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[PYCL: Use a fan… Sail a boat…Expect angels… Don’t be jealous… Wake up!
Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School from
the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on:

For August 9 2020

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Use a fan to show how Spirit’s like wind that moves things, but’s not visible, tangible. We have some fun options for demonstrations that can illustrate the qualities that are expressed through Spirit. We can always use a fan to show how Spirit (which shares a root with the word "wind" in the Bible) is like a wind that moves things, but is not visible or tangible. In the same way, man can be "moved", or inspired by Spirit to follow a certain path, to do things a certain way, and so on. Use hair, or tissue, or something that moves easily in a fan, to illustrate this idea. This works well over zoom, and in person! Think about how listening to God/Spirit might feel like a gentle breeze, only in our thinking. It could inspire us to give someone a hug when they need it, or share a kind thought. It could inspire us to set the table for dinner without being asked. It could even just be that little thought that tells us we should be obedient and come when we are called by mom or dad.

Pycl #2: Sail a boat…Another fun illustration might require a washtub, like what you might use to do dishes in. You could even use a bathtub if you are having virtual Sunday School, and the kids would probably get a kick out of seeing your tub! First have a toy boat, or create one. You can make a paper boat, or one out of foil. At CedarS they have made them from cardboard and duct tape, and all sorts of recycled objects.

You could even send your students a list of a few things they could have ready if you want them as well to try to make a boat. Talk about how a sailboat moves through the water because the wind fills its sails and pushes it forward. You can talk about how Spirit helps us go forward and do good in life as we listen and let our "sails", our consciousness be filled with that spiritual inspiration. If you can make a tiny sail from a toothpick and a piece of paper, go ahead and add that in! Gently push your boat through the water and notice together how it leaves a tiny "wake" behind. That wake is like the healing that comes as we move forward in our spiritual understanding. We don't have to focus our attention on the wake. Healing comes naturally as we progress!

Pycl #3: Expect angels… Spirit sent a eunuch from Ethiopia just the angel messenger that he needed! This fun story in the fifth section is about this man who travelled a very long distance to worship in Jerusalem in the temple. It seems he was thinking about the prophecy concerning Jesus/the Messiah, when Philip is sent to him by God. Here's the cool thing. This man felt impelled to take this trip. What moved him to do this? It seems like Spirit did! He would not even have been allowed to go into the temple because of his status as both a foreigner and a eunuch. So, he would have travelled all that way, only to be turned back when he reached the temple.

As he is heading home, he meets Philip who explains all the prophecies that concern Jesus. He then asks Philip to baptize him and he goes happily on his way with a deeper understanding that he was surely seeking! I think this is a really interesting story to ponder together. This man desperately wanted to understand the Christ. And even though he looked, initially, in the wrong place, Spirit sent him just the angel messenger that he needed! This is true for each of us today. We’ll always be given the direction, understanding, guidance we need when we listen for Spirit.

Pycl #4: Don’t be jealous… All our skills and talents are ultimately from Spirit, so they are available to all. In Section 3 Bible citation 9—Matthew 12:22-29—we have a story where Jesus heals someone who is both blind and unable to speak. People around him rightly recognized that he was the promised Messiah. They saw that his healing power must come from his divine heritage. But the Pharisees tried to accuse him of getting his power from "Beelzebub". You could explain that they were jealous of the good that he was doing, and the notoriety that he got from his healing work. When we think that someone has skills or abilities that belong to them, we can be tempted to be envious. Whenever we look at someone who is doing things that we admire, we can know that these gifts and abilities come from divine Spirit.

Just as it tells us in our Responsive Reading this week, Romans 8:16, 17 (to 2nd;), We are children of God, heirs or inheritors of God/Spirit! All our skills and talents are ultimately from Spirit, so they are available to all. So instead of being envious, we can claim that these talents are given to all of us, every one! (I've heard Warren Huff use the phrase "Thank You, God, That's Mine Too!" TYG, TMT!). If Jesus' healing ability came from Beelzebub, then it would be the "devil casting out the devil". What kind of sense would that make?

You can talk about the "kingdom divided against itself". This is like a civil war that destroys a country from within. Look together at citation S12–Science and Health p.399:29. Talk about the idea of breaking into a strong man's house. What is Mary Baker Eddy comparing the strong man to? How do we "tie up" or "bind" that mortal mind? Is it a matter of destroying fear with Love?

Pycl #5: Wake up! What is it like when we dream? Does it seem convincing while we are sleeping? What does Mary Baker Eddy tell us about disease, sin etc. in citations S18 and S19, Science and Health pp 494:15 and 412:16-18, 23-31? You may have to restate these passages to younger audiences rather than just read them aloud. What is it like when we dream? Does it seem convincing while we are sleeping? Do we sometimes breath hard, like we are running, sweat, like we are afraid? Have they ever seen their dogs dream, bark, run with their paws moving, etc, all while asleep? What is the difference between this kind of dreaming and the dream of illness that Jesus woke people from, like he did with the blind and dumb man? What "breaks the dream"? How does Spirit do this? Have you ever not liked a dream and found that you could change how it went in your sleep? Well, I wouldn't say that Spirit changes the dream of mortal life, but Spirit can wake us up like a fresh breeze!

You could have the children try pretending to nap. Then wake them up by blowing the fan on them! That's like the cool and inspired breeze of Spirit that breaks through our belief that we sometimes dream of being sick.

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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