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[PYCL: Still all storms with the power & peace of God’s presence!]

CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:

God the Preserver of Man
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for Sunday, June 15, 2014

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO   (314) 406-0041

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[PYCL 1] 
At the risk of sounding repetitive every week, I will, once again, say that we should make sure to talk about what the word “preserve” means.  I asked my boys, ages 5, 7 and 10, yesterday, and for whatever reason, only the 10-year-old could really define that word.  I've suggested this before, but sometimes visuals are very helpful at cementing an idea in thought.  So bring in a jar of jam, especially if it says “preserves” on it, or a can of anything.  (If you are the kind of person who likes bigger projects, think about going to a farmer's market with your class, picking out seasonal fruit, and going home together to make some jam.  They can wash and cut off the tops of strawberries, or cut up other fruit with you.  You provide small glass jars and the sugar and pectin to make the jam.  It really isn't complicated, and they can see how the jar lids “suck down” onto the glass and get sealed!  Plus, they can each take a jar home with them to remember the lesson by.  Talk about how the preservation process works and help them get an idea.  Then see if they can think of how God “preserves” man.  I also think it's interesting to link this, as mentioned in CedarS’ metaphysical application ideas this week, to last week's subject.  If you make a beautiful painting or drawing, do you then throw it away, or do you frame it, put it in a prominent place, admire it and take care of it?  Wouldn't God, who made man, loves man, expresses Herself through man, also want to “preserve” Her creation?  How much more would She want to preserve you, than you want to preserve a piece of art work?

[PYCL 2] 
There are several really lovely and poetic references this week to how God shelters and loves us. Bring in a picture of a bird keeping her chicks under her or his wings.  [You can see and print such a picture and like CedarS Facebook page at  It fits with quotes from the Responsive Reading (RR) & citations B1 & B7]. Think about how you fit (as a child) between your mom's or dad's shoulders when they are giving you a “piggy back” ride (Golden Text), maybe give a demonstration if your kids are small.  Maybe you could even find a nest in your own yard to photograph and bring in that “personal” picture.  I know we have a family of swallows that have nested on top of our outdoor light right by our front door.  They are so busy and protective. They dive bomb you if you hang out for long on the porch and they attack any other birds that try to land on the roof nearby.  But mostly they are just busy feeding and caring for their little ones.  Look at citation B4.  How does your mom comfort you?  How does God do this?  Isn't your mom's comforting love, the way that God expresses Her love for you… only even better… Her love goes with you wherever you are.  It is right there with you at camp, on vacation, or at a friend's house (B5).

[PYCL 3] 
David and Goliath are always fun to talk about with the kids.  Even my 5-year-old could tell me that story and all about the five smooth stones.  We all talked yesterday about what Goliath represents to us in our thought, about what those stones might represent. See if something can come from that. This symbolism can be very simple for the younger ones.  Goliath represents aggressive, scary suggestions that come to our thought.  They might be angry, hurt, frustrated or sick thoughts.  What “stones” do we have in our bag?  Could they be some things we've learned in Sunday School?  What about some of the Commandments, or Beatitudes, the Golden Rule? Maybe they have some other thoughts.  You can talk about “who” Goliath is.  Does he seem like a person?  What does Mrs. Eddy say about this?  (S7: “Evil has no reality. It is neither person, place, nor thing, but simply a belief, an illusion of material sense.” Italics added).  Sometimes this is really hard to recognize!  After all, Goliath stood there and shouted his challenge for weeks to the Israeli army… he certainly seemed fierce and invincible.  Sometimes that's how error presents itself; we just need to remember that we have everything we need to take it down, and that it isn't a “person”!

[PYCL 4] 
Along the same lines and in the same section—look at citation S9 and dig in.  “That evil or matter has neither intelligence nor power, is the doctrine of absolute Christian Science, and this is the great truth which strips all disguise from error.”  Put this in your own words for younger kids.  We are talking here about reality.  About how Truth looks, versus what error looks like.  The fact that no matter how real, cruel, scary, ugly, or threatening error looks, it has no intelligence and no power.  Christian Science is based on this fact and tears off the scary mask or costume.  You can go here into the disguise thing a bit.  What disguise is she referring to?  Is it the disguise that would have you think that your senses are telling the truth, that error is reasonable, that matter is more real than Spirit?  With the littlest ones you could demonstrate this with some simple masks and costumes.  You can connect the way that our thought sometimes tricks us into thinking that what we see or what we feel is what God is sending us.  But the way to take that disguise off and see error for the lie that it is, is to remember that God only sends us good!  Here’s another approach to dealing with personal interrelationships: look at citation S11 “Know thyself…”  I can't think how many times I tell my boys to take care of themselves and not to worry about what one of the others is doing.  I've never thought of it in the light of this quote, but it kind of makes sense.  If we really know who we are, that we reflect divine power, dominion, love, wisdom and so on… then we won't be thrown off by what someone else is doing; we won't be influenced either to do something bad, or to feel unjustly treated.  We will instead feel our inherent worth, peace, tenderness, unselfishness, and so on.  What a victory over evil that gives us!!  What a freedom we will find!

[PYCL 5] 
Maybe with the slightly older kids you can look at citation S17.  I loved thinking of this citation, seeking to learn through Christian Science, rather than learning through matter.  Through Christian Science we learn who God is, and how we express Him.  Matter gives us no such knowledge, only limits and fear, really.  Knowledge of God gives us that healing and saving power!  This can tie into a discussion of scary weather if the kids are interested.  I love that citation B12 illustrates the fact that we may find ourselves in a scary situation, where hills get removed, mountains moved, waters roar… but God is still keeping you safe.  It helps to know that the fact that we sometimes find ourselves in challenging situations doesn't mean God is missing in action.  Matter often appears to be aggressive (remember Goliath), but that doesn't mean we should be afraid.  You can bring in the story of Jesus (B15) and how he was sleeping through the very storm that the disciples were afraid would sink the ship.  Why was Jesus asleep? It's interesting that he didn't ignore their need to feel unafraid.  He didn't expect them to just be peaceful.  Rather, he showed them the presence of peace and the power of God's presence, by stilling the storm.  Why should we be at peace in similar circumstances?

[PYCL 6] 
I see citations S21, B24, and some of the R.R. as driving home the fact that man is not a separate being from God.  As an expression of God's being, we are inextricably linked to Life, and Love.  When we see ourselves as separate entities, that's when we feel vulnerable.  Think about this.  Put this into words they can ponder.  If they really saw themselves as one with God, could they ever fear for their well being?  How can we bring our consciousness closer to understanding our oneness with God?  Can you all come up with practical ideas?  Maybe you could share some healings that you've experienced that helped you understand more about your oneness with God.  Do they have any to share?

Have a great Sunday.




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