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[PYCL: Renew your body with spiritual sense! Feel “covered” by a perfect vaccine!
Bask in the sustaining infinite! Choose thoughts wisely! Be God-centered!]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for Sunday School on the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

“Soul and Body”
for May 24, 2020

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: [W: Re-new your body as Love’s em-body-ment, meant to be love lived!]
The Golden Text and citation B21 both refer to the body as the temple of God. What is a temple? Have the children draw one maybe. Is there anything special about a temple or church? Look together at the definition of “Church. The structure of Truth and Love…”] in Science & Health (p.583). How is that like a body? What Shape does that description give? What size? Who is allowed into that church/temple?

I think we can have a lot of fun thinking about this kind of definition and how it relates to man and how our conception of body can become clearer and less reliant on a material sense of structure and content. As we get more and more deep into this kind of thinking you can ask them to try drawing such a "body". On p.247:21-24 of Science & Health Mind's goodness is expressed in form, outline, and color.
I have always found that fascinating and encouraging. We may not be able to draw this being, spiritual man, but we do have individuality, form, outline, and color.

Maybe check out citation S5 where it tells us that "Immortal men and women are models of spiritual sense, drawn by perfect Mind…" [247:16] We are not nebulous spiritual "somethings". Paul has many cool things to say about the different parts of the body and their importance as well, so we don't need to jump to some point where we deny the body's existence, rather, get a new sense of what the body is!

Pycl #2: [Feel “covered” by a perfect vaccine “… the robe of righteousness… the garments of salvation” (B3, Isa. 61:10) “Salvation…supreme over all…sin, sickness, and death” (SH 593:21)]
So now we have a new sense of what the body is, how can we "clothe" it. Look at citation B3. What do "garments of salvation" look like? How about the "robe of righteousness", or the ornaments and jewels of the bridegroom and bride? Have some of these items to share with the children – even if class is not in person. Ask them if these things represent something.

As they put on clothes and jewelry can they name qualities that belong to each item? Maybe even the things we have in our churches and Sunday Schools, since they are also "temples" could be discussed in these terms. Couldn't the pews/chairs/benches represent spiritual qualities? What would hymnals represent? How about windows, bricks, roof, and so on.

Pycl #3: [Bask in the sun as a unique ray – always at-one with the sustaining infinite!]
A helpful analogy for this subject is to think about the sun and its rays. Citation S2 is helpful in working through this. [71:5] Think in terms of the sun not being "in" its rays. Yet the rays give us light and warmth. The rays only express what they get from the sun, and they only get their being, their identity, from the sun. In like manner, we are from God.

All our being derives from God. We cannot exist separate from God. We cannot contain in us anything, any quality that God did not express. If the children are little then they can draw the typical pictures of the sun.

You can then take this analogy further and talk about how the sun and its rays are never ever separated from one another. The clouds may come in, but the ray exists still attached, it doesn't get separated by a cloud. You can ask if they have ever been in an airplane and flown above the clouds. Even the clouds don't hide the light completely that these rays express!

Pycl #4: [Choose thoughts and who and what you spend time with wisely!!]
Consider the idea that if you worked in a bakery, lived above a bakery, you would probably think a lot about baked goods. You may even eat a lot of brownies and donuts, cakes and cookies! You might actually think about baked goods much more than if you lived in a suburb and nowhere near a bakery, only seeing one once in a while.

Have you ever noticed that if you spend a lot of time with someone who has something cool, a great bike, gaming computer, cool clothes, etc. that you find yourself wanting those things? Then, if you are away from them for a while, these desires kind of fade away? Well, this is a common thing! We don't even notice that we are influenced by what we spend time around!!

Citation B7 can remind us that when we spend a lot of time thinking about our bodies in some way, we can end up noticing the body a lot more than we otherwise would. If we are spending a lot of our time playing outdoors, enjoying activities that are full of active fun, laughing, enjoying camp-like activities, we tend to be dwelling in those "temple qualities" we spoke of earlier. We find greater and more consistent joy, health, and peace. We also aren't as afraid when something in our body seems wrong!

Pycl #5: [Always be God-centered!]
Citation S7 is a great one to talk about. Explain the whole idea of the earth being the "center" of the universe. How one mistaken idea leads to a lot of other mistaken ideas. In the same way, when we think the body is intelligence and can determine our health and harmony, we are thinking that it is like the earth being the center of the system, rather than the sun.

Show them a comparison of the relative sizes of the earth and the sun—even though that is a limited example, it is pretty eye opening to see how gigantic the sun is relative to earth. But we tend to think the earth is so huge, because we live here, etc. Just so, we can start to contemplate the idea that we are not slaves to our bodies, but our bodies are spiritual and governed by Soul.

Hope you have a fun week in Sunday School.

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