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[PYCL: Wake up as soon and as often as possible from the Adam dream! (#4)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:

“Adam and Fallen Man”
for Sunday, May 10, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Talk about sleep as a metaphor. When we are asleep what controls our dreams? Where do they come from? Are they based in reality? I think it’s interesting that we dream while we are not conscious (mostly). Talk here also about what conscious means. Are we sometimes not really conscious while we are seemingly “awake”? Have you ever done something that was totally without thought (consciousness) behind it, just a dumb reaction or observation that normally we’d never do? I sure have! This lesson is structured around the Adam and Eve story. What do the ideas of sleep and being wakened have to do with this story? If you have little kids, be careful about asking about dreams, they can take the whole hour telling you elaborate stories about their dreams! When do we normally sleep and dream… in the dark right? I know these are a bunch of different ideas that are loosely assembled around sleep and being awake. Pull them together by looking at the Golden Text.

Pycl #2: Where do dreams go when we wake up? Do they go hang out somewhere? No! Talk about this idea, that the ‘dream’ of being alive in a material body doesn’t ‘go’ anywhere. Our true identity as a fully formed, intelligent, loving idea that is reflecting Love, just becomes apparent and real to us. That is how Jesus healed, as we read in Sections 4 and 5. How do we get to that point? By proving over and over again through healing, that God governs or reigns (Responsive Reading). Then matter never has the “last word”. Every time we have any kind of healing, we are unveiling a bit of our true spiritual identity.

Pycl #3: Ask the kids if they have ever seen mist. Here in Missouri we have it especially over river bottoms when things are cool over night and there is a temperature difference between the water and the air. I have been in mist on the coast of Maine that is so thick that you can barely see a few feet in front of you. It’s like being inside a gray box. All you can feel of it consists of moisture, nothing solid at all. While you are in the mist, completely in the gray, can you see the sun? Often not. But if you’ve ever been in an airplane you have experienced flying above all the sun obscuring clouds and mist. You know that it is still shining away, as bright as ever. That’s kind of like God. Mortal thoughts are like those mists. They sometimes get us confused and feel like we can’t tell which way to go—so to speak. But God is never keeping us in the dark. Lift our thought up, and we see clearly what we need to know about ourselves and about God!
[See Download 3 from CedarS online version for a mist picture that may be helpful… ]

Pycl #4: Dreams can sometimes be tricky and fun (and sometimes scary and awful). My husband, Doug, will often fall asleep and then wake up—I kid you not—maybe a full 10 seconds later. Then he’ll tell me about this dream he just had, totally elaborate, and it will take several minutes to tell. I don’t pretend to be an expert in these matters but I do think that that hints at the tricky nature of our “less conscious” so-called mind. If the whole matter experience is truly a dream, not reflecting the constant grace, dependability, beauty, health, harmony wholeness, agelessness, etc., then don’t we want to work to wake from it as soon and as often as possible? How can we practice that right now? Any ideas?

Pycl #5: How can we clear that misty sense of ourselves is a mortal creation? One possible answer to that question comes with a folk tale that you can share if you feel so moved. It involves an argument between the North wind and the Sun. They are arguing over who can get a traveling man to take off his coat the soonest. They decide to give it a try. The North wind blows his hardest sending great gusts of frigid air blowing over the poor man. But the man grabs a hold of his coat and pulls it even more tightly around him. Finally North wind gives up. Out comes the Sun taking her turn. She just shines down and warms the man. Pretty soon he’s so warm he just takes his coat off and ties it around his waist. If we think of the coat as maybe the comfort of matter, we can see that we might be tempted to find a material solution for our problems and hug the “coat" close when things are challenging. But if God is represented here by the sun, then we can find comfort in the fact that we don’t even need that mortal sense of comfort at all when we let that radiant Love into our thought. This brings us back to being conscious of God’s presence in our lives.

Have a great Sunday!!

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