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[PYCL: Never give up! (2) Design a board game with distractions along the

way. (3) Bring the Christ inspiration to every situation! (4)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

"Christ Jesus"
for March 4, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Visit together about the whole fruit tree/vine and fruit analogy that is threaded throughout this week's lesson. You could bring in a branch from a bush or tree. Maybe, if you have time, and it is spring in your area, you could put a flowering or leaf bearing branch in some water early in the week and see if it begins to bud or blossom between now and Sunday. Ask them if the branch will live and bear fruit from those flowers, or continue to leaf throughout the summer and into fall. Why or why not? They will begin to understand, that without the bush or tree that they grew from, they cannot thrive, only prosper temporarily. Then you can think together about the idea of how we are really attached to the vine/Christ and God is the "farmer". What does that mean for us? Does that help us see how we can do works that Jesus did? If our ability to prosper and heal and bless others comes straight from the Christ and from God, then we want to remain attached to that vine, and cultivate our understanding of that attachment! (pun kind-of intended:-) You can also broach the idea that, in reality, we can never be separated from the Christ because we are God's spiritual ideas (chosen, as it says in our Golden text this week!) by God. We may sometimes feel like we are separate, but that's not the case.

Pycl #2: Another thing that can tempt us to feel like we cannot draw on the Christ for our every need is fear. Check out Section 5 which deals with handling the suggestion of fear that matter is powerful or governs the day. The Bible story of Peter walking to Jesus on the water is wonderfully illustrative and also symbolic for how fear can cause us to "sink" and the Christ can lift us up, also how fear makes us feel like we are not connected to that Christ-vine. When we understand something of our divine, spiritual nature, we see that the only life that we get, the only intelligence, joy, love—comes from God through that Christ-vine. In that way we can glimpse that we don't have a separate "life" that can be taken away, made sick, unhappy, etc. Look at the last few citations of Science and Health in this section to bring the idea of persistence into the conversation. Sometimes things don't look a lot different over time. But we must not give up. It is error's way of trying to convince us that we are on our own and without support. This is simply not true.

Pycl #3: Pull out (if you have one already) or design a simple board game with a path that you follow to an end marked with spiritual rewards such as satisfaction, joy, abundant love and so on. What will you mark along this "straight and narrow" path? ( B9) Look at the translation of this passage that I included in my met this week from The Message ("requires total attention."). It is very interesting and highlights some ideas about why we want to follow this beautiful path that Christ Jesus set out for us. One of the more important ideas is that following this path is our true purpose in life, not just a nice "hobby" that we do in our "spare time". This path, following Christ Jesus in his work of love and healing, is what we are here for. So, with that in mind, we need to understand how that works on a daily basis. In this way Christian Science is the Science of seeing reality, of living in reality, rather than just existing for our own human "happiness" or "success". This might be a lofty idea for the very young, but I think you can touch on it in some way with older grade school. At any rate, design your board game appropriate to your age group. There can be "distractions" that they decide on along the way as twisty detours, or little healings that they find along the way. You could have it built to reflect a number of healings that the children themselves shared with the class—how did they get to those healings? Can you mark some "steps" along the way on your board game?

Pycl #4: We don't often read about Jesus turning the water into wine in the lesson. Why is this significant? What does wine symbolize? (p.35 in Science and Health (SH) and the definition in the glossary of SH include "inspiration"—on p.35 it is "…the inspiration of Love"). What kind of water did he use? What does this event say about how the Christ can purify and inspire every act of human life? What about the quality that the Christ brings? How can we bring this kind of inspiration to every situation that we find ourselves in? Are we in a position to bless? If we are connected to the Christ-vine, then don't we have this inspiration and love available to us as well? Can you share an instance of how you were able to bless through your recognition of your connection to Christ? Can anyone else share their experiences?

Pycl #5: We touched on the straight and narrow path, which is from Section 3, but you can also bring up the idea included in this section, that good cannot spring from evil. Young children can especially see the clarity of the symbol of fruit growing from the right kind of tree—apples from apple trees, grapes from grape vines, etc. This is always a helpful way to see that we have the law on our side. We have God's law to resist the temptation to think of sickness being something we have no right to argue against!

Pycl #6: Make a model out of paper twists, or draw a large vine, show what kinds of fruits grow from this vine if it is representing the Christ. If you have a felt board you can have the children place the "fruit" on the vine, or you could always use tape or staples! Each fruit must be a quality of God, a healing, or blessing that they have seen or felt or shared.

Have a great Sunday!!

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