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Pycl: Look to Love to lighten your load & to rightly assess your health, happiness, wholeness… (5, 2)

Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School from the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

for Sunday, March 7, 2021

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: It's a good week to bring mirrors to Sunday School.
Discuss man as image. Show them or restate for the younger ones, the statement in citation S2/515:21-8 about man and the mirror. Read or state it carefully. Mary Baker Eddy mentions movement in the mirror reflecting movement in the person in front of that mirror, so try this together. Then, she is careful to speak of the correlation with God being the source, the mirror being divine Science, and man, the reflection. Then, she asks us "…note how true, according to Christian Science, is the reflection to its original." For me, this answers the questions that might arise about imperfections in the original showing up in the reflection, i.e., if we have a cut on our face, this cut shows up in the mirror.

We must look into the mirror that is divine Science, the Science of the Christ, in order to get the true reflection! I think the sun is the best analogy. Any reflection of the sun will only include light. The sun has nothing but what the furnace of its brilliant flames create, it cannot reflect darkness or anything cloudy! In the same way, God, as the source of man, is only reflected in completeness, harmony, wholeness.

We could also bring into this, a discussion of what kind of man God makes.
Check out citation B3/Ps.8:1, 4, 6. What kind of man is God "mindful of"?
What kind of man does God know? Make a list of the qualities of this man. Do the children in the class fit these qualities? Are these qualities physical/do they tell us of hair or eye color, height, weight, gender?

Pycl #2: Always look to God for our assessment of our health, happiness, wholeness…

I just love that passage in the Responsive Reading about being like plants that are growing next to the river. I think small and older children would enjoy thinking about this image very literally. Look at pictures of how lush things might be next to a water source. Would this be especially important in a desert land? Draw pictures of a river and plants and trees next to it. Where are the roots going to head? Do they think the river might represent the freshness and source of life in this passage? Does this seem like a directive to us to send out our "roots" toward that which will give us the most satisfaction, joy, health, longevity? Man, as a spiritual being, is eternal, because our life force doesn't come from matter, but from this spiritual "river", if you will, of Life!

When everything around us looks or feels bad, we can trust that those roots will find the consistent source of good at all times. We can be unaffected by the "heat", the challenges that make things feel hard, whether it is grief, loneliness, sickness, or anything else. Also, we don't have to be "careful in the year of drought". When we don't see much good in our lives, we are able to detect, maybe under the mortal surface of things, the abundance of God's goodness for us. And this ability to detect what might seem deep below the surface of matter and material sense, will keep us hoping and filled with a joy that cannot be moved. In other words, we can always look to God for our assessment of our health, happiness, wholeness.

Pycl #3: Bring in fake money. Discuss how counterfeit detectors study the real bill to detect false ones. They are so familiar with the true ones, that the false stands out more easily to them! In the same way, we can study the true man, the man that is joyful, fulfilled, healthy, obedient, and practice demonstrating these truths, so that we are not so easily fooled by the false view of man. See citation 8/285:7-11, 16-17.

Pycl #4: Discuss how spiritual facts show up as we "sweep away the false and give place to the true."
You can buy premade "black magic" sheets in the craft section of “big-box stores” (like Michel’s, Walmart, Target?…), but you can also make these together by filling a sheet of white paper with lots of colorful crayon stripes. Just do a small patch to save time. Then, over the top of the color draw with a black crayon leaving no color to be seen. Give each child a stick or something just a little sharp. They can then draw rainbow lines that show up as you scrape away the black crayon and these colors stand out because of the black surrounding them.

Look together at citation S9/428:8, 19 and talk about the way that the spiritual facts/the bright colors, show up when we "sweep away the false and give place to the true." They can just doodle, or they can draw small scenes for fun. You could do this in other ways, using a broom to brush away dirt that is covering something that you bring to class.

Pycl #5: [Yoke-up with Love as a pulling partner to meet daily demands with ease, peace, joy.] Check-out cit. B20/Matt. 11:28-30 where Jesus tells us to take his "yoke" on ourselves and that his "yoke" is easy, his burden light. (Perhaps feeling burden is not a concern yet for the very young, who can be great role models for us as Jesus pointed out. Or, as Warren likes to say, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!”) Discuss what a yoke does, show pictures. What does Jesus mean by his yoke? Is he talking about a tool designed to distribute weight ideally so that we can make the best use of our strength? Think about what that means! What is the yoke that we can take on ourselves that would make us feel like we are not under constant pressure to "do" things, to "accomplish", or "achieve". When we shift our focus to what Mary Baker Eddy tells us in cit. S26: "Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power." (SH 192:30) This is just one of many passages that set us on a path to glorify God, rather than achieve human goals.

It is challenging to shift our attention from the immediate need to "get homework done", fit in a practice of some kind, get some chore or other "done". But that is like a hamster wheel!! (Show them one of these!) Then, we are just running and running in circles but not really getting anywhere. It is only by devoting whatever we do to Love that we find we are feeling more at peace, more joy in our work and daily tasks. [See W’s “Spiritually Light-hearted” PS.

Come up with what it looks like to do our homework, for example, in a way that’s focused on Love.
Are we thinking of how long it will take to devote this activity to Love?
Are we thinking about how annoyed we are with an assignment that we’re doing with devotion to Love?
Are we thinking about how exhausted we are with an endeavor that is devoted to Love?
Anyhow, something to consider talking about. Even quite young kids are feeling stressed and pressured these days, so I know it is not just an "adult" subject!

Have a great week in Sunday School!

[Warren’s P.S. Below, and as Downloadable attachments, are wall-hung reminders to quit taking burden (or anything) personally! It’s always the right time to cultivate unselfed love and joy and so be a “Spiritually Light-Hearted … master of your work!”]
[I love all of a related page 222 in “Education at Principia,” written by Principia’s Founder, Mary Kimball Morgan, CS. Below are a few applicable sentences from “Spiritually Light-Hearted:”]
“Always insist on being master of your work. God would not give you something to do and fail to give you the wisdom, strength, and grace necessary to accomplish it. He does not demand of us what he does not equip us to do. Then we should go about our work confidently and joyously, grateful for every opportunity to serve God and mankind….

“Get rid of the sense of burden before continuing your work, for heaviness of thought cannot glorify God…
“Seek to find deeper joy in your work. One can be deeply in earnest and at the same time spiritually light-hearted.”
“Education at The Principia,”
by Founder of The Principia, Mary Kimball Morgan, CS, p. 222

Left/1st Download in online version: Reminder over the desk of Ruth E. Huff, CedarS Founder, Director Emeritus.
Right/2nd Download in online version: Love is your “pulling partner” an “easy yoke” reminder for Warren Huff, CedarS Dir. Emeritus:

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