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[PYCL: Study and ponder Truth to put what you understand into action and heal! (5)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

on January 22, 2017

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Using the Golden Text and Responsive Reading (RR) as your jumping off point, (read to them in modern English), ask each other: "How can everything we say be truthful? What does it mean to be truthful? What is not truthful?" Get past the idea of telling truth versus "lies". Beyond that, are we speaking of others as we know God to see them? Are we speaking/thinking of ourselves in terms of what God has established/is expressing? Can we list ten things about ourselves or maybe others that are absolutely truthful? How might we use this in a Christian Science treatment? You can share an example of your own, or you can come together as well, and put together a treatment—something specific, to handle a challenge that someone in class thinks of in their experience. If no one wants to share, you can get the ball rolling (from your own experience) to illustrate the way Christian Science/the truth, handles each thing, "small or large" in our lives!

Pycl #2: Do the children think of Truth, Christian Science, God, as mysterious, hard to figure out? This lesson has many citations that help to dispel the idea that this is beyond our reach, or that we need to be specially "gifted" to understand it. That is exactly what we hear as a suggestion of error in our thought, that this is too hard to demonstrate. When, in fact, it is not a "sealed book", nor do we somehow have to be especially educated—(RR). Truth speaks to us through God's word, the Bible, Science and Health. Angels speak to us/God's thoughts. And there are passages (S15, S31) that tell us as well that even if we aren't currently able to walk on the water, etc. as Jesus did, we can still be grateful for his example and put it into action in our daily lives (by speaking and thinking only truth!). Can you share an example of healing from your childhood, if you were raised in Science? Or could you find some current examples of children's healings in a periodical? The woman in citation B20 had tried every cure, didn't really understand the Christ, truth that Jesus was preaching, but reached out for what he had, to find healing. Did she have some great understanding of Truth? Or did she have a deep desire?

Pycl #3: I know I probably do this every time the leaven parable is in the lesson, so ignore if you've tried this already! But try bringing in some flour and yeast and a tablespoon of sugar mixed in to hasten the example. You can have the children mix in a bit of warm water, until you have a sticky mass, not too wet, but not dry. Read Jesus' parable of the kingdom of heaven being like the yeast or leaven in meal. If you want, you can have the children measure out three scoops of flour to represent that "meal". Talk about the properties of yeast/leaven, how it lifts, lightens and transforms the meal into bread. What does the meal represent? You can bring this to their level. Even if they aren't ready to talk about science, theology and medicine, you can help them see how the leaven of Truth lifts all that is mortal to a more spiritual level. I love that Mrs. Eddy puts it in these terms; that we are lifting all up rather than pushing down everything that is not Christian Science. This is how Truth works, and Love—readies human thought for all that is true (S22). If you leave the dough alone until the end of class, covered with a cloth (they can gently peak once in awhile, just don't stir it or jiggle it much), you should see that dough grow significantly within the hour. If you can bring some bread to share that is all cooked at the end of class, that might sew up the example. Or consider making some bread with your students at your home. (It needs time so maybe, after your example from church, you bring them home to some already risen dough, show them how to knead it and make it into loaf shapes. From there it only takes about half an hour in a warm place to rise enough to bake for 30 or 45 minutes, tiny loaves or rolls take less time to bake!). Take a walk or have another activity until it's done and eat it warm!

Pycl #4: Another way to illustrate the leaven of Truth might be to have a bowl or tub of water with small "boats" on it (anything that floats is fine, it could be boats shaped of foil or leaves—or corks, if you have them, might be most reliable.) As these things float around, ask the children what will happen when you add water to the tub. Will the "boats" stay at that same level in the tub? If the children are small, draw a water line where the boats sit before you add water so they can really see how much the boats have been lifted. Have someone gently add water, enough to notice. See how the boats rise with the additional water. This is a lot like how Truth lifts all with its activity. It doesn't only impact the one who knows it, or the one who shares it! All around it are lifted higher. You may enjoy thinking about the other implications of this analogy, like: "How do the boats "influence" the water?" "Do they weigh the water down? Does the water "feel" the boats and have to work hard to support them?" This could be folded into the discussion of the science/Science element of forces in this week's lesson in Section 3 if you want.

Pycl #5: Even with some younger classes you could look at Section 1 and translate those Revelation passages with them. What does it mean to "eat" the book? What book? When we eat something, we chew it (step one in the digestive process)—break it down into small pieces, easier to understand. Then we swallow it, take it all the way in and digest it in our stomachs—could think of this as taking it into our hearts and putting it into action. In a human sense, our food is turned into energy or action. Just so, when we really study and ponder our Pastor, we can then put what we understand into action and heal!

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