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[PYCL: Think and talk about some laws that you and your students know!]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson for

June 21, 2015 on

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Force vs. Power
I really enjoyed thinking about Craig’s research (this week’s Met writer) concerning the difference between “force” and “power”. It led him to conclude that forces require two or more elements working together or against each other, whereas power implies one. At least that’s what I took away from it and it is a helpful idea when thinking about God and His unopposed power. We are not dealing with sickness vs. health, life vs. death, good vs. bad. God is all, as citation S2 makes clear. This is the “starting-point”, this allness is where we start!! It can be easy to forget, that when we deny error in any way, we are not acknowledging that it is a “real” power opposed to God. We can convey this idea through sharing a healing that demonstrates the disappearance of what appeared to be “fact”, a sickness or injury, etc.—something in your experience or from a periodical. Feel free to demonstrate the idea of “force” with a couple of good magnets or a magnet and a piece of steel. You can use them to illustrate how the magnet draws the steel to itself through magnetic “force”. How is that different from God, who draws us to Him in the same vein as the way a sunbeam radiates from the sun. Its warmth and light are imparted from the sun. Citations S6 and S8 talk about this “imparting” of God’s power to His spiritual reflection if you want to talk about that word “impart”. How different it is to impart something than to force something. In some way we have no choice about it any more than the steel does to go to the magnet, yet imparting implies a gift—the gift of health, joy, energy, goodness etc.

Pycl #2: How do we think of the weather?
I haven’t been a big fan of praying about weather. But, as it seems that our family’s livelihood has taken a near crippling hit due to weather in the last 4 months, I’ve needed to rethink some of my resistance to this kind of prayer. It is a no-brainer that our well-being cannot be dependent on something like weather, don’t get me wrong, but it has certainly caused me to do some deeper thinking. Maybe the kids would enjoy thinking about weather and climate and such forces and how God’s power is involved. Of course, the story of Jesus stilling the storm in Section 5 would be the centerpiece. What does weather have to do with anything? Why would we pray about it? Mrs. Eddy had several examples where her prayer changed the stormy circumstances for her and others. One time was on a boat with her first husband, before she’d discovered Christian Science. Other incidents came about while at her house in New Hampshire. (Some of these are shared in Vol. 2 of the expanded edition of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy: pp.111, 113, 114, and 287). Maybe this isn’t so different from praying about sickness right? If we are only praying to be relieved of discomfort, we may not have as marked results as when we pray from the standpoint of God’s allness, goodness and government—from a deep desire to understand His laws that govern us. If we are praying about weather because it is convenient for us to have a nice picnic or something, maybe we need to see it as an opportunity to see God’s goodness and power more clearly. If something is a right activity, it cannot be stopped. Maybe it takes a new form or time or place—or maybe, as happened last summer, there is a demand to see that a right activity cannot be stopped. Christie Hanzlik, the current practitioner in PAL this session shared a great example with me at the beginning of this session about last year’s trip on Lake Day. It appeared that there were undoubtedly going to be thunderstorms near Big Surf on Lake Day. She and others really did some research into what Mrs. Eddy and the Bible had to say about storms and weather. It was given diligent treatment and a sense of calm and certainty replaced the concerns that had arisen. Through divine guidance it was decided to leave for the trip early and the reward for this obedience was several extra hours at Big Surf and a joyous and successful day. As the buses drove away from Big Surf a thunderstorm rolled in and the buses were drenched in rain! Was it “important” to have a day at Big Surf? In the scheme of things, maybe not. Was it important to be genuinely and certainly peaceful about our true source of joy and about God’s loving government of all good activity? Yes! I think even little kids could find this kind of conversation useful in thinking about their own activities in God’s universe. [See P.S .“What God has done for CedarS lately.”]

Pycl #3: What do God’s laws have to do with life?
This might be linked to the discussion of weather, but that paragraph was long enough! Talk about laws…Can they think of some laws that they know? Maybe it goes to traffic laws, stop signs and traffic lights, driving on one side or another of the road. Maybe you can talk about the laws that appear to exist that cause things to fall to the ground when you drop them, or likewise keep us from floating around in the air. These laws point to the Principle behind such order. (With littler guys feel free to have them drop something to the floor or jump in place. Ask them what they expect to happen. Would they expect the thing they dropped to rise up in the air to the ceiling and stay there? Would they expect themselves to jump up and then hit the floor again? Would they be surprised if they didn’t go back down?) With older kids you may not need those examples but you can discuss gravity. Check out citations S26 and S27 for some thoughts on adhesion/cohesion/attraction. You could then discuss some examples in the Bible of times where laws of matter were trumped. Think of Jesus walking on water, or the ax head that rose to the surface for Elisha (2 Kings 6:6), or, in citation B10 of this week’s lesson, the sun dial turning backward! What power was at work here? There are so many examples too of these kinds of things happening. Look in Judges 6 for Gideon’s story of the fleece and the dew for another less well known story of God’s power. Again, what is the purpose of going above the suggested power of gravity or whatever is in play? Is it just a “miracle” that is occasional and cool? Or does it illustrate the true power of God’s laws that underlie all existence? Was Hezekiah’s story to show that God was just being capricious and saving his life on whim? Or was it really an example of the underlying law of Life and health and harmony being lifted up for all to see? The sun dial thing was a way for Hezekiah to feel a deeper understanding of God’s power and control of existence that was not at the whim of matter.

It wouldn’t hurt to help the littler people understand a sun dial and how it works. Feel free to illustrate by following the path of a shadow during the time of Sunday School if you are somewhere sunny. Just mark the spot where a shadow falls at the start of class, and then check it now and then as time passes.

This isn’t a separate Pycl really, but with younger kids you could demonstrate how laws of Principle are reflected in man’s laws by setting up a pseudo traffic experience. Have a couple of kids be “cars”. Have some handmade signs with "stop" or “go" on them, or colored “lights”. Have one person be the traffic-law person holding up a sign and have the kids “ignore” the signs and proceed without looking or obeying. All must be done at a walk. After some gentle collisions they can try obeying the signs and see that harmony results! Did the traffic signs “cause” the accidents? Did God cause them? Did obedience cause harmony or just reveal it? If you are working on the Ten Commandments, this is a great way to talk about how they protect you! But it also works well in developing an understanding of this week’s subject!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

[P.S .It’s not a really question of what has God done for us lately, but of what we are doing lately to glorify God. At CedarS we are very grateful that God has lately given us two trip days that while groups were out were totally rain-free despite being surrounded by heavy rains 10 miles to our north and 10 miles to our south… We can hourly thank God by maintaining in ourselves “what Jesus lovedinnocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives…” Misc. 110:4]

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