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[PYCL: Prepare them for higher views of ancestry, angels, Christmas… ]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

“Is the Universe, including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”

on December 14-20, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Have a discussion about how things are made. How was the universe made? How is man created? We've had lessons recently like: "God the Only Cause and Creator" so this may be fresh in their minds. Why do we have this particular subject? I love that we ponder this subject each year around Christmas because of how it ties in with Mary's conception of Jesus. It may seem like everything is created materially, that God maybe oversees this… but things are not what they appear to be! How do we know this? Give the kids three or four examples that clearly show that material "law" is not what it seems. It would be great to have a couple of examples from your own experience or from a recent periodical and then you can share some examples from the Bible lesson. Explain in whatever terms are appropriate for your age group about how Elisabeth wasn't able to have children, and how Mary wasn't married yet. How, the human system of "reproduction" that we think of as normal, was void in their cases. Why is that an important thing? Why does it matter?

Pycl #2: Once you've followed that line of thought you can talk about how we view "miracles". The kids may not even know that term. Citation S14 says something about this subject. One of the coolest things about Christian Science is that we don't see healing, good, as anything but natural! It is not "outside" of God's laws, the only laws that there really are. It is not something we pray for or beg God to do; it is something that God is always providing us with. (The safety we experience from obeying traffic laws is not bestowed on some of us and not others, by the traffic light…) A healing is not something that God bestows on us as a special gift when we think the right things or ask in the right way. Healing is the evidence of the ever-presence of God and His goodness.

Pycl #3: Check out the angel Gabriel in the two stories here. See Mrs. Eddy's definition of angels in Science & Health. Ask them what they think of as angels. Why are angels depicted with wings? You can look up other references that Mrs. Eddy makes to angels as well in other writings. You can check out where else angels appear in the Christmas story. Can we expect angels in our own experience? How do we know it is an angel? (Here, her other writings will be very helpful!) It may seem silly that they are always shown with wings, but thinking about what the wings symbolize makes it much more understandable. Can they come up with some angel thoughts that have come to them over the years? What kinds of thoughts might those be? Make a simple mobile of angel thoughts that hang from a wire coat hanger. You would only need some colorful paper, thread, scissors and wire hangers.

Pycl #4: Try looking up the whole story of Zacharias in the Bible [and check out Cobbey Crisler’s commentary about it in the first Download on Luke in the online version of CedarS Met.] It's pretty interesting. Notice together that Zacharias doesn't speak until John is born. (He apparently cannot! why is that?) In those days the first son was named for the father. But Zacharias was told by the angel Gabriel that the baby's name would be John. Does Mary pick Jesus' name? Why does the angel tell them what to name the children? Do you think it might be because it was important to understand that the true origin of these children was not from a human "dad"—that they were truly from God? Also, names were considered very important in the Bible, linking a person to his true nature, rather than just something to call someone. Why do the kids think that Mary and Elisabeth both stay sort of "hidden" for the first months of their pregnancy? When we are really cherishing something lovely from God do we sometimes need to be quiet and prayerful and keep ourselves from being too sidetracked by things that are around us in matter? How does this relate to Christmas? Can we be less distracted by presents and more excited about God's gift to man of understanding our true nature?

Pycl #5: Citation S9 tells us that our ancestry is beautiful, good and pure. Do the kids know about family trees? Could you make a "family tree" with God as the only "ancestor" and all of us directly attached to God? You could do this with a piece of poster board and show that each of us is directly related to God. Where does that put mom and dad? Kind of cool, huh?

Hope this gives you a few ideas for Sunday, have a great one!

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