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[PYCL: Taste M&Ms! Take a walk or show images to spiritualize! (1, 2) Share healings that came by choosing to act against material sense. (4) Discuss spiritual goals and models. (5)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for March 29, 2020

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Let's look at the Golden Text and Responsive Reading for the verbs we want to "act" out: Taste, see, declare, praise. How do we "taste" God's goodness? You can use some tasty things when working with your children, at home or at church—M&M's are always a crowd pleaser—but you can be healthier if you want! Think about what we might love about something tasty: sweet, fun, "melt in your mouth delicious"! Do we look forward to tasty things?

I know this might sound superficial, but, I think sometimes this is a kind of "gateway" to children feeling and imbibing the joy of that "true happiness" that is spoken of in our Golden Text this week. When we "taste" something, we are taking it into ourselves; it is no longer something we are holding at arm's length. We are choosing (a favorite theme in this lesson) to take that delicious thing into ourselves, digest it—that is—understand, accept, fully grasp, break it down, and take it in as ours. Then, it nourishes us, gives us energy, joy, life! Once we accept God and His goodness in this way, we then begin to feel God's presence and peace within us.

Pycl #2: Since many will still be at home for this week's Sunday School, parents could consider taking a walk [or creative, virtual SS class teachers could share images from a virtual walk to spiritualize.] In this peaceful space or state of mind, talk about how the goodness of God's creation is hinted at in things around us. You can find this reflected beauty of reality everywhere, city, suburb, country.

  • It might be seen in the reflected order of cars driving on the correct side of the road, using turn signals, following traffic laws.
  • The beauty of reality might be found in architectural integrity, balance, beauty, functionality.
  • It might be in more natural things like birds' flight, song, color, or rabbits and squirrels, water flowing by, thunderclouds, flowers and so on.

Discuss just how these things hint at the balance, order, intelligence, beauty, grace, bounty, of Soul and Soul's wonderfully good reality.

Consider also doing some kind of [actual or virtual] scavenger hunt. It could be a hunt for spiritually reflected qualities that you write down for your youngest ones as you walk, or it could be actual items you know they could find on a walk, like a pretty stone representing the solid, ideas of Mind, the sturdy, eternal foundation of divine Life (you can work together to think of things!).

You can use your phone camera together if it is an item that you can't take with you, a flower in a neighbor's yard or a bird, for example. When you get back you can work together further if you want to categorize these things from your [actual or virtual] "hunt".

Pycl #3: Maybe if you do take a walk you can find a pool, pond, or still spot of water to see a reflection in. It could be a reflection of trees, sky, yourself, whatever. If not, a mirror is fine.
Is this reflection something "physical"?
Can you pick it up?
It isn't physical, but it is real right?
Maybe this is a good way to talk about how we reflect God?

We are real, spiritual ideas, but not made of matter. Citation B3 speaks of how "…all the host of them…" are made "…by the breath of his mouth." If we think of "breath" as Spirit, the inspiration of God, then we can see here that the Psalmist is referring to a spiritual creation, spiritual man. This is the real man and there are not two different men, one physical, one reflection, but only one—God's reflection!

Pycl #4: There are some mentions of the effort that we must make to "choose" God, or spiritual reality, over the material sense picture. This is especially true in section 2. We can only see spiritual truth if we are dedicated to perceiving this truth. You can see it in all the sections though— (what were Martha and Mary "choosing"?).

For example: "Jesus acted boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses…"
What does "accredited" mean?
What is Mary Baker Eddy saying here?
Why should we even act/choose to oppose our senses? Is that sensible?
(Note: I am not talking here about our current pandemic requirements.)

Share some healings that you have had that show how you acted against a material sense of things and found healing. Share some healings from a periodical too, if you want. Share how Jesus did this in citation B14 about healing the man with the withered hand (Luke 6:6).

We do have to choose how we respond to suggestions that come to us in all walks of life.
Think together about what this requires of us. It requires alertness, awareness, consciousness, willingness, patience, attention, humility (not willful), persistence, faith—there are a lot of similar qualities here, but there are also more that you can think of together.

Pycl #5: I like the idea of thought models from citation S25, 246:26. Talk about how we can have ideas in our imagination, for example, we can picture things.
What models for "who we are" do we have in our thinking?
Can these models change?
Can they be made to be closer to the model that God has always had of each one of us?
In what ways?

There are some ways that we can discuss spiritual goals, even with the littles. Our goals, to be spiritually real, need to hue to the qualities in citation S24, and S25, as well as B19, and B20. That is, they should be enduring, merciful, etc.

These models are not ones that can be formed of matter are they?!
We couldn't sculpt such a model out of wood, marble, even playdough!
These models have to be part of that spiritual reality that we've been talking about.
But, as we get these models clearer and clearer in our thinking we start to see them in our daily existence through deeper peace, joy, health, energy, self-control (government by God), and so on. This is how we know that we are glimpsing spiritual reality in daily life.

Have a great week in Sunday School wherever you have it!!

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