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[PYCL: See what Mind made! (3) Hand out mustard seeds (2)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for


on August 21, 2016

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: There are stories from the Bible in this lesson that would be considered impossible if considered on any basis other than that of a Mind that is governing well, at all times, for good. This is true in all our Bible lessons! Consider together what this "basis" or "base" is and how Mind helps us see things from that one and only true basis/base (S21). It might be helpful to point out that it is Christian Science that helps us understand this spiritual basis for seeing that Mind is One, and All. In this lesson this view from Mind's true perspective reveals a boy's harmony, health, wholeness and freedom from a life of epileptic seizures. It reveals two different examples of entire cities or countries being kept safe from an enemy through two men's understanding of Mind as the only source of real sight and understanding. And it also shows how each of us can feel the truth of there being only one Mind, no separate "mind" in us that could ever do or even want to do something that isn't part of Mind's goodness.

Try a little exercise in thinking about things, and seeing things from a different perspective: Have a child hide under the table. Ask them to describe only what they see from their perspective. For example, they can probably see feet and legs of people in their class. But if that was all they knew of people, then how would they describe the person? Would that person be clear to them? Would they know where the person speaks from, that the legs and feet can walk, that the person has a head and can see? They would be seeing only a small part of people if that "under the table" view was all they knew of man. In the same way, our material senses only take in the view that they have. It is a limited material view, because it's from matter's perspective. Like sitting under a table, it might give you a certain perspective, but it won't begin to tell you the real story. Christian Science takes us out from "under the table" and reveals man that is governed in harmony by Mind! This is what Mrs. Eddy means by how Jesus healed in citation S16.

Pycl #2: Bring in a bag or little jar of mustard seeds and let each child hold one while you talk about the faith in Section 4. Actually, first look at that section and the story, and then hand out the mustard seed, only one seed each! … If you are unfamiliar, mustard seed is available in any spice section of a grocery store. The Bible mentions "faith" and the Science and Health from this section is full of Christ-like, and Scientific understanding. Again, that change of base, recognizing the dream nature (S20) of matter helps us understand what is really true, what Mind knows. We know it too because Mind made us and reveals all truth to us. We can test out our thoughts and see if they come from God: Citation B9 tells us what Mind/God gives: Love and sound or clear thinking. Maybe figure out together that a little understanding goes a loooong way … as Jesus was explaining with his mustard seed analogy. We don't have to understand everything about Christian Science to have healing, just a little mustard seed amount at a time!

Pycl #3: In Section 5 we hear about sin, feeling separate from God. We can accept a view of ourselves that is limited, like the view from under the Sunday School table, or we can "…accept Science…" (S25) … and the true view that it gives of man/us as completely wonderful. We are not a mixture of good and bad, obedience and disobedience. That's a material "basis" view. And trying really hard to "make" ourselves be better doesn't work very well either. That's like going to the Adam story in Genesis and trying to improve on Adam. We could maybe make him happier if we give him nicer clothes, better education, more exercise… Nope, "Adam" will always be a sad mix of a little good and a lot of bad. Change our view of man from matter, to a spiritual view and we see that there is a true basis for being "perfect" or complete the way Jesus saw man. This is how Jesus healed. He didn't "fix" bad or sick people, he saw what Mind made.

Pycl #4: This might be worth mentioning even though it overlaps with everything else I've mentioned. Citation S27 states: "Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of existence." Principle is also "source" and only good can come from a source that is God. Divine Mind is the only source of actual existence. Think about that for a minute. All other so-called existence is like the dream we have when we sleep. It may seem real, I've even heard my kids talking, "running", and breathing hard while they are dreaming about active things, but it is only as real as the dream. This was why Elisha could lead an army away from his village, why Jesus could heal the epileptic boy, why one poor wise man could save a city, and so on. They weren't making miraculous things happen, they were showing us what was really present all the time (and is still!).

Pycl #5: Younger children may not be familiar with how the solar system operates. They may not understand the idea of how the sun's gravity keeps all those planets orbiting around it in the same paths, all the time, same distances from the sun and so on. Bring a picture or do something on a device to show this concept. Then look at citation S5 and compare this symbol with how Mind governs each of us. We are truly not ever out of God's/Mind's range. We can only possess the unlimited thinking of Mind. Anything that looks otherwise is not Mind’s and therefore not ours (it belongs to the dreamer). Just as not one planet can choose to wander off on its own path. So man cannot choose to wander away from Mind and do "his own thing".

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