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[PYCL: Make your own the healing power of the 10 Commandments and of putting your all on God's altar! (See Downloads and Pcyl#3)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson for

June 28, 2015 on

“Christian Science”

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Childlike thought is lifted to understand God.
Citation B1 is so encouraging for the younger crowd, and for all of us who want to embrace that open and childlike approach to life. The revelation of God’s goodness, His wisdom, His Science is being handed to us. If we keep everything mortal out of the way, we can readily receive it! You might explain this idea with something Mrs. Eddy mentions in citation S1 where she says: “fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.” Think together about what “pinions” do. In this case I’m pretty sure she was referring to the wing of a bird, particularly the feathers that relate to helping the bird fly. So you might think together about how Science gives us a higher, “bird’s eye” view of things. We can understand, through knowing God as we do in Christian Science, that the difficult things that we experience day to day are not part of God’s creating, and do not have power over us. The prophecy from Isaiah tells us that if we aren’t careful, we can get snarled up in our lives by thinking that we can’t “understand” the message of God that Mrs. Eddy gave us, or we just find it too difficult to practice. But we know that every child can have healing results, so this could not be the message that God is giving us! This childlike thought is actually the true “intelligence” that brings healing. Who can be an honest seeker? Does it take age? Experience? Education? Check with the kids about what this takes. Why is childlike thought most readily “lifted”? What “weighs down” the material thought that sometimes tries to attach itself to age?
ACTIVITY: Bring in a suitcase. Fill it with slips of paper that have different qualities on them. Connect the mortal ideas to the rocks with rubber bands. Leave the Godlike qualities loose. Fill the suitcase with the mortal qualities and have them lift the suitcase—and then try filling it with the Godlike ones and lift it again. (Mortal qualities might be fear, which makes us think God is not there to help or we are not adequate to understand God’s presence. Sadness—maybe that is a heavy thing that keeps us from seeing the light and joy that God is giving us, also makes us feel ungrateful rather than gratitude which recognizes God’s blessings… you get the idea!)

Pycl #2: Everything we need to understand and know comes from God.
While we can learn things, lots of good things from people and other beings, sources, everything truly good and everything that blesses us is from God. So when our mom or dad is giving us some new clothes or helping us with dinner—they are blessing us with love, nurturing, intelligence, unselfishness that they get from God. All good is from God. So we can also get from this, that God would never keep us from understanding Christian Science by making it too complicated, too intellectual, too spiritual for us to put in action. Also, all that we really learn about God comes to us from God, but is made clear through the Christ and through Christian Science which explains God and His deep Love. (S6). What do the books (Bible and Science and Health) do for us? What if we don’t know how to read really well yet? Does God still provide us a way? Maybe that way is through Sunday School? Maybe through a camp counselor? Mom or Dad… but still it is God shining through these people or places that really helps us understand. Just rest assured that we can’t ever be left without understanding!

Pycl #3 and #4: Try a stretching game, or try a “base change”.
Read the story of the woman with the bleeding problem. What did she do that helped her have a healing? Ask them what they think. Maybe they will say that "she asked Jesus", a legitimate response, but what did that mean or show about her? Was she turning away from all the material ways of trying to “fix” something? Maybe we need to “stretch” out and reach for spiritual solutions to fighting with a brother or sister… for feeling left out, lonely, sad, angry, etc.
ACTIVITY: Have the kids reach for something that is high in the air, make it just attainable (adjust according to height). [Hear a “Prac Talk” by CedarS practitioner this week (Laura Lapointe CS, from San Diego, CA) for how to apply this idea and CedarS 2015 theme of lifting your all onto God’s altar to alter it all!] Did your students maybe have to jump to get to this elevated altar? Is there something in their life that challenges them, that seems just out of reach? Have they ever worked really hard to achieve something that they thought they couldn’t? With my little guys it might be a new song on their violin that a month ago seemed just impossible! Ask them if that stretching in their life was a little like the way that woman stretched out of the way she was thinking to touch the “hem” of Jesus’ clothes. [See PS below.] (Remind your students that this woman was not supposed to touch anyone or mix with a crowd for the 12 years while she was suffering with this illness. In those days that would have been against religious laws.) Remember too that she had tried everything that was available to her to heal this problem, everything except this Christ healing. So that probably seemed like a stretch for her thought. The point here is that stretching ourselves beyond what is obvious, material, easy, etc. may be difficult, but will bring us powerful healing results!

ACTIVITY: Another thing from citation S12 to think about and possibly act out is the idea of a “change of base”. What does that mean to the kids? [It has meanings in the chemistry world of a change in the ph base (as shown on indicator test strips of paper in a pool water test kit) from being an alkali (above 7.0, where mineral deposits grow) to an acid (below 7.0, where sediment is dissolved); while in the mathematical world “changing numeral bases, (refers to such things) as converting from base 2 (binary) to base 10 (decimal).”] Maybe for younger ones we can liken this to having them stand in front of a wall. What will they see? Maybe there’s a poster in front of them, a blank space, a bench… But what if they move to stand in front of a window? They will see everything within the range of that opening. They may see trees, grass or cars, the scenery may change, an animal might wander through. This is a richer, more varied view, right? What if we go outside and have no window… what if we climb a mountain and look all the way around us? What if we see the infinite goodness that we get from a totally spiritual view? Each of the other “views” represent a broader sense of things, maybe they are symbolic of how our experience widens as we move to a more spiritual “base”. Sometimes we need to take it one step at a time, but we are always reaching for that spiritual, true base of reality that comes through the understanding that Jesus and Christian Science have blessed us with.

Pycl #5: A comfort that we have with us all the time.
Maybe the kids have a favorite stuffed animal, a blanket or pillow that they feel comforted by at night. Maybe their mom or dad gives them that sense. What happens when those things or people aren’t there? Can they really feel that deep sense of comfort and love anywhere? This is a great opportunity while camps are in session to stretch ourselves to really feel the closeness that the concept of the Comforter can give us. This is a Comforter that heals us, that really helps us anywhere! Jesus tells us that this Comforter is with us now and he even tells us that with an understanding of this Comforter as present, we will be healing like him and even more! (B7). Was he talking to everyone? Even to kids? Share the thought that even we grown-ups struggle with feeling this comforting presence sometimes. It’s not always easy. We can welcome God’s comforting Christ into our lives by keeping our thoughts full of good—gratitude, love, joy, peace, fearlessness, hope, energy/vigor. These things lift us on those pinions that are given to us from God and from understanding more and more about Christian Science and about Jesus’ teachings. Can you share an example of a healing that came to you all on your own when you might have felt like you really needed that comforting presence?

Have an awesome Sunday.

[PS The Tzitzit or tassels “on the wings” (hem or border) of Jesus’ prayer shawl are prophesied in the book of Malachi to impart healing power; and many who followed Jesus, including the woman in Luke 8:43-44 who reached out to touch the tassels on the hem of his prayer shawl, would have been aware of this Old Testament prophesy. (“ unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; … Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb… Mal. 4:2, 4). In biblical days, as today, the purpose of tassels on “the wings” of a prayer shawl is to remind the wearer of the importance and power of keeping the 10 Commandments. At CedarS Bible Lands Park this week over 300 campers, staff and adult helpers (led by a time-travelling “Moses”) will “touch the fringes of eternity” (Hymn 64) represented by the 10 Commandments as each visitor tries on a prayer shawl and promises, as a cabin or program group, to keep each commandment in its modern-day applications as listed in the first Download. See Met PS2 and pictures and text Downloads in CedarS online Met.]

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