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PYCL: Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christ Jesus”
for September 1, 2019

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: I would love to work somehow with the Golden Text. Talk about what laws Paul might be talking about. Are they laws like traffic laws? Are they laws like we might think of as laws of gravity? What is the difference? Are some laws seemingly "breakable" while others are not? How is it possible to be "free" from a law that seems like it is not "humanly imposed"? This is pretty revolutionary stuff when you think about it! What do they know about Jesus, and about Christ that might make us "free" and why? What would we be "free" from (what is the "law of sin and death").

Can students find examples in the Bible lesson to illustrate how Christ frees? Can you share an example of how you were freed from something that seemed like a "law"? Can they, perhaps, think of a time when they were freed from such a "law"? With very young children you can illustrate the difference between a traffic law by holding up a "stop sign" and having them walk right through it. Then have them drop something and explain how that law would seem to be one of those that can't be "broken". Then you can show how Jesus did just that by raising Lazarus in this week's lesson!!

Pycl #2: Ask the students what their thoughts are on Jesus, and on Christ. What is the difference? Was Jesus special? Why? What indications do we have of his special place in history, in Christianity, in this week's lesson? What happened when he was baptized by John at the river? Who was his Father? Why did we need Jesus? What did he do for us today through his example?

What is the Christ? Why do we call Jesus "Christ Jesus"? When did the Christ "come into existence"? Is Jesus here today? Is the Christ here today? Can they think of anyone else who expressed Christ before Jesus? After Jesus? Today? (Might be a good time to look at S26) One of the clearer analogies for the Christ that I have found is found in My 344:3-5 "If we say that the sun stands for God, then all His rays collectively stand for Christ, and each separate ray for men and women."

Try drawing pictures to illustrate this idea. Then you can work with the nearly infinite analogies that spring from this idea! The rays cannot ever be separated from the sun. They derive all warmth and light from the sun. They can seem to be hidden, but they are always shining. They never rise or set, because the sun never stops shining, never rises or sets. You get the idea!

Pycl #3: We talk about how Jesus was the son of God. And this is absolutely true. What does that mean though, when we see in this week's lesson that he came to show us all our own divine "sonship"? What is the difference, the similarity? Jesus had a special mission. Do you think we do as well? Might it be similar, though more along the lines of discipleship?

Pycl #4: While the definition of "kingdom of heaven" that Mrs. Eddy gives in Science and Health is not in this week's lesson, I noticed that S9 speaks of the reign of Truth and Love and the kingdom of God within, and it illuminated the specific difference between her definition of "heaven" and "kingdom of heaven". The "reign" of harmony, versus "harmony". I just can't get past that idea that Jesus said the "kingdom of God", meaning the "reign" of God within. There is so much room for us to allow this government of Love, of Truth, of Life etc. to take hold. This is so essential to understanding our ability to follow Jesus. If we allow this reign to take hold and we don't get tossed around by our human "feelings, thoughts, emotions", we can find this harmony governing in our lives even when things seem very challenging to us! This is how we often see healing in the midst of a difficulty, by recognizing the power of God to "reign" in our consciousness!

With the younger crowd you could try bringing or making a paper crown and have a "cape" at hand to represent a royal position. Have them sit on a "throne". Talk about what a king or queen does or represents. Look in this week's lesson at the word "anointed" in section 2. (You can explain that kings and queens would have been anointed with oil to symbolize that they are divinely chosen, specially appointed). Talk about how we each are anointed by God to be Godlike: loving, intelligent, energetic, joyful etc. You could even bring in some "essential oil" that smells lovely and dab a bit on each kid though probably not in their hair!

Pycl #5: It is always lovely when there is an opportunity to include a Beatitude or Commandment in our study in Sunday School. This week we have the Beatitude: "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Why do we have this one this week? Why do the "pure in heart" "see" God?

Have them look through a glass of clear water at something, or a clean window…and then a glass that has dirty water, or a dirty window. Is the view actually different? Or is it just the "dirt" that causes us to have trouble seeing well? What might this dirt represent? How did Jesus see those around him? Ideally you could bring in a piece of clear glass and have them look at each other through it, make it dirty and try again, and have them take turns. Then have them clean it. How do we "clean" our thoughts so that we can see as Christ Jesus saw? What does "pure in heart" mean? Can we relate this to the idea of baptism and the definition of Baptism included in S2 this week?

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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