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[PYCL: Seek spiritual sense, freshness in Spirit (3) Reign in anger… (5) Totally re-think yourself (6)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for


on February 7, 2016

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Have you ever thought of Spirit as the source of our individuality, our being?
Spirit creates and defines us, gives us form and inspires us. You can look at citations B1 and S29 for a bit of direction with this thought. Recently my third grader and I started studying Lewis and Clark, the great 19th century American explorers. We live near where their journey up the Missouri river began. I showed James some photos of what the river looked like in their day (taken in the early 1930's vs. how it looks now. (,+MO+river,+images&biw=1440&bih=828&site=webhp&tbm=isch& ) Setting aside all the environmental questions that straightening and narrowing the river's path has brought to light, it serves as a useful symbol of how citation S29 can be visualized. In the early days this river meandered all over, there were multiple large channels and small, filled with shallow spots, sandbars and snags. But when the Army Corps of Engineers began to work on narrowing the channel, the current picked up speed and deepened the channel, making barge travel possible and greater trade, travel and communication. We can use this analogy (maybe with some historical pictures?) to discuss how Spirit can take ideas (represented here as the water traveling willy-nilly), and transform them, give them purpose, use, the ability to heal and share as they travel through deeper, straighter channels. It makes these ideas purposeful and reveals that purpose to all. If you felt like going to the trouble you could bring in a plastic wash tub and a pile of sand in a sort of hill. Pour some water down it (experiment first with amount and speed before you try with kids). See if it wanders around. How might you get it to all go down in one place? They will probably figure that out fast! Have them make a channel and pour the water down it. The more you pour the deeper it gets! (If they pour straight down it will probably make a hole so you may need to guide them a bit.)

Pycl #2: Light makes things clearer, more defined, brighter…
We have talked about this idea before but maybe you haven't tried it yet? Go into a dark space, even if it's not pitch dark you can probably use this idea. Can you see everything really clearly? Can you tell what is around you and are the colors bright? What does light do to the scene? It makes things clearer, more defined, brighter. This is a bit of a branch off of the first Pycl really. We are seeing here how Spirit is like the light that brings definition and understanding to creation. It is helpful to point out if you haven't already, that there is no light "in" darkness (this is part of the "all-goodness" of Spirit from the Golden Text). Also citation S3 points out that darkness can only obscure, not eradicate, light. (There is much to discover with this light and dark, see if they have some of their own thoughts. For example, does it take time for the light to make the room light after you turn on the light? Does the darkness "go" somewhere?)

Pycl #3: Seek spiritual sense and the freshness of Spirit's inspiration.
Spirit in the Bible is often equated with breath or inspiration, interchangeably. Have you ever thought of being created out of inspiration? See citation B4. Look at citation B7 and see how it refers to the renewing power of Spirit. We think of inspiration as something fresh. What if we just breathed in and out the same little patch of air?! It wouldn't sustain us would it! Think of this as an analogy for the freshness of Spirit's inspiration. Along with that comes all the ideas of spiritual sense from Section 5. Spiritual sense is the gift that we all have from God/Spirit that allows us to understand and perceive the goodness and presence of God. Interestingly, this comes with the story of the Pentecost day. Check that one out with the kids. We just talked about how we have to breath fresh air/inspiration to really live, but we all breath the "same" (not in one little space) air or inspiration from Spirit which makes this kind of amazing understanding possible between people of all backgrounds and cultures (and languages!).

Pycl #4: Talk about seeking the kingdom of God first.
Citations B8 and S11 talk about seeking the kingdom of God first. Spirit's kingdom is the real. It is the only thing that is substantial and true. Is it worth working really hard to "live" anywhere else? Why should we make an effort to seek the kingdom? How do we find it? How do we put it first? Where is it?

Pycl #5: Reign in the evil spirits of anger, frustration, sadness… with the Christ spirit
Read story from citation B11. What are the evil spirits within this guy? How would we talk about his troubles today? What can we do to reign in the evil spirits of anger, frustration, sadness, etc. that we confront? What do we know of God as Spirit that helps us?

Pycl #6: Nicodemus' story is a fun one to gain a pure view of ourselves, a total re-think...
Why does Jesus tell him he needs to be born again and what does that have to do with what we've learned about Spirit? Jesus uses this analogy to bring forward the idea that it is through a pure view of ourselves, a completely re-thought understanding of man, that we see who God is, and subsequently, who we are. Try the analogy of a clear lake or stream vs. a silty one. What can we see in clear water? Everything! And things are even magnified to boot! This is how we see God when we maintain a pure heart (B13). We are able to perceive the all-goodness of spirit more easily! (You can bring clear glasses and do the clean water and muddy water trick here if you need visual aids).

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