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PYCL: Look for the Christ in those around you. Declare this Christ presence & "gives" to it. (4)
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for December 29, 2019

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Let's try basing our Sunday School lesson on the Golden Text declaration that God gives to us (all of us, because we are all "very good" as it says in His original analysis of His creation in the end of Genesis 1), "Wisdom, and knowledge, and joy". Find all the ways that this gift is expressed throughout the Bible lesson. If they are readers they can search on their own (bring extra marked books or printouts to share).

With the younger children think together about what the "gift" of wisdom or knowledge or joy might look like. You can bring some wrapped boxes and hand them to them: "here's a gift of joy!! What do you think?" Maybe they will laugh. You can then think together about these "gifts" and how God gives them to us. What "shape" do they take? Do they come from a person/from a place? If they come from a friend, for example, is this evidence that God is providing us with the joy or wisdom of a good friendship? Why might those things be from God, rather than originating in a person?

Knowing that these gifts come from God takes away the limitations that would keep us from seeing them all the time. Can we start to think together about all the ways we receive these gifts all the time and identify them as actual gifts from God? Do they only come on Christmas day?

Pycl #2: The first line of the Responsive Reading tells us that our real "hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing" comes not from human achievement, or gain, but from being in the presence, right now, today, not just on Christmas, of the "lord Jesus Christ". This continual coming is our greatest gift ever!

What a great Sunday to think about this, with Christmas day in our rear-view mirror, it could be tempting to feel deflated. Let's really understand the present power of Christ to bring daily joy! Following this verse is the famed passage about the "people that walked in darkness" seeing a great light. This darkness is the opposite of the "wisdom and knowledge" from our Golden Text.

Material sense, material understanding of life is the darkness that leads us into all sorts of sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, and so on. The "great light" that is Christ Truth, reveals a truer understanding of the all-good God of Love. This Truth is powerful and effective in our experience right now to heal.

Pycl #3: One of the best gifts of Christian Science is the understanding it brings to man of God's great goodness and power, the laws that are established for all that reveal our innate wholeness and health, joy, goodness. Citation S1 is a great sentence that verbalizes this. Citation S4 explains this power and potential of Christian Science to bless and brings it together with all Christianity.

Sharing that Christian Science is an explanation of a God that brings healing to mankind is a pretty cool thing to do! Share some examples of how understanding God healed you. God "[blesses]…his people with peace" (B6), this is what God does, and nothing else. We can become conscious of this blessing. Look at citation B4 where it tells us about the wise woman who builds her house.

What if we look at "house" as "the consciousness of Love" as Mary Baker Eddy refers to it in her spiritual translation of the 23rd Ps. on p. 578:17 of Science and Health? Then, it becomes "Every wise woman buildeth her consciousness of Love." How can we do this ourselves? You can share some simple examples of this in your life.

Does going on a walk in the city and smiling at others, noticing how they interact in loving ways, or doing something unselfish, help us become conscious of Love/build our "house"? Can we ever have a lack of good "house" or home if we are constantly "building" this consciousness of Love? This ties in well with the developing understanding of God, who is Love (our wisdom and knowledge…). How does this consciousness make us feel more joy?

Pycl #4: Talk about the wise men. Who were they? What made them "wise"? Is this a wisdom that each of us has? Can we identify the presence and coming of the Christ in our experience? Do we have to literally travel somewhere? What kind of "travel" do we need to make? Try taking the little ones on a pretend journey, either in a pretend "bus", or on pretend camels, whatever seems fun. What are we looking for/following? Can we do this anytime of year, anywhere?

Citation S9 asks a question that is fun to answer. Who is/are the wise man/men of today? Can you name any? Couldn't it be anyone who looks for the Christ in those around us and declares this Christ presence and "gives" to it? Have them think of ways that they can be "wise men/women" this week/throughout the year. What gifts are we "bearing"? (This goes to citation S11, where we begin to understand better that this whole happening in Jesus' day was an "explication of nature", a natural expression of the precious presence of the Christ that is with us for all time. We are not living in an age without Biblical "miracles" but are "smack dab" in the midst of the unfolding presence of the Christ, the consciousness of the Truth)

Pycl #5: Citation S16 talks about the benefits of a "Willingness to become as a little child…". This is a kind of spiritual wisdom that brings joy. Can the children tell you what kind of wisdom this is? Do they understand why it makes us happy whatever our age? Christian Science is that " 'still small voice' of Truth" that reveals the way in which we must walk, the star that leads us with the light of Christ, the intuition that helps us to make the good spiritually powerful choices and so on. These leadings also bring joy. Let's consider how the childlike requirement brings us this realization and joy.

If we bring a number of wrapped boxes (they can be empty or filled with something, your choice) and stack them on the table, they can be used throughout our class time to represent the gifts that Christian Science bestows on us as it shows us more about God's power and goodness. This is the amazing gift of this way of life.

Have a great Sunday School class!!

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