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[PYCL: Show the saving importance of structural integrity and interconnectedness!
Unmask lies! (1, 2, 3)]

Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School from
the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on:

For July 26, 2020

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Show the saving importance of structural integrity!
Let's try asking what "truth" means to the students? Why might it be a synonym for God and how is it used in the Bible to show that God is Truth? They could here share a Bible story that illustrates how the power of Truth as God kept that character safe, or guided their actions in some way. There are dozens of examples that can be seen in that light.

Daniel was led to worship only one God. That reflects integrity. Truth, or his understanding that Truth governs and has power to savesalvation—look for that word in the lesson! (Responsive Reading Ps. 62:7, B3–Ps. 25:5, B21–II Thess 2:13 we).

Another aspect to the word "truth", is the definition of integrity that includes structure. This certainly comes into play later in the lesson with the references to the Christ and to church. Have them build a small building of blocks, but insist that they leave out some crucial part that will make the wall stable. If you are doing "zoom" Sunday School, try building something in front of the camera that will fall down with the slightest provocation.

Explain how a building with structural integrity is put on a firm foundation, has equal, carefully measured and plumb walls. Show them what that means (here you can tie a slightly heavy object to a string and show how that will naturally show you a straight line if you let it dangle. Think together about the metaphors that "straight", "plumb", "true", "equal", mean in our thinking and in a structure. Then have them, or show them, how to build something more stable. You could even use a different material, such as Legos, to build the more reliable structure.

Pycl #2: Show how we are interconnected—like Legos!
In case you decide to continue the more stable "building" with Legos, there are a whole new set of metaphors you can draw on that you can bring focus to a discussion of church/Peter/demonstration, and even the story of Peter and Cornelius. This relates to how we are interconnected—like Legosand dependent on one another as one "body" for church, for peace, and so on.

Not only are we interconnected, but we are also much, much stronger, as a "body" when we understand that no one is outside of God's love. No one is "unclean", each of us is essential for there to be integrity. If you want to dig into this, even smaller children might enjoy looking into Paul's statement in 1 Cor 12 about the body and church. Some of it is kind of funny, all of it inspiring, but the humor of the less "savory" parts of the body being crucial, and so on, might give them a giggle.

How do these comparisons with the body relate to church/the rock/structure? Are we a bunch of separate "rocks" holding society, church, family and so on all together? No! Separate rocks are really sand, and we all know what sand does when we build something on sand!!! (Be sure to mention Jesus' admonition about building on sand vs. rock! Luke 6:48, 49—earth, not sand, but you get the point!)

Pycl #3: Never solidly ascribe of affix a mask on another or on yourself! Unmask lies!
What does a "rock" symbolize to the children? It is solid, unchanging, reliable, unmovable… Now, let's think about how this works with our Golden Text (Deut. 32: 3 Ascribe, 4). What are we listening to when we "ascribe greatness", or attribute power, to something other than God/Good? Is this like breaking a Commandment that you know? Is this something that we do? Sure, sometimes when we are angry about something someone said or did, we are "ascribing" power/greatness to their words. What if we only recognize the power or greatness of what God makes, which is goodness? Then, we will start to see that mean words or actions actually have no power, because there is no power except in God, what is true, from Truth. We only give such words/actions power when we attach them to a person and then think that person is "mean", rather than it being just evil or error pretending to be a "person". Truth can show us this if we are humble enough to listen to Truth's voice!

We can think of unkindness as a mask that someone is wearing. It isn't really them, even if they think it is, even if we do, or others do. It is only "error", pretending to be a person. Look at citation B4 (Ps. 25:8 (to:), 9, 10 and also at citation S12 Science and Health p. 594:12). These two citations are about meekness. It takes meekness to listen for God when you want to react to what someone is saying or doing to you.

We need to be like the sheep as Mary Baker Eddy defines them! Being innocent ourselves, and being "inoffensive" ourselves, helps us be able to hear the voice of Truth that tells us what is really happening so we can take off the mask that is a lie. Sometimes it seems like we are the ones wearing the mask, and we are really glad when someone is willing to see that the mask isn't part of who we are!!

We can all "ascribe greatness" to God, Truth's goodness and power. Then we are seeing how powerless, how "nothing", the lie is. You can bring some masks into this for the younger classes, either something you have from Halloween, or they can make paper plate masks.

Pycl #4: "The question, What is Truth, is answered by demonstration, by healing…" S5/Science and Health p.viii:12-15. The only way we can really know who God/Truth is, is by demonstrating this Truth in our lives. How does healing show us what Truth is? Think this question through. Even the youngest might have some ideas. For example: our mom's hug, or her reading a bedtime story, or taking you out for a treat, might be examples of how Love/God is evident in our lives. This actually is a form of healing, because we are nurtured, given joy, peace, a sense of safety through these expressions and that is Love expressed, erasing any sense of being lonely, uncared for, unloved.

With Truth, the lie of illness, for example, is being uncovered. Seeing something as a lie, understanding that it has no power because it is a lie or a "nothing", removes it from having impact, that's healing.

What if a lie about us were being spread around? Could we work to gather evidence to prove our innocence? Then, could we present that evidence to those who were misinformed? Once they saw the proof, they would no longer believe the lie and you would be free from being treated as though this lie were true about you!

You can do a simple math problem for them on a little white board, or on paper. Do the problem wrong, have them "demonstrate" the true way to do it. Then think together about how we can use a truer understanding of ourselves and of God as Truth, to bring about healings every day in our lives. We can see Truth when we reject anything that isn't from God as it crosses our path.

Pycl #5: How does Truth make us "free"—like a kingdom-within-key to all handcuffs?
There are several references to this connection between Truth/God and freedom (B9—John 8:31, 32. B14—II Cor. 3:17. S17—Science and Health p.224:28). When we really understand that the Truth about man and God is that we are His reflection, the expression of Truth, we cannot have any element of a lie within us. This Truth/truth, frees us from the lie of life in matter.

Try using toy handcuffs on a student who thinks it would be fun, and talk about how it feels like we are in a prison, of sorts, when we are angry, uncomfortable, sad. What is the key to our freedom from these feelings? The truth is in what Jesus told us: "The kingdom of God is within you". This place cannot be a home to anger, sadness, sickness. It is where God, Truth, rules, and it is in our very own consciousness—not somewhere else! Knowing, or even glimpsing that this kingdom is within our own consciousness can be like a key to those handcuffs.

Have a great Sunday School!!

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