. Can you share how that would work with a story of your own? When we lean on God as our source we can find unlimited opportunity to express creativity, strength, skill, intelligence and so on, because it rests in God's hands, not in ours.

Hope you have a grand time in Sunday School!

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