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[PYCL: Show thought determines mood… Shut the door… Bring a net… (4-6)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Probation After Death”
for October 27, 2019

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: For young children I think you could talk about this subject in terms of eternal and infinite progressive living. We are eternally progressive ideas that spring from eternal Mind, always unfolding in inspiration, intelligence, joy, liveliness, and so on. You could introduce the idea that there is a temptation to believe that somehow we live a period of time in our body and then move on to another phase of some kind of existence. While this might seem soothing, or interesting, this is not what life really is.

Life is an expression of divine Life, God. This is never in matter at all. Our progress is one of spiritual consciousness. For children, we can think of this like growing in our understanding of how physics works. Initially, when we are babies, we knock things off our high chair tray and see it fall to the floor. It is a baby science experiment! We don't know why things fall, maybe they will rise up next time!!?? But when we get older we start to understand that there are rules behind this action. We start to see intelligence and joy and so on behind the rules that seem to govern human existence. This is a higher consciousness, so to speak, of existence. In a similar way, we gain a progressively higher consciousness of what it means to be an immortal spiritual idea, that never truly has a temporary dwelling place in matter. Our consciousness has times of deep awareness of our spiritual nature, and this results in spiritual healing.

Obviously the youngest in our crowd won't be ready for this conversation, but I do think that some of the primary school children can delve into this concept. For the very young, a few ideas below might work to illustrate this idea of progress.

Pycl #2: What about talking together about what it means to walk "in the pathway of Truth…" S2. What might that path look like? Take a walk, outside, or somewhere that you won't interrupt other classes. Hold hands. What might you point out as the path of Truth as you walk? Would you see beauty? Would you feel Love? Would this path include being kind to someone?

Maybe you could bring a batch of baked goods for them to pass out to other classes. Is this a "pathway of Truth"? Would putting your dishes in the dishwasher or washing them yourself be walking in the pathway of Truth? As you take this walk have each student in turn, think of something that illustrates walking that pathway. You can have a bunch of examples of your own. Do these ideas lead to healing? Can you share one that did?

Pycl #3: Citation B2 mentions, among other things, being crowned by God with "lovingkindness and tender mercies". Bring in a pretend crown, or make one together out of paper. Take turns wearing it in class (or have one for each student). What does it mean that God "crowns" us with these qualities? Do these things leave room for anything bad? What does a crown symbolize?

Is a King or Queen "in charge" or at the mercy of others? Symbolically, do we have to "bow down" to thoughts of error? Have them take turns telling error (anger, hatred, sickness and so on) to "take a hike". They are governing their thoughts, their consciousness and moving forward in their understanding of their God given dominion!!

Pycl #4: There are two great stories in this week's lesson. How are they illustrating this idea of progress? With the story of Elijah raising the child from death we are illustrating that life is not limited and confined in matter, that matter doesn't determine our living and being. We do this on a daily basis by mastering our thoughts and our actions to prove that matter doesn't determine our moods and our health! Didn't Elijah help this widow "progress" from poverty and starvation as well, into living a full life, with a son? (You can explain the importance of a son to a widow in those days). How can we rise above a material sense of self? Can this help us to progress in sports? Art? School?

Then we have the story of Jesus healing the epileptic boy, (or, possibly mentally ill). What does Jesus tell the disciples is key to healing in this case? What is "prayer and fasting"? Discuss what prayer is in this case? What does it mean to fast, literally, figuratively? How do these things lead to progress in our path to Truth? Notice the "Step by step…" in citation S13!

Pycl #5: Looking at citation S15, let's do some kind of "door shutting". You can find a door in the church to use as a way to have the children actually "shut the door on death…" And then open it to Life. What if they shut the door on hatred, open to love. Shut it on sickness, open it to harmony/health. Shut the door on sadness, open to joy. These are progressive steps. When it seems hard to do this in our lives, having a mental image like this can sometimes help us out! Think of the door as a door to our spiritual consciousness, where we hear God's angel thoughts.

Pycl #6: In citation B13 we have the image of God plucking our "feet out of the net". Bring in a net of some kind if you can, or something that might represent a way to tangle up our feet and cause us to have trouble moving forward, or walking, progressing. When we are looking toward the Lord (keeping our eyes toward the Lord), toward Life, Truth, Love, we will see those nets or things that get us tangled up in a material sense of things and cause us to lose our footing! Also, we can use citation B28 which shows us that in the right paths, or "way", there are no nets at all! Come up with some ideas that are like nets to our progress. How can we get around them, or untangle them if we need to do that? (You can think in terms of what destroys friendships, or classroom, sibling relationships as a kind of net) Do we have to sit there and pick at the knots? No! God will pick us right out of those nets when we turn our thought in the direction that Mind is leading, that Love is leading, that Truth is leading!!

Have a great time in Sunday School!

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