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[PYCL: Live in a Christly manner to bring God's message of love & healing to all around you]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

“Christian Science”

on December 21-27, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: How is this subject like the Christmas story? It happens to fall about this time of year so we get to think about this connection at least once every year and it's kind of fun. Talk about what Jesus did that was different from everyone before him. How he introduced, through preaching and healing, the true nature of God. He helped mankind understand God and man better than ever before. What did Mrs. Eddy do when she discovered Christian Science? What did her discovery do? Maybe you could look at citations B9 and B16, a couple of Jesus' healings in this lesson, and look at some of the healings that Mrs. Eddy did. You can find many examples in biographies about her. Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer or any of the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series are great sources. I think it is fun for the kids to hear about some of her wonderful healing works too. How is her discovery of Christian Science and the healing power of Love related to the birth of Christ Jesus? Think about the element of revelation, the angels telling the shepherds of the coming of Jesus, the Wise Men following the star. Did Mrs. Eddy follow that same light by studying the Bible and letting the word lead her thought to the rebirth of that healing, Christ message? You can word this for a younger age and see if they can take it from there. Maybe you take a sheet of paper and divide it in half with Jesus coming on one side and Mrs. Eddy's discovery on the other. List things that are similar in each column (How does Christian Science help us understand God better?—what does it teach us about God?… What new things did Jesus teach about God? How did he help people have a better understanding of God?) To be clear, we are not making a comparison between Mrs. Eddy herself and Jesus' coming. We are looking at the message of the Christ as it came with the birth of Jesus, and that same message as it was revealed to Mrs. Eddy nearly two thousand years later.

Pycl #2: I hear a lot of thoughts about messengers in this week's lesson. We talked last week too about angels so we don't have to cover that again, but the idea of us, ourselves, being messengers of the healing Christ is another thing to talk about. How do we hear God's voice in our day-to-day life? How can we bring God's message of love and healing to those around us? Sometimes it is just through living in a Christly manner that we make God's message really clear! Can the kids come up with some suggestions? What does it mean to them to preach—especially to preach the "gospel"[good news]? Look that word up and see. Did Mrs. Eddy "preach the gospel"[good news]?

Pycl #3: Christmas time is often connected with the idea of 'peace'. Citation S1 tells us something about how to feel that spiritual peace. She says it is "calm and exalted thought" and it is spiritual understanding (apprehension) that brings that peace. Can you figure out why spiritual understanding would bring us peace? What is peace, besides an absence of conflict? See if the kids can come up with some thoughts on that. One idea that comes to me is that there is nothing to fear when we truly understand that God is all good, is governing and loving mankind. What is left that is out of His control? What else has power? This does take demonstration to really see! Every healing we have helps us to trust and know God better.

Pycl #4: Who gets to see the sunrise? (Not a trick question…) Only those that are awake and looking for it right? The shepherds were out there "abiding in the fields". They were "keeping watch". What kind of watching, looking, are we supposed to be doing? Should we be shepherds too? What does that mean, since most of us don't herd sheep anymore? What are the qualities of a shepherd that we need to possess? One of my favorite Sunday School teachers, and a big supporter of CedarS, has let her pupils dress up as shepherds and use a cane for a shepherd's crook and "herd" a big stuffed sheep as part of the process of thinking about these shepherding qualities. There is also a story in the lesson that Jesus tells about looking for the lost sheep and you could work that into this discussion. Why would we make such an effort to find a lost sheep? What if we just let the lost one stay lost, get eaten by a bear/wolf/lion? Talk about how valuable each sheep was. Is Jesus really talking about sheep here? Is a single person to God ever not worth helping? Do all of us get "lost" from time to time? What does that mean? Is God, the great Shepherd, always keeping His "sheep" (us) safely watched over, guarded, protected?

Pycl #5: Citation S18 uses the term "chain"—as in the "chain of Scientific being…". I've mentioned this before, but if you haven't tried it you could this week. Bring in some colored paper, (just for fun, not necessary). Write the qualities of Christ that have been present over the centuries, through the Bible, right up to present day. Put one quality on each strip of paper and make a paper chain of these qualities. Make it as long as possible and hang it in the class, or send each child home with a chain. Staplers make the sturdiest chains but you can use tape if that is more available.

Pycl #6: Don't know if this is useable for Sunday School, but I noticed a cool thing about citation S22 where Mrs. Eddy says "Mankind will become perfect in proportion as this fact becomes apparent…" (the fact that all men have one Mind…). I thought that "perfect" here could mean "whole" or "complete". How lovely to think that our unity, or brotherhood, comes with the understanding of our wholeness as one with God and man. This wholeness brings that peace, needing nothing, never having an ego separate from God, nothing to be offended, nothing to be in conflict—the greatest gift!

Have fun in Sunday School!

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