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[PYCL: To be free persist in your thought about what you know is true! It isn’t a burden! (4)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for July 28, 2019

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Take a minute to contemplate what truth is, and why Truth is a name for God. Add it to your mobile (see last week's Pycl), (which didn't format for email at all, but I hoped people figured out!). What are some other synonyms for truth? Honesty is something that might be mentioned, reality, reliability, and integrity. There are others that may be brought up, these are just starters. I particularly enjoy working with integrity as there are ways to illustrate this that give us a good visual sense of Truth. If you speak of a person of integrity, how would you describe them? How would you build a building that has structural integrity? Can you put together with some blocks that you bring, a small example of how to build something with integrity vs. something that won't stand on its own easily, or at least might fall any minute? Have them try it on their own.

This building can lead to a discussion using this as a symbol for how we conduct our lives. Are there "gaps" in our thoughts about ourselves or others that keep us from standing firm in a "storm", or challenging time? (Such gaps might be thoughts about ourselves that include qualities that are uncharitable and inaccurate spiritually–self-critical, angry, sad, painful and so on). Maybe take a quick look at Mary Baker Eddy's definition of church in Science and Health on p.583. How does that definition apply to us as "man"? Think of how the Bible interchanges "temple" and "body". Can we then think of this definition as applying to more than just church? Why are "Truth and Love" so integral to church and body?

Pycl #2: Find all the ways in the Bible lesson that Truth/God speaks to man: In the Responsive Reading alone we have things such as "….drop as the rain, distil as the dew, small rain on tender herb, showers on the grass." We have His voice thundering, speaking in a stillness, and also as an "angel". Take some time to think together about how dew falls—can't even feel it falling!—to how a real rain shower might feel, or a gentle rain… You could illustrate with a couple of pouring devices like a small "sprinkle head" style watering can vs. a bucket where you might pour out a large quantity of water at once. Of course, you'd need to either do this outside, or in a big washtub or something if you are inside. Don't forget to include such citations as B11 where it describes God's clear direction, or S24 where "Christ is the true idea voicing good…". There are so many examples!!

Pycl #3: If they don't feel like they hear the voice of Truth, or see Truth in action around them, it might be helpful to talk a bit about what that voice looks like, or sounds like. Think of everyday examples that will resonate with campers/Sunday School students.

Do they see God in the way the sun shines and warms things, helps things grow? Or how about Truth in the way that sun or a light inside makes things seen/understood? Do they see Truth in the beauty and strength of a building that they like, or a reliable person in their lives? Do they see God in the way their parents love them? Do they hear Truth when they are led to be obedient to something that someone asks them to do? These are actually God expressed in the universe, and they can practice seeing or hearing God every day!

Notice that the Golden Text tells us (italics added) "I will hear what God the Lord will speak". There is no optional choice here! We WILL hear—you can add that we do hear as well. Once they have some ideas from you, maybe they can think of some ways that they heard or saw God around them during their week. This is a topic worth visiting every Sunday. This kind of acknowledgement of God as always all around, as a law of Love/Truth, etc. is vital to our demonstration and growth as Christian Scientists.

Pycl #4: Another wonderful quality that roughly associates with Truth is persistence. If something is true, it never gives in. You can use math as an analogy here if you want to. The equation 2+2=4 would never "give in" to a 5 that insisted that 5 should be the answer instead of 4!! If someone insisted that one of the pupils had orange eyes, it wouldn't matter how much that person told them, or others, that this was true. It is not the truth. This student wouldn't have any trouble persisting in knowing that their eyes were (brown, blue, etc.) rather than orange.

In a similar manner, no matter how much our body seems to "tell" us something—it hurts, it is hot, sad, tired, etc.—Truth or God is always going to tell us what is real, because truth is real!! In like manner, we sometimes have to be persistent in our thought about what we know to be true, even when other thoughts come to us. This is not a burden! Truth is true, we are just standing with Truth that will "…make you free." Citations S27 and S28 contain some statements of persistence "mentally insist", "Truth is affirmative", "Speak the truth to every form of error."

Another example to explain this persistence is to have pupils choose something that they really enjoy or have skill at and ask if they would ever get better at this activity (sport, musical instrument, academic skill, etc.) if they never practiced it? Most understand that practice is necessary to improve skill. If we didn't persist, we'd end up not moving on to more advanced teams, or ever moving on to another musical piece, or continuously painting the same exact picture, not very inspiring! This would not lead us forward in the things we love, even if persistence is challenging at times. In the same way, persistence leads us forward into more joy as we practice what we know of Truth in daily life. This also aligns with citation S23.

Pycl #5: You really cannot go wrong with all the wonderful Bible stories in this week's lesson. I have found that Christian Science Sunday school really gives children a great Bible background. Each story has to do with different ways that Truth speaks to man. You can look at Samuel's story and see that at first, Samuel didn't know whose voice he was hearing! MBE addresses this in S8, telling us that when we first hear Truth, we sometimes don't recognize that it is Truth!! "A false sense of life, substance and mind hides the divine possibilities, and conceals scientific demonstration." You might talk about how material thought can seem cloud our sight, deafen our ears to Truth. And how we can fix that!! The story of Elijah holds many possibilities, but one thing to notice is that material thought told him that he was alone, there was no one else who thought like him, knew God, and so on. When, in fact, God reveals to him that there are more than "7,000" that still know and believe in the one God. This is how mortal mind can fool us into thinking that we don't know enough, no one else thinks like we do, and so on. These thoughts are kind of like that earthquake, wind and fire that Elijah saw at the cave. We can let those stormy thoughts pass us by, so we can hear that "still small voice of Truth". You could probably spend a whole Sunday school class on the parable of the sower and seed. So much there to think about in how Truth informs us, how we listen, and how we hold onto the Truth in our life. Also you could dramatize this one:-) The Centurion must have really been listening to Truth, even though he wasn't a Jew. This is a way we can talk about how Truth is universal and speaks to all mankind, all creation and not just to Christian Scientists, or grown ups…etc. And the last story about Philip and Jesus and the voice that people heard about Jesus is not one we have often in the lesson, so that's fun to read as well.

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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