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[PYCL: Seek to find out more about divine Life, never to heal matter.]
CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:


Sunday, January 18, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO   (314) 406-0041

 [PYCL 1]
We all need to know that we are important as expressions of Life. We are not temporary, unloved, random. The Responsive Reading (R.R.) gives us some beautiful ways to understand that we were created before the false concept of matter could be invented. We have existed eternally, without beginning… because we are the way that Life/God is expressed as being.

 [PYCL 2]
Discuss fountains/springs. Where does the water come from? Is it subject to rainfall? How is this a great analogy for Life?

 [PYCL 3]
What are the qualities of Life? Can you come up together with a tree of Life that has its roots in the soil by a spring where it is always given “water”….Can each leaf represent a quality such as: animation, joy, energy, individuality, identity, flexibility, and so many more…. You could draw this or cut out paper leaves for them to write the qualities on and tape them to a paper tree…Use your imagination to carry this out. You can certainly ask for their ideas and let it come from them (bring some supplies that you think might help, but if they have ideas that can't be carried out on the spot, plan for another day!)

 [PYCL 4]
There is some discussion in this lesson that finding God/understanding God is the same as finding eternal Life. This is a great way to look at healing too. It is always about finding or understanding more about God, never about improving matter in some way.

 [PYCL 5]
Citation S3 lets us know that as we start to glimpse that a material basis for life is a “misapprehension” of life or Life, then we start to really understand what Life is!  What does this mean?  How do we misunderstand life or even Life?  How can we start to move away from thinking of life as in our body? What steps do we take? Can we approach the idea that life is not in matter at all, never was (look at the end of pycls for thoughts about the Scientific Statement of Being).

 [PYCL 6]
Section 2 has the story of the young man from Nain being raised by Jesus. Share this story and talk about what it means as an example of immortality. Can we get rid of the idea of man as having a beginning and ending? Citation S12 explains that if there ever was a time “before” God or Life, then that would be a mythological deity. She uses the words here “the great I AM” would be a myth… so cool, as that phrase implies God as existence itself! Can there be a time before “existence”? Our identity is an expression of God's identity…there is no birth of that identity, only continuous expression. We spend our lives deepening our understanding of Life as Spirit only, not some sort of long-lived matter-being. You could bring birthdays into the discussion if you wish, explaining the Christian Science take on celebrating them. You can also look together at citation B8 where Jesus says: “Before Abraham was, I am.” Ask the older children about that phrase, why does it sound weird?

 [PYCL 7]
I love the idea of time vs. eternity. Talk about how they are not the same. Eternity could be likened to spiritual consciousness. So how might we develop that sort of consciousness or thought? What does the Bible mean “one day is with the lord as a thousand years…etc.” (quoted here in citation S16)?

 [PYCL 8]
More than another story of material life extended… what does the story of Eutychus tell us about Life? You can think of it as an example of the spiritual thought we just mentioned, being awakened from a dream of life and death in matter (note here that he fell asleep!). Also it's a great example of living in the Kingdom of Heaven, eternal, where the laws are laws of Spirit, not matter. No laws of gravity or mortality here! All action is controlled by and expressed by Spirit. We don't attribute animation, activity, etc. to matter in the Kingdom!

 [PYCL 9]
When we really see our existence as being in God, we feel fearless! We trust God with keeping us safe. This is a way of seeing our wholeness or completeness. We aren't a puzzle of material parts being tenuously held together. We are a complete expression of divine consciousness. We can get into this further with the Scientific Statement of Being (SSB). MBE refers to the Bible statement from citation B18 in Ret. p.93. This is a great way to dig into this subject and to get a better understanding of the SSB and its radical nature. This is the fundamental basis of Christian Science healing.

Hope this gives everyone a few ideas, Happy Sunday!!


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