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[PYCL: See each Bible story in light of Soul’s government by divine law. (1) Mirrors! (5)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for


on February 14, 2016

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: There are some lovely connections being made in this lesson between Soul and divine government—laws that govern and bring clarity, understanding and light to man, not to mention immortality! Take a look at all the different stories: Moses with the Commandments and his shining face, Elijah and the earthquake, etc. and Jesus stilling the storm, the time when Jesus was transformed and met with Elijah and Moses in front of the disciples, Paul's transformation/reformation, and even the apocalypse vision. Each of these can be seen in light of the government of Soul by divine law. Soul's laws reveal, enlighten, control through clarity and understanding of what is real. You can have the kids dig into each story to see how this theme unfolds differently. Why do the Commandments, when understood make us "shine"? What does this shining look like for us if it's not actual light coming from our faces? Have they ever felt this kind of radiant joy when they know for sure they are doing right?

Pycl #2: Speaking of this kind of knowing about right… check out the Responsive Reading (RR). Bring some dress-up clothes and discuss what a "robe of righteousness" might contain. Once you agree that it's probably not a real article of clothing, you can have them come up with what it might mean to "dress-up" in righteousness, salvation, other qualities of Soul. If they are quite young they might enjoy putting on some clothing that you've brought and talking about what such clothing might represent. How would righteousness make you behave? Would it be like being a spiritual "super hero"?

Pycl #3: Also from the R.R. we have the candle on the candle stick. Feel free to bring one in. If you bring something like a votive size candle on a small stand or on top of a box, you could also bring something to put over the top of it to demonstrate how the light would be covered up. Give the kids turns covering it up. Try to imagine if it were very dark in the Sunday School, would the candle be bright? Would you be able to see it from anywhere in the room? You can also seal the item over it so the candle goes out because it lacks oxygen to burn. This is another great analogy to help us understand how even if your spiritual light is bright, if you don't share it, it will dim until it goes out from starvation of all the qualities in Soul and Love that feed that flame!

Pycl #4: There are a couple of other experiments with light and sun that you can do to expand on this week's subject. Citation S3 brings this up by likening God and man to the sun and the rays of light. You can draw models of this or have the kids do this. What do sun rays do? (Light and warmth) Then you have citation S4 which talks about the window. I'm not sure when it was that I finally realized better what Mrs. Eddy was talking about in this passage. I think I thought that man was the window pane, working to keep it clear and allowing the sunlight to shine through. But that is not what she says! See if they can listen or read it and figure this out. The "manifestation of God" here is "as light"!! We are the manifestation of God, even if we are doing this "through mortals" for the time being. This is not Soul "in" mortal body! This is such a lovely explanation of how the light of Soul shines through those who are filled with that righteousness of God—how we can help our consciousness to be more transparent to Soul's light. As we do this, we understand more and more of our true nature as the light, not confined in matter, but coexistent with Soul. Bring in a couple of pieces of glass if you can. Shine a flashlight through one that is either dirty or blacked out with paint or paper. Have someone stand on the other side. Can they see any light? If so, is it bright? Then either do the same experiment with the clear window, or have the kids scrape off the paint or paper or dirt. No problem right?! Use this as a jumping off point for discussing this passage. As we lose "materiality" in our thinking, we get less like a wall and more like the window…until, as she says, "…like a cloud melting into thin vapor, it no longer hides the sun."

Pycl #5: Don't forget your synonym train from previous weeks if you are doing this. You may find it fun to "link" this car to citation S6. Mrs. Eddy explains that the sun isn't affected by the revolution of the earth. Maybe the train car could be said to be unaffected by the scenery around it. It doesn't matter if the weather is bad. The train just goes on. Or maybe this particular car of Soul makes its own sunshine since we are talking so much about shining and light and sun in this lesson! Don't know if this works for you but if so, great!

Pycl #6: If we are thinking about ourselves as manifestations of Soul, as light, we can look at citation B5 and get out some mirrors. I like the idea of looking into a mirror with "open face", looking honestly at our true image, which isn't matter. Our true reflection will look like the glory of the Lord! How can we strive to see this glory, instead of a material look? What does God's glory or Soul's glory look like? Maybe it isn't "visible" in matter but in deeds?

Have a fun Sunday!

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