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[PYCL: Try dancing with a disobedient partner. (2) Stop fighting over a lie. (4)
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

"Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?"

For April 9, 2017

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Here are a couple of ideas that you may enjoy trying if you are a newcomer to these Pycls: Working with the idea in the first section of mixing "sweet water and bitter" (salt), you can bring a small pitcher and some cups. Have it filled with water. Hand them a pitcher and have them try tasting it in a cup. Talk about the idea of having both sweet and salty water in one pitcher–can you do that? Give them a salt shaker and spoon and have them pour a bunch of salt in the water and stir. If they want to, they can taste it (just a tiny amount!). Is there any doubt that the "sweet" water is now gone? They can't come out of the same pitcher at the same time! Expand on the spiritual idea behind this exercise.

The other activity that I've mentioned before but bears trying if you haven't done it relates to the story in Section 4 of the woman who was bent over for 18 years before Jesus saw her and healed her. Have them think about what it means to be bent over, so that you can't lift your head up and really see around you. Have them try it, test walking a short ways while being forced to mostly look at the ground. Assume that she really couldn't walk around lifting her head up to see ahead of her. Is what they see all there is to the world? Is "reality" composed of the carpet, flooring, dirt, grass, rocks beneath our feet? Or are there fine views to be had, trees, oceans, lakes, mountains and so on? This story is a good way to illustrate the answer to the question that this lesson poses this week. If you think that life is matter, then your view of life will be restricted to exactly what you perceive through the material senses. The last two week's worth of lessons have been explaining why matter is not reality, and this week's lesson continues that path. In the same way, the woman in this story could really only experience the world that was before her feet. She knew that there was more, but, in essence, it didn't matter because this was all she experienced. Jesus showed her that God would never establish a law of life that could keep us stuck with a limited material view. And instantly she was lifted up to see the reality of God's universe spread before her. We can apply this kind of thought when we feel like all we can see (feel) is sickness or sadness and know that that is not the reality of God's kingdom! The Christ that was present to reveal that to this woman is here right now to "straighten us out" so that we can experience the harmony of reality!

Pycl #2: Sort of like the salt and fresh water, you could look at citation S10 and talk about the fact that there is no "partnership" between error (a lie) and Truth (God)—between "flesh" or physical body, and Spirit. Ask if they have ever danced with a partner for a square dance or something similar. What if your partner always were doing something different from what you were doing? What if when they said "circle to the left", your partner circled right or tried to "promenade" his/her partner? You'd collide or end up on different ends of the room. It wouldn't be dancing at all. So, in the same way, error and material sense can't get along with—dance in coordination with—Truth or God. Reality and harmony, do not line up with matter. When we pray, we are not praying for harmonious matter to appear. We are praying to understand and see the presence of spiritual reality! For an illustration you could take a few minutes to try some partner dancing that doesn't work. You can even think of it in terms of listening to the one true "caller", God, rather than some other voice, material sense.

Pycl #3: Section 3 points out that Jesus came to reveal reality to us, God's all-goodness. Bring some colored glasses, or some prescription glasses or something that really makes things look funny/colorful/different from clear and true. Have them take turns looking through them. Bring out the analogy of material sense being like wearing these glasses. Whatever we see through them looks like it's "blue" (or whatever), when we know that if we take off those glasses (really see with spiritual sense) we will see things clearly. This can actually take some effort when we are feeling unwell, but with persistence we can get a glimpse of the clear/true view of things and find healing/harmonious reality!

Pycl #4: Section 4 tells us to "…agree with thine adversary…" discuss this idea and what they might think it means. Define "adversary" and maybe give an example. I have sometimes found this confusing, and they may as well. This week I've thought of it as "Don't be found spending a lot of your energy arguing or fighting with a lie". Citations S21 and 22 tell us that we should "dismiss" error and "resist" it. But it doesn't say that we should get into a "fight" with it. I sometimes find myself arguing with one or another of my boys over something and catch myself midway! There is nothing wrong with a good struggle to understand what is true and what is false, but we don't need to get caught up in "fighting" over a lie. Jesus' words are perfect "Get thee behind me, Satan"! That's as much of a fight as we need to engage in. (When we engage in argument in a CS treatment, we are arguing with our thought and opposing each lie with Truth…it is not the same as "rolling in the mud with a pig"—then we are getting covered in mud along with the pig/error and we will then no longer be standing on our "Rock"). As an example you can propose something preposterous for them to argue over and then ask them if someone said that about them would they bother even arguing?

Hope this gives you some fun things to try! Have a great Sunday!

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