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[PYCL: Look to God for all answers! Bring a prism for kids to watch as it refracts light. (#4)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

“God the Only Cause and Creator”

on November 30-December 6, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

[Note that a new CC online Download, the 1st, has been added for B12]

Pycl #1: We are talking about God as the source of all that is real and good this week. Find all the ways we can to look to God for everything. How can we really see God as the source of everything good and everything we truly need? Brainstorm this idea together… what things do we need? How often each day do we proceed with things without even pausing to think about why, who is the source, is it true/real? Sounds like a lot of work, is it? Maybe go through a typical day at school or something like that. Use those passages from Isaiah in the Responsive Reading about 'looking' to God and 'asking' God, as the basis for this discussion. Think of a time when you were more aware of looking to God for all the answers and share. Can we look to God when mom or dad asks us to get ready for bed? How about we pause and think about responding cheerfully and promptly… (I know, I sound like a mom…).

Pycl #2: Pose the riddle about which came first, the chicken or the egg? Then look at citation S1 where God/Creator is referred to as "self-existent". What does that mean? The Bible speaks of "Alpha and Omega", the first and last—nothing before, nothing after or beyond—you might say "All". From here you can think about the idea of the source of everything real being able to create only what is like Himself. Using the sun as an analogy works well here. The sun cannot create darkness. Everywhere it shines, everywhere its rays reach, darkness is made to disappear! Darkness has no power to oppose the sun. You could try this with flashlights in a dark place, under your table with a dark cloth over the top might work if the kids don't get too silly. Talk about, and have them experiment with the lights. Is the darkness "pushing back"? Does it have "force" or power of some kind? Point out that that is the way evil is portrayed often, as if it has ability or power. Citations B4 and S2 are helpful here. Can you mix or stir together, darkness and light? They do not ever cooperate or coexist! Maybe a colored water and oil experiment would help here.

Pycl #3: Another part of this is the "like creates like" element. Citation S3 talks about Truth resulting in truthfulness, God in goodness, etc. We would be awfully surprised if a horse gave birth to a dog… This can take on an element of humor if you like. It is related to the idea that light cannot be opposed by darkness in that the darkness can't come from light and cannot pop out of darkness. See if they can come up with their own thoughts about where good things spring from.

Pycl #4: I mention this in my Met this week, but bringing in a prism for the kids to watch as it catches and refracts the light might be a great example of how to think about the way that light or God is the source, and then man reflects this light and "expresses" God, just as the prism captures and then sheds bits of light all around it. Did the light or the rainbows come "from" the crystal or prism? How does this relate to the qualities that we express from God? Does it limit our ability to express the array of qualities that God gives man? Does it mean we are not creative, intelligent, funny, etc.? (Citation S11 is especially good, but also citation B8.)

Pycl #5: Thinking about the woman with the issue of blood we can point out the way that she reached for the fringes of Jesus' garment. You can explain the origins of the fringes on men's cloaks if you wish. The point of this though, is that she was yearning, reaching for the Christ. Can we reach past what we see to what God is telling us about life and our experience? How do we do this every day, when we have friends/siblings etc. to get along with and so on? When we are reaching for something that implies that we are stretching beyond what is comfortable and easy. The woman was doing something somewhat illegal as she should have been keeping herself separate from society because of the hemorrhaging. Certainly she shouldn't have been touching anyone! We can consider the thought that things that we have to strive for and stretch for are often the most rewarding to get!

Pycl #6: I'm intrigued with the passage (S20) that talks about "mortal mind maps out the way" for disease. Recently my two younger boys discovered a silly, but rather scary (for them), video game and they started playing it now and again. The younger one gave up first, declaring that he was not going to play scary games ever again because it made him really afraid of going anywhere in or out of the house in the dark. Then, last night, the older of the two burst into tears because he "saw" something scary outside the dark living room window and he told me that I should never let him watch those scary games again. I was happy to oblige… This is a great example of how mortal mind maps out the way for scary thoughts. Even if the video game they were watching and playing was totally silly and cartoonish (I saw it and it was), the ideas were helping to map a path in their imagination for thoughts that excluded God's power and presence and goodness.

Pycl #7: I don't know if this is appropriate, but you could try yawning a bunch. See if anyone else does the same after a minute or so. Notice how many kids start doing this. Then read citation S23 together and discuss!

Pycl #8: With the littler ones you could act out some of citations S24 and S25, standing porter and excluding "offending errors, even "[rising] in the strength of Spirit" and resisting everything that isn't good or from God. With the older ones you could use these as a basis for a Christian Science treatment, coming up with examples with how we can put these passages to work to combat any suggestions of discomfort.

Have a great Sunday.

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