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[PYCL: Wake to Reality from all dreams, instantly knowing their unreality! (#7)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

September 27, 2015 on


by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: I think we would all like to see what Jesus saw when he healed people all around him, near and far. He saw spiritual reality. How do we see that? What makes it harder to see? What makes it easier to see? When Jesus gave his disciples a personal class in healing when he preached His Sermon on the Mount, he shared a set of blessings or beatitudes. In following these Beatitudes and the other directions in this special Sermon, we can expect to become great spiritual seers ourselves. We will find ourselves noticing reality and waking up from the dream of what the material senses are trying to convince us is real. Look at the Beatitudes together and see how the qualities that Jesus tells us lead to certain "rewards", contribute to clearer vision. See how these Beatitudes fit into this lesson on Reality. For example, the Beatitude "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" seems so very applicable to the story in Section 2 about Abram. He meekly/humbly allowed his kinsman, Lot, to choose whatever land he wanted first. He had the humble faith in God that recognized the abundant good that God had for everyone. And sure enough he heard God say to him: "Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever." Talk about seeing spiritual reality! Consider that it certainly seemed that Lot had already claimed the best part of the land—the plain that was well-watered. Yet Abraham heard God tell him that actually, He was giving him everything he could see around him! His humility in letting Lot choose let him literally "inherit" the earth in this circumstance, even if it didn't look like it immediately. Think about this example of "seeing". Did it look like Abraham was really getting everything? Maybe we can think together of times when our spiritual senses revealed a reality that was not immediately apparent to material sense. Share a healing that illustrated how you/someone overcame something that looked bad—sickness or a troublesome argument— and you were able to see reality right there and bring that reality into view for everyone. This is what we do every time we have a healing! (There are other examples in this lesson of where we can apply the Beatitudes. Maybe the nobleman's healing was an example of being "poor in spirit"?)

Pycl #2: I liked noticing in citation S7 that Mrs. Eddy gives us a list of what spiritual sense "involves". Have you ever thought of it in that way? Intuition, faith, understanding, fruition, reality… what do these things mean? She also tells us in citation S8 that "…all questions are settled through faith in, and the understanding of, divine Love." Wow, "all questions"…how might an acknowledgement of that fact lead us to behave when we are sorting out any challenge that comes into our experience? Maybe come up with a few questions that we might have at any given time and see how our faith in Love and our understanding of Love and Love's power, presence, goodness, might contain an answer. This is like giving a treatment that begins with identifying the error (asking the question—such as: what am I afraid of?), and then holding, like Abram, to our certainty that Love is in control and deepening this faith into real understanding of just what Love is doing in our experience and how Love is expressed around us. Can you also come up with a list of ways that we see Love in action around us? How does this list answer the first list of questions?

Pycl #3: What things can we see, and what things, that are part of reality, seem to be "unseen"? (B7) Even young kids can come up with a nifty list here if you get them started. Think about the synonyms and how they express qualities that are not "visible" though they have visible results! We can't see Love easily always, but we know when we feel it and we can notice it through someone's patience, tenderness, generosity, kindness, cheerfulness and so on. How is Truth made visible? Can you see someone's honesty or integrity? Maybe not, but you can see the results of those qualities in the harmony of a classroom or meeting or play date, or in the strength of a building, for example.

Pycl #4: What does it mean to be "pure in heart"? (B11) Mrs. Eddy links purity with perfection, which also means completeness or wholeness. She says in citation S14 that when we have lost all sense of evil, then we essentially see that we are living in the kingdom of God. Living there means that we are certainly seeing God and reality around us! What kind of perfection is she or Jesus talking about? Can we come up with a list of things in our thought or experience that express purity? You might think again of that example, used in previous Pycls, of a water glass that gets dirt in it, but as we fill and fill it with clean water, the dirt just gets replaced by the pure clean water… just something to try if you wish.

Pycl #5: As long as we are working on these qualities, like purity, we can visit the subject of forming perfect models in our thought. (S17 and S16 too) What do the littler kids think it means to make a model of something. Bring in an example of a model—a model of a boat or car or house, etc. What kind of models are we supposed to "form" in our thought? Maybe we could look at the qualities in citation S17 like "carving tools" that bring out the beauty of reality around us. Through our demonstration of those qualities—unselfishness, goodness, mercy, etc.—they become more visible to us, we start to see the solidity of reality and the seeming solidity of the dream of life in matter "takes a hit" as they say. You can certainly talk about the sculptor and how he/she would have a model or picture of what they were going to carve before they got started. Try to imagine what your sculpture would look like if you just started hacking away at the stone or wood or whatever, without knowing where you are going? This is a bit like citation S10 where she tells us that we must turn our gaze towards reality, look where we are walking. Try having them take a short walk without looking. If you need to go outside from the Sunday School and someone blindfolds you and spins you around until you don't remember where the exit is and then says, "okay, go ahead and leave", you are going to have some trouble knowing where to go. Your "escape route" will be wandering, not direct, and will probably be hazardous too!

Pycl #6: How do we make reality "appear"? Citation S18 is one place where we get an answer. "A demonstration of the facts of Soul in Jesus' way resolves the dark visions of material sense into harmony and immortality." In simple words you could maybe say that when we demonstrate what we know of God's goodness and presence, we see reality—healing is evidence of reality. There are many passages that point to this in Mrs. Eddy's writings.

Pycl #7: It might be fun to talk about how we wake from a dream—since Mrs. Eddy tells us that sickness is a dream (S21). Do we spend a lot of time pondering how the dream we just had was powerful, had impact on our lives, made us tired, hungry, whatever… Or do we just wake up? We might remember a particularly vivid dream and be able to describe it even… does that mean it was real or "more" real?

Pycl #8: I do realize that this week's Pycls are short on activities, sorry! But I think that one final thing to check out is in the last section. We don't need to avoid Revelation with the kids. I think they'd love the idea, that Mrs. Eddy makes clear, about how this vision is different than the dream that we were just talking about. When we have a really fun immediate healing, it is usually the result of revelation, that big recognition of God's presence and power all at once, that wipes away any other suggestion of reality in matter. So that's what Revelation is about. I love also what Mrs. Eddy says in citation S25 about how the human misery, that is represented by those "7 last plagues", is more than met by the spiritual message of Love. Every challenge to our thought—that tells us that matter is real, that evil is powerful—is met and answered (like those questions!) by Love's angel thoughts. Find some examples of this in your life to share, see if they recognize any in their own experiences.

Have a great Sunday!

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