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[PYCL: Reject unreality to discern reality!]
CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lesson for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:


Sunday, September 28, 2014

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO   (314) 406-0041

[Bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS 1st camper, current director & PYCL editor]

 [PYCL 1]
Let's begin by discussing what reality includes.  We can avoid the “…it includes this table and these chairs…” cliché by encouraging authenticity in the conversation.  What is genuinely meaningful to them?  If it is really hard to get this going you could share some qualities that you think are included in the definition of reality—love, kindness, empathy, intelligence, strength, etc.  Are these things “works of God” as mentioned in the Golden Text (G.T.)?  Can they describe these works in their daily life?  Notice that these qualities are all active, not “things”! They are “works”.

 [PYCL 2]
Much of being a good scientist is being a good observer, keenly aware of detail, activity—paying attention to how things look and how they change, and considering why.  What if being a good Christian Scientist is similar, only we are not looking at the detail of matter for our information?  Pretty often we can look at matter, especially beautiful matter, and see that it symbolizes something spiritual.  It represents a spiritual quality that we can demonstrate.  Consider bringing everyone a nice stone.  If you are someone prone to going for walks you can do this anywhere.  Look for ones that are interesting or smooth, have a lovely hole in them, are a special shape or have stripes, sparkles, you get the idea.  Have them hold the rock they are given and talk about its qualities.  Is it hard?  Is it sharp or smooth or colorful and so on.  Can they think about what a rock might symbolize spiritually?  Rocks are a good one because we often refer to the rock of Christ, and you can certainly talk about what is meant by this!  Okay, now can any of them share one spiritual quality that is represented by their rock?  Maybe this could be firmness, strength, persistence; color could represent the infinite variations of identity that are given us by Soul.  You all can certainly come up with many more thoughts.  Think about foundations (what was used in a lasting foundation before they invented cement?)  You could talk about the history of a stone, where it comes from and what it could eventually be (sand).  Does this represent the evolution and progress that is possible?  How did the rock come into being (different according to different rocks: here in MO you could talk about how they are partially formed most frequently, by pressure over many, many years.  What does that represent spiritually?  Could that be the way we are developing through our demonstration of the spiritual practice of Christian Science healing?  You can practice this “spiritual seeing” with other objects too, flowers, buildings, and so on.  This is how God is “…revealed, and all flesh shall see it together:” (R.R.)

 [PYCL 3]
I like to see together with the kids that everything we read in the Bible is applicable/still happening today.  The style or language might be different, but the demonstration is the same.  The reason we learn about the Commandments or the Beatitudes is so that we sharpen our spiritual senses and see God in all that is around us!  If one of the kids doubts that they see God, bring up the passage where Jesus tells us that we need to be “as a little child to enter the Kingdom”.  What do they think this means for their spiritual sight/vision?  Do children more naturally tend to see reality?  Maybe as we grow up we allow our knowledge of matter, our material senses, to take the lead in how we view the world.  Perhaps we grownups need to do a better job “stand[ing] porter at the door of thought…” as we so often tell our little guys!  You can share this with them; it is always fun for them to understand that we are all learning together!

 [PYCL 4]
What happened to Elijah in Section 2?  Why?  Look at the definition of “TIME” in S&H with the older kids to notice how we can “skip” death.  (“…bridge over with life discerned spiritually the interval of death…”).  It is spiritual discernment that leads to this kind of ascendant thought that no longer sees time and matter as a part of life/Life.  Why was Elisha able to see this ascension?  How are we able to “see” this today?  When we go about our days, at school or home, how can we cultivate the ability to see reality wherever we are?  It's almost as much about rejection of unreality as the discernment of reality! (Hence this topic in our series of lesson sermons!)

What objects become “visible” when we “…look deep into realism…” ? (S9)

 [PYCL 5]
Explain in your own words the story in Section 3.  Why did the woman go looking for Elisha instead of just crying and acknowledging that her son had died?  You could go to Mary Baker Eddy Christian Healer Amplified Edition to find a story about where Mrs. Eddy was amazingly persistent in raising her secretary, Calvin Frye, from death.  She kept speaking and praying firmly and loudly for at least an hour while his apparently completely unresponsive corpse sat in front of her.  (pp. 256-258)  How's that for spiritual sight?! This woman in Section 3 must have had this great spiritual sense/sight.  She already demonstrated that when she recognized the status of Elisha as a great prophet and even built a room for him on the side of her house so that he could stay there when passing through her town.  This little room can be seen spiritually as space in her consciousness to recognize spiritual reality, spiritual good. Talk about what we can do to “build” our own “rooms” for this kind of discernment.

 [PYCL 6]
In Section 4 you can talk about how Jesus demonstrated—made visible—the fact that he was the presence of the Christ to humanity.  We can look for and see Christ in the power of Good around us each day.  Seeing someone’s Christly nature, even when they may not be behaving well, is spiritually Christly vision.  And this vision leads to Christly demonstration/healing.  Does this happen any less today than in “the old days”?  Bring a collection of testimonies, even that old book: A Century of Christian Science Healing would work for this purpose, just don't show them the copyright date.  But seriously, just looking through volumes of recent periodicals can give you the idea.

Divine Science reveals reality, that's why we study it.  To help the kids understand that they are learning the difference between what is real and powerful, and what is not, is a great undertaking.

Have fun this Sunday!




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