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PYCL: Open and share the gift of love “too wonderful for words” that gives 24/7/365!
Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School from the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

“Christian Science”
for Sunday, December 27, 2020

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com • 314-406-0041

PYCL #1: Ask if they are a little bit sad that Christmas is over.

What was their favorite gift and why? What will make that gift feel special for a long time? Did they receive anything that will feel that way? Why is it tempting to feel a little sad when Christmas day is over?

Now look at the Golden Text together. (II Cor. 9:15)
What is that "gift" we are to thank God for? This could be thought of in many ways.
I think it is something that small children may have an answer for, and we adults may also have an answer for that may differ, at least in language!
Is this a gift we can wrap? Is it a gift that is confined to a day on the calendar?
Is it a gift we can share? How? What is our "obligation" to share this gift?

If one answer is "the gift that Jesus gave of teaching us that God made man to be whole and that we can share this health and wholeness with others", then how do we each do this today at any age?
Can we do it by being cheerful?
Can we do it by thinking of something helpful to do?
Have them come up with ideas. If the gift is described more along the lines of Jesus, or the presence of the Christ, or the Christ Science, you can take it in that direction!

PYCL #2: Celebrate that “a child IS born" — in the present tense!

We can helpfully follow the above discussion with looking at the Responsive Reading and noticing that the prophecy from Isaiah, which came hundreds of years before Jesus, is placed in the present tense—“a child is born", etc. That means that "child" was present then, and is today!
I love thinking with the children about how that "child" is coming to our thought each day. We don't have to lose that sense of expectancy and special joy.
The newness of a fresh understanding of Love's presence is there for the noticing every day of our lives.

Talk about the symbolism of a baby. There is the sense of expectation, birth, joy, newness, possibility, tenderness, love, innocence, and so on. You can have fun with the younger ones thinking about the play on words that comes with "presents" and "presence" because the Christ is present in our experience every moment!

PYCL #3: Explore the symbolism of light.
Again, you could use flashlights in a dark room to illustrate this. Even over Zoom this can be effective. Look at verse 2 from Isaiah 9:2 in the Responsive Reading.
Why do the "…people that walked in darkness [see] a great light."?
What does it mean to walk in the "dark"? Have the children ever noticed that when we are in the dark, we can see a light from very far away.

Light really shows up in the dark!
In the same way, we can let our lights shine with our understanding of the goodness that we know of the Christ and of Christian Science, and this is like a light for others to see, feel comforted and loved by, healed by, and so on.

What did Jesus tell us about letting our lights shine?
Check out his words in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:15) and use a candle and a basket or bowl to show how we can hide or really lift up our light/our God expressed intelligence, joy, kindness, and so on.

PYCL #4: Let the children tell you the Christmas story. See what they include. Check it with what is in the lesson (not to correct, but to discover together!).
Get into all the details if they are interested. Why did they have to travel to Bethlehem instead of paying their tax in Nazareth where they lived?
Why couldn't they mail their tax money?
What does it mean for us today that there might not be "room in the inn" for the Christ child? Is our thought too full of other things?

Bring a box full of toys, or other items. Take them out, one at a time. Think together about the crowded box as if it were our thought of our day.
Are we excited about all the things that are happening that day?
Is there anything wrong with that if we are? Of course not! Having lots of good things to do, or nothing at all is not the issue. What is?

Can we think about bringing an understanding to our activities that makes them more rewarding, more purposeful, beautiful, joyous? If we are practicing an instrument, it is most helpful if we have in mind something that we are trying to improve upon when we begin working on a song or piece.
If we just play through it we may make some progress, but not nearly as much as if we have a specific thing we are listening for that we want to improve!
Maybe we are listening for a beautiful tone, or better pitch, or some sort of musical line. The same goes for practicing a sport or doing something for school!
When we put our thought into making room for the spiritual presence of the Christ in each endeavor, we find greater joy, progress, fun, satisfaction.

PYCL #5: What does each student love most about Christian Science?
Can they be specific if they say "healing"?
What do you love most about it? Is your favorite thing something you live each day? There are many citations that help reference the idea that we get vision, understanding, clarity from Christian Science! This goes back to that light theme.
Notice that even the Magi saw and followed a light to get to the Christ child.
And it is described as having the glory of the Lord "shine" on the shepherds—sounds like light? Maybe they like the feeling of Love the most.

How do they most feel God's love? Ask lots of questions!!

The more we can articulate what we love about Christian Science, the more we are recognizing God's activity in our experience.

Also, we tend to feel more gratitude for this activity when we can articulate its daily place in our lives.

Have a very joyful Christmas and Sunday School class!

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